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Symptoms of sunstroke and help with them

During the summer period, the air temperature is extremelyis high, and if you like at this time of year to stay long on the street, you should know the signs of a sunstroke. Such knowledge will help to determine the cause of unexpected deterioration of well-being and to take the necessary actions to prevent even greater aggravation of the condition.

signs of sunstroke
So, usually the first signs of sunstrokeoccur after six to eight hours of exposure to heat, although at times they may appear earlier. First, there is general malaise, lethargy, nausea, dyspnea, reddening of the face, palpitations, fever, dizziness, headache, darkening in the eyes. Then these signs of sunstroke can be supplemented with delirium, hallucinations, a violation of the heart rhythm, which can manifest itself both in the rapidity and in the slowing down of the frequency of cardiac contractions. If you do not provide necessary assistance at this stage, you may experience loss of consciousness. The skin feels cold, it becomes pale and cyanotic. This condition is already life-threatening.

It should be said that in comparison with an adulta person may have signs of a sun stroke in a child with a much less prolonged stay in the heat. Little children suddenly become listless, capricious, refuse to eat. Over time, the temperature rises, vomiting and diarrhea may open. After several hours (in especially severe cases) convulsions begin, there is a loss of consciousness, the child can even fall into a coma.

signs of sunstroke in a child
If you find someone (child oradult) signs of sunstroke, it is necessary immediately to take him to a cool place, unbutton his clothes and put it on his side. If a person is conscious, let him drink chilled tea or boiled water. Drink in small sips. If there is a high temperature, you need to wrap the head of the victim with a wet towel or any other cloth, wipe the body with a sponge moistened in a cool (slightly exceeding room temperature) water. In this case, special attention should be paid to areas where the vessels are closest to the skin: the neck, axillary cavities, elbows, inguinal and popliteal areas. For wiping, do not use cold water: a sudden change in temperature can trigger a reflex spasm of the vessels, which will only worsen the condition. Do not try to give the patient antipyretic drugs in the hope of knocking down the temperature: such means are ineffective, because the mechanism of temperature rise in case of overheating is completely different from, say, infectious diseases. But such medications (ibuprofen, paracetamol) can be used to reduce other signs of sunstroke. After first aid, you should call a doctor or deliver the victim yourself to the hospital.

first signs of sunstroke
Do not want to discover signs of sunshock? Then, when you go out on a hot day, wear a light-colored headgear and clothes made of light natural material. People who have fair skin are more at risk of overheating. In the heat, try to avoid being on the street in the period from 11 to 15 hours, because at this time the sun's rays are as strong as possible. When on the beach, apply sun protection to exposed skin. To prevent overheating, drink as much liquid as possible and cool the surface of the skin with damp napkins.