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Maneki, diapers: reviews, doctor's recommendations

With the birth of a child, the parents appeara lot of troubles and worries. Washing, ironing bed linens and children's clothes take a lot of time. To facilitate the life of a young mother, diapers were developed. Thanks to them, the baby's ass always remains dry.

But how to choose a good quality hygiene product?Maneki - diapers, reviews about which are usually positive. They have proven themselves from the very best side. Their main advantage is the use of environmentally friendly material.

How to choose the right size? Which kind of diaper is better? We'll try to find answers to these questions in the article.

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A few words about the company

Choosing goods for children, I want them to bethe best quality. But how not to get lost among a huge range of personal hygiene products and choose really suitable diapers? Many recommend using Japanese products, the quality of which is at an altitude.

The leader of sales - diapers firm Maneki. This company was established in 2009. Not so long ago I entered the Russian market. He is primarily engaged in the production of hygiene products.

By creating goods for children, the company cares forfirst of all about quality, therefore only new equipment and environmentally friendly raw materials are involved in production. Thus the prices for the goods are competitive and not overstated.

Why do pediatricians recommend Japanese diapers?

Many children's doctors recommend usingManeki (diapers). Reviews about them are positive. So what is their main advantage? Pediatricians claim that for babies with dermatitis, allergic redness and skin irritations - this is an ideal option for personal hygiene.

The Japanese used the latest technology and raw materials, so diapers absorb moisture well and quickly. At the same time, the outer layer is made of a natural soft material that "breathes".

Separately, I would like to note the indicator strips,which when the diaper is filled with a liquid change its color. This allows parents to navigate the situation and understand when to change the hygiene remedy.

Japanese diapers Maneki, reviews about which are positive, are advised by leading pediatricians. It is worth to listen to their opinion and make the right choice.

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Looking for the right size

From some parents, you can hear thatdiapers Maneki did not like, as they leak. To avoid this, you just need to choose the correct size. The goods grid looks like this:

  1. S is the smallest size.Suitable for newborns. The maximum weight of a child is 8 kg. At the same time, the high elastic band is made in such a way that it can be tucked neatly so as not to damage the uninhabited navel.

  2. M is suitable for babies weighing up to 11 kg.

  3. L is the most popular size. The weight of the child is from 9 to 14 kg. These diapers are in greatest demand.

  4. XL is suitable for kids who weigh more than 12 kg. As a rule, these are the youngsters who are accustomed to the pot. Therefore, in this case it is better to purchase panties-diapers Maneki.

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Types of diapers Maneki

Choosing daily hygiene products for children,you need to focus not on price, but on quality. To treat a baby from dermatitis or allergies is not a pleasant task, so it is better not to let such problems arise.

Choosing the product Maneki Fantasy, you needDetermine what will be better for your child: diapers or panties. Both those and others are made of quality material that instantly absorbs moisture. Thanks to several layers, the liquid does not leak out, while the skin can "breathe".

For toddlers who begin to accustom to the pot and walk alone on their own, panty diapers will do. They are more convenient to use. There are no rubber bands that need to be buttoned.

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Customer Reviews

Maneki - diapers, reviews about which inmost of its positive. They are quite popular in Russia. They can be found on the shelves in major supermarkets and pharmacies. Many parents note their positive side:

  1. Product quality. Only natural materials are used, which immediately absorb moisture, while allowing the skin to "breathe".

  2. There are no extraneous smells, since no chemical additives are used.

  3. Pretty easy to use. There is a high soft rubber band that does not allow the diaper to slip.

  4. They are universal. Suitable for both boys and girls.

  5. The presence of indicators that change color from filling the diaper.

  6. The size stated on the package is fully consistent with the goods that are inside.

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Of the minuses can be identified: a high price. But do not forget that the manufacture of diapers Maneki uses the latest equipment, which is worth a lot of money.

Important points

Choosing diapers for kids, most importantly -correctly determine the size. It depends on it whether the diaper will leak. Be sure to specify the weight of the crumbs before buying. In the hospital is to take the smallest size - S.

The high price is due to the excellent quality of the products. Many pediatricians advise this brand of diapers. They are ideal for children with allergic reactions.

Maneki (diapers), reviews of which are mainlyfavorable, have proved as the goods of high quality. The use of environmentally friendly materials makes them quite popular among those parents who want for their kids to purchase only the best products. Many are repelled by a rather high price, but the child's health should not be saved. It is better to pay and know that the baby's skin "breathes", than to save a penny, and later to face dermatitis and allergic rash.