/ / Drops in the nose with genyantritis. How to avoid serious complications?

Drops in the nose with genyantritis. How to avoid serious complications?

Sinusitis - inflammation of the paranasal sinuses caused by bacteria and viruses.
The main signs of the disease: pressing pain in the forehead and nose, shortness of breath, purulent or transparent discharge, general malaise, lacrimation.
Acute forms of the disease are often accompanied by an increase in temperature. There are also attacks of severe headache.
The cause of sinusitis can be not only bacteria and viruses, but also innate features of the nasal septum, adenoids, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.
To clarify the diagnosis, as a rule, a computer tomography or X-ray examination is prescribed. Accumulated in the nasal sinuses, the picture looks like a darkened spot.

The main measures in the treatment of the disease are aimed at eliminating the edema of the mucous to facilitate breathing and ensure the outflow of secretions.
To pick up drops in a nose at a genyantritis not toodifficult, because the drugs are little different from those with which a common cold is treated. It can be "Galazolin", "Naphtizin", "Sanorin", "Nazol", "Tizin" and other traditional and more modern means.

Use drops in the nose with genyantritis is necessarywith the observance of certain rules. The patient is recommended to lie on his side, after which the liquid is poured into one nostril, on the side where the patient lies. In this position, you must stay at least five minutes. After this, the procedure can be repeated with the other half of the nose. After these manipulations, you can gently blow your nose.
Antibacterial drops in the nose with sinusitis are used only after the use of vasodilators.
Preparations of the group of penicillins and tetracyclines are prescribed to the patient either orally or intramuscularly.

Some medicines with antibiotic content can be used as drops in the nose for sinusitis. For example, often the ENT doctors prescribe to their patients eye drug "Tsiprolet".

In addition to taking medications and using nasal drops and sprays, various physiotherapy procedures are often used to treat sinusitis.
In addition, the patient is recommended to wash the nose with antiseptic solutions. Of the finished preparations, you can use the drug "Chlorhexidine." The solution of furacilin is also often used.
For inhalations with genyantritis is quite effective drug "Bioparox".
In the case when other methods of treatment do not giveresults, the doctor can pick up a spray for a nose from a genyantritis with the maintenance of corticosteroids. These medicinal substances interfere with the development of inflammatory processes and increase immunity. Among other things, corticosteroids are prescribed as a decongestant if traditional drugs do not give the desired result.
By themselves, these drugs will not give the desired result in the fight against viruses and bacteria, but with their help you can cope with the main symptoms of the disease.
Spray in the nose with sinusitis is also used for the purpose of washing. It is best for this purpose to use preparations based on sea water, for example, the drug "Akvalor."

At home, to treat sinusitis oftenuse dry heat (heated bags of salt or buckwheat). However, such manipulations must be carried out only with the permission of the attending physician. In case of acute inflammation in the presence of pus in the sinuses of the nose, warming up is dangerous.

From phyto-therapy for the treatment of sinusitisTampons with a honey and garlic mixture, aloe juice and the cyclamen root of European are effective enough. By the way, the last component is a part of "Sinuforte". The drug is sold as a powder, which before use is diluted with distilled water.

Experts warn that self-treatment withThis disease leads to the fact that the sinusitis passes into a chronic form. Today buy strong antibiotics is not a problem, but when they are used, only temporary relief will come. Illness, driven inside, sooner or later will manifest itself again.