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"Azithromycin forte": instructions and references

Opinions on antibacterial drugs inconsumers have developed different. Some categorically do not want to take such medicines, they pull to the last. Others grab for an antibiotic at the slightest manifestation of a cold. Who is right - you can discuss for a very long time. Today's article will present you the drug "Azithromycin Fort". You will learn about the peculiarities of using this medication and you can get acquainted with the opinions of consumers that are formed after taking.

We will specify:The information presented does not encourage you to take antibiotics yourself, and positive reviews are not a guarantee of the effectiveness of the medication. For individual appointments, you should contact a doctor.

azithromycin forte

What is Azithromycin Fort? Description, composition and cost of medication

Before proceeding to the detailed descriptionmedicine, it is worth making a small preface. What does the prefix "fort" mean in the name of the medication? She says that the drug has an enhanced effect. On the pharmacological market, there are many different drugs of prolonged action or a double effect.

"Azithromycin Fort" is an antibiotic,relating to the azalides. In its composition there is an eponymous component - azithromycin. One tablet contains 500 milligrams of this drug. It is worth about 200 rubles. For this amount you will get 3 capsules with a total volume of 1500 milligrams. Produced medicinal Obolensky pharmacological enterprise. Hence its name: "Azithromycin forte OBL".

The effect of the drug on the body: how does the medicine work?

As you already know, the drug "Azithromycin Fort"is an antibiotic. The drug is effective against many pathogenic microorganisms, it provides a wide range of effects. The main substance copes with such pathogens as streptococci and staphylococci, hemophilic rods and chlamydia, ureaplasma and mycoplasma. List of microorganisms that can not resist the drug "Azithromycin Fort", very large.

Getting into the human body, a medicinebinds to ribosomes of extracellular and intracellular pathogens. After this, the drug suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic flora, has a bactericidal effect. The maximum action is about 3 hours later. A distinctive feature of this antibiotic is that its therapeutic effect is noted for another week after the use of the last dose: the drug has a prolonged effect. Every consumer should know about this.

azithromycin forte instructions

What helps the antibiotic? Scope and indications

The drug "Azithromycin Fort" instructionrecommends use only as directed by a doctor. If to approach to therapy responsibly, it is necessary preliminary to hand over bacteriological culture. The analysis studies the microflora, determines pathogenic bacteria and identifies to which antibiotics they will be sensitive. But often there is no time for such experiments. Therefore, doctors appoint patients antibiotics a wide range of actions, which is "Azithromycin Fort 500". The drug is used in the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis);
  • bacterial lesions of the lower respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia);
  • infections of soft tissues of a bacterial nature (dermatosis, furuncles, erysipelas);
  • diseases of the reproductive system and urinary, caused by sensitive microorganisms.

An antibiotic is also used for prophylaxis after surgical interventions. The scope of use is very large: gynecology, urology, surgery, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology and so on.

What is the difference between azithromycin and azithromycin forte

Contraindications to use

Before taking any antibiotic, you needget a doctor's appointment. Remember that self-medication often causes unpleasant consequences and forms negative responses about the drug. The first contraindication is self-medication. Also, the drug is never used if the patient has intolerance to the components. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the main substance, but also to the additional substance. The medicine "Azithromycin Fort" is cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate, crospovidone, magnesium stearate, talc, titanium dioxide and some others.

No antibiotic is prescribed for acute hepaticor renal failure, since the active substance has a toxic effect on these organs. The state of health of such a patient can only worsen. It is forbidden to use the product during lactation. Pregnancy is a partial restriction. If this is really necessary, the medication can be used in the second and third trimesters, but only under the supervision of a doctor.

azithromycin forte instructions for use

How to use: Instruction

How to take the medicine "Azithromycinforte"? 500 mg of the drug is a single dose. This is the number prescribed for the patient per day. Drink the medicine preferably on an empty stomach: one hour before a meal or two after it. The duration of the drug is determined in accordance with the nature of the pathology. In each case, the doctor gives individual recommendations.

  • The course dose of 1.5 mg is used in the treatment of diseases of the ENT organs and soft tissue infection. The therapy lasts three days.
  • Acne treatment is performed according to the standard scheme for three days, but after that the patient is prescribed one capsule of the drug once a week for two months.
  • Therapy of the genitourinary sphere requires a single taking of two tablets "Azithromycin Fort" (1 gram).

Other indications require individual consideration.

Possibility of use in pediatrics

What speaks about an opportunity of purpose or appointment to childrenpreparation "Azithromycin forte" instructions for use? The annotation states that the capsules are prescribed to children only after 12 years. Or to those who have a body weight exceeding 45 kilograms.

The standard dose for children is calculated inAccording to the body weight: for each kilogram of weight, 10 milligrams of active substance is supposed. For example, if a child is 5 years old and has a body weight of 20 kg, then he needs 200 mg of azithromycin. You will not be able to get such a quantity from this medication, since even when the drug is divided in half (at risk), it will have 250 mg of azithromycin. Children are prescribed a drug similar in composition: "Azivok", "Sumamed", "Azitrus" and others. Reception "Azithromycin Fort" is contraindicated.



The drug has its own characteristics, whichyou need to pay attention to each consumer. Even if an antibiotic is prescribed by a doctor - do not be too lazy to get acquainted with additional data. Perhaps they will bring you important information.

  • Food and ethanol reduce the effect of the antibiotic. In addition, the simultaneous use of alcohol leads to unpleasant consequences.
  • If you for some reason missed the next pill, then take the next you need as early as possible. The next portion is used after 24 hours.
  • Absence of positive dynamics of the disease inDuring two days of reception, it means that the medication is not suitable for you. Probably, the disease is caused by microorganisms insensitive to it. Consult your doctor to correct the prescriptions.

Negative reviews are formed on the basis of side effects

Like any drug, the drug"Azithromycin Fort" reviews have different: positive and negative. Negative are often caused by the appearance of side effects. These are reactions such as dyspepsia, diarrhea, nausea. Unfortunately, almost all antibacterial drugs cause such processes. Therefore, this effect does not imply the withdrawal of treatment.

To adverse reactions that occur less frequently,can include headache, dizziness, tachycardia, exacerbation of kidney diseases, candidiasis and allergies. The appearance of such signs requires the obligatory consultation of a specialist.

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Many consumers praise the antibiotic

The medicine "Azithromycin forte OBL" reviews in itsmost have positive. It is important to use the antibiotic correctly so that it helps you. Consumers say that the drug is very convenient to take. Unlike other similar medications, these pills are used only once a day. You can drink medicine in the morning after awakening and forget about it all day.

Another plus of drugs is a short course.It takes usually three days to take an antibiotic. Less often the drug is prescribed for five days or more. Consumers report that the medicine is inexpensive, it is manufactured in Russia. The drug "Azithromycin forte OBL" won the confidence of consumers and the recognition of doctors.

What is the difference between "Azithromycin" and "Azithromycin Fort": the main aspects

Both these preparations are structural analogues. But there are differences in them. What are they?

  1. Different concentration.The drug "Azithromycin" is available in different doses: 125, 250, 500 and 1000 mg. It has several forms of release: suspension, tablets, capsules, powder. The agent "Azithromycin forte OBL" has one dosage and form of production.
  2. The cost. Since the content of the active ingredient is different, then the price of the drug will be, respectively, greater or less. "Azithromycin" (a suspension for children) will cost a little more.
  3. The amount of the drug taken will also differ.If three capsules are required for the standard course of treatment with Aziromycin Fort, then the preparation Azithromycin may be needed in the amount of 6, 9 or 12 tablets (depending on the initial dosage).

Otherwise, these medicines are similar. They have the same indications for use and limitations. Side effects also coincide.

azithromycin forte 500 mg


What can you say about the conclusion of the article?The medicine "Azithromycin Forte" is an intensified form of the drug "Azithromycin". Antibiotic prolonged action is able to eliminate many pathogenic microorganisms, it is effective for different severity of the disease. Reviews about the drug "Azithromycin forte OBL" are mostly good. But this does not mean that it should be taken thoughtlessly. Remember that antibiotics are unable to cope with viral and fungal infections. Before using the product, read the instructions carefully, and if you have additional questions, get an individual doctor's consultation. Be healthy!