/ / Ozone therapy for weight loss: an easy way to get rid of extra pounds

Ozonotherapy for weight loss: an easy way to get rid of extra pounds

A few know what ozone therapy is.This is due to the fact that it has become very popular recently. So, if you are interested in learning about this procedure, then read on.

Ozone therapy - when it is useful

Ozone treatment is used in various industriesmedicine. So, in surgery it is used to get rid of trophic ulcers, burns, in gynecology - for early toxicosis, delay in intrauterine development of the fetus, etc. In dental clinics, ozonize teeth to make them look more healthy and beautiful. But lately, you have heard more often about the use of ozone in cosmetology. Ozone therapy for weight loss is an innovation in the fight against excess kilograms. Many women have already experienced the miraculous power of ozone, and it should be noted that only a few can say anything negative about this procedure. Let's look at this type of weight loss in more detail and find out how ozone affects fat.

Ozonotherapy for weight loss

Ozone medicament is a mixture ofozone with oxygen. This combination has a positive effect on the general condition of the body, but if we talk about the process of losing weight, then everything happens as follows.

That ozone with oxygen had a positiveeffect on fat cells, it must be somehow delivered to the destination. The most convenient way - to introduce ozone in the form of injections under the skin. Actually, this procedure goes on. After the injection is done, the tissues will be supplied with oxygen, the toxins will gradually start to escape from the cells, and the fats will be split and removed from the body. In addition, the metabolism improves, and the skin, which in the case of any diet sagged, here gradually acquires a tight and well-groomed appearance. Ozone helps to get rid of such a common skin problem, like cellulite. After a full course of ozonotherapy from the orange peel there will be no trace, if it, of course, has not passed into the very last, neglected stage.

Ozone therapy for weight loss is the sameprocedure, as well as liposuction, which helps to get rid of extra pounds on some specific areas of the body. In one case, it can be legs, and someone, perhaps, will want to tidy up his stomach.

In order that ozonotherapy really helpedlose weight, you need to go through its full course. And this is about 10-15 sessions, each of which lasts 40 minutes. Many specialists advise to use other procedures along with ozone therapy to achieve an excellent result. First of all, this applies to massage, mesotherapy and ultrasound therapy.

The question that worries everyone who loses weight:when the result will be noticeable. As a rule, positive changes can be seen after the fourth session. Of course, everyone will have a similar process in different ways due to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Ozone therapy for weight loss: contraindications

Unfortunately, even ozone therapy has its owncontraindications. They are: diseases of oncology, allergy to ozone, hypocalcemia, hypotension, convulsive syndrome, alcohol intoxication, hyperthyroidism, myocardial infarction. In any case, if you are going to complete a full course of ozone therapy, be sure to consult a doctor to avoid much more serious consequences in terms of deteriorating health.

Ozone therapy is a procedure that todaybecame a good alternative to the familiar lipox. Unlike the latter in order to lose weight, no surgery is required, therefore, it is much easier to get rid of extra pounds. Of course, even ozotherapy is somewhat painful, but this pain is tolerable and, as a rule, it is felt weakly or not at all already at the 4-5 session.