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We understand how to donate blood to hormones correctly

The activities of individual human organs andthe whole organism as a whole directly depends on the level of hormones. The hormones themselves are some highly active substances that produce glands of the inner secretion of each individual.

What is the hormonal background

how to donate blood to hormones
From the amount of hormones in the body, i.e.from its hormonal background, very much depends. Their deficiency or overabundance can cause a variety of diseases, ranging from an unstable emotional state and ending with the most neglected cases, which may result, unfortunately, in a fatal outcome. But it is worth remembering that the hormonal background itself is unstable, it can change very quickly, so for the appointment of honey. drugs and quality treatment is best to contact the doctor. You should also figure out how to donate blood to hormones correctly to get accurate results.

Types of hormones

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There is a list of hormones for whichpatient can be referred by a doctor. You can take tests for sex hormones, thyroid hormones, pituitary hormones, adrenals, oncomarkers. Blood for hormones can prescribe for delivery to the future mother in the framework of prenatal diagnosis. Before the delivery of hormones of any kind, you need to consult a doctor and determine how to donate blood to hormones in every single case.

Preparing for delivery of biomaterial

Before you donate blood to hormones, you needread the list of tips, how to do it right. Otherwise, the results may be unreliable, and the consequences of treatment are tragic. First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that the blood will be taken from the vein. Exceptionally in the morning and always on an empty stomach! Also, a few days before blood donation, you need to correct your diet and exclude foods that contain iodine. It is better not to eat or reduce the consumption of fatty and fried foods, alcohol, as well as to quit smoking and physical exertion. Exclusively for women, there is also a limit when and how to donate blood to hormones. Everyone knows that the hormonal background of the woman's body directly depends on her menstrual cycle, so it is better to consult the doctor beforehand in order to determine the most successful time for donating blood to hormones. Also it is worthwhile to know that in good laboratories the sampling of the material for research is taken two times. This is done to ensure that the results are "clean". The delivery of the biomaterial must be carried out at the same time.

Waiting for results

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Having understood how to take tests for hormones,you need to determine the time frame for waiting for results. On average, it takes a couple of days, but if necessary, you can do an express analysis, the results of which can be ready in a few hours.


After you have collected the necessary tests for hormones,how to hand over them is no longer an interesting problem, you need to take care of correct interpretation of the results. Do not try to do it yourself, this job is best left to professionals, i.e. the attending physician. It is important to remember that a doctor needs a special qualification for deciphering. On how correctly and correctly the analysis will be deciphered, the treatment and, as a result, the process of a person's recovery will be so accurate.