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What to do if life has given a crack or a crack in the rectum.

Think about which doctor you most do not wantto go to reception? Someone will say that this is a dentist, well, maybe a gynecologist. The answer is incorrect. A doctor whose visit is associated, in most cases, only with unbearable, painful and acute pain is a proctologist. The crack of the rectum is a very intimate matter. Many people hope that everything will work out and try to cope with the problem on their own. Indeed, in the initial stage, folk methods of treatment can help, but if the disease worsened, immediately go to the proctologist.

With severe constipation, the presence of fecesacute particles, in some cases with diarrhea and anal sex, a rectal fissure may appear. Symptoms are determined by the occurrence of pain in the anus. At the initial stage of the development of the disease, the pain disturbs only when defecating. When the disease is transferred to a chronic condition, the pain continues to be troubled for several hours after defecation. The patient tries as little as possible to visit the toilet, because he is afraid of repetition of terrible pains, which results in constipation and even more complication of the situation. A vicious circle arises, from which it is necessary to seek an exit.

A long crack leads to severe irritationnerve endings, which will cause a powerful pain. Pain, in turn, leads to spasm of the sphincter, which lasts several hours. The patient has to endure unbearable pain, in some cases they even lead to a loss of consciousness. A painful spasm of the sphincter is a clear sign that the patient has a chronic rectal fissure. Symptoms indicate a clear omission in treatment. In this case, the crack is transformed into an ulcer with dense cicatrical thickenings. Chronic form of the disease requires the intervention of surgeons, but you do not need to be afraid. It is an easy and quick operation that brings quick relief.

Rectum fracture is not a dangerous disease,which, with qualitative and timely treatment, is completely healed. If a rectal fissure is found, treatment should be started with the relaxation of the stool. Very good effect have sedentary baths from medicinal plants with wound healing and disinfecting properties. The doctor prescribes topical preparations (ointments, suppositories) for pain relief and inflammation removal (postigresene, proctoglienkol, natalside, anuzole, hepatrombin G). Each drug is selected in accordance with the presence of symptoms. In some cases, along with pain and inflammation, it is necessary to stop bleeding. In addition, the defect can be both external and internal. This also affects the choice. If the rectal fissure is on the outside, ointment is better, inside - candles.

If the spasm of the sphincter is strongly pronounced, there isunbearable pain. In such situations it is necessary to use a local blockade. Lidocaine or novocaine rubs the rectum. Treatment may require the use of three or four blockades.

Usually a complex treatment consisting offrom a diet, medical baths, medical products and some recipes of traditional medicine. These recipes are used as healing and soothing enemas. It is best to use them after evacuation of the intestine and immediately before using an ointment or a candle. For their production is used chamomile, sea buckthorn oil, honey. Chamomile disinfects, oil heals, honey relieves inflammation. Well help with candles from raw potatoes, oiled with sea buckthorn oil. It is best to introduce them all night. Such methods of treatment help a patient quickly get rid of such a painful and uncomfortable problem as a rectum fissure. Do not change the habitual way of life, work, enjoy life and forget that once life has cracked.