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Ointment "Iruksol": instructions for use, reviews and analogues

With long-term healing woundsalways consult a doctor. As a rule, in such cases, experts recommend the use of external drugs, which contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient. One of them is the ointment "Iruksol". Analogues of this drug, its use and features will be described below.

ointment of Iruksol

Composition, medicine package and form

Ointment "Iruksol" is produced in the form of a brownish mass in tubes of 30 and 10 g. The main ingredients of this drug are levomycetin and clostridio peptidase A.

Features of the drug

Ointment "Iruksol" is an antimicrobial dermatotropic drug for external use, which is intended for the treatment of long non-healing wounds of various origins.

Due to the presence of levomycetin andClostridio peptidase A in this agent, a very rapid cleansing of the wound from necrotic tissues and various microbes occurs. Also, this drug is very helpful in the treatment of ulcers (trophic) and purulent lesions.

According to the experts, the maincomponents of the drug in question have antimicrobial, antibacterial, wound-healing and early-cleaning properties. They prevent the development of infection, promote the granulation of wounds and their purification, as well as promote regeneration and epithelization.

Unlike other drugs, "Iruksol" ointment clears any lesions and removes necrotic tissues and scabs (small ones) without mechanical interference.

Patients claim that the effectiveness of this tool is felt from the first days of use. In most cases, the patient's condition improves within the first week.

ointment of Iruksol analogues


Ointment "Iruksol", analogues of which will be presented below, is used for necrosis and indications, as well as for:

  • pressure sores;
  • frostbitten and diabetic gangrene of extremities;
  • ulcers of varicose;
  • burns of the third and second degree.

It should also be noted that this toolare used for long-term healing wounds, including postoperative, radiation and traumatic injuries of soft tissues and preparation of skin before transplantation.

According to experts, this drug is also highly effective in the treatment of purulent, septic and necrotic complications of the foot of the diabetic.

Prohibitions to use

Ointment "Iruksol" is contraindicated in:

  • psoriasis;
  • some blood diseases (eg, with panmyelopathy and hemolytic jaundice);
  • severe liver and kidney disease;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the external agent;
  • fungal skin lesions.

ointment Iruxol application

In addition, this tool is in no way prescribed during pregnancy, children under 12 years of age and during breastfeeding.

Ointment "Iruksol": application

According to the instructions, the medication should be applied to the affected area once a day with a thickness of 2 mm. In this case, the wound needs to be moistened with a gauze swab beforehand.

After applying this medication andsoftening of necrotic tissues, they must be removed with a subsequent change of dressings. Quite often zinc ointment is applied additionally to exclude a possible irritation along the edges of the wound surface.

Experts argue that this drug should not be used together with other agents for topical administration due to a possible decrease in the effectiveness of Iruksol.

Negative phenomena

Ointment "Iruksol" can provoke the development of allergic reactions in the form of rashes on the skin, contact dermatitis, as well as irritation, burning and pain in the place of application.

Special recommendations for ointments application

Ointment "Iruksol" is released in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. Keep it at a temperature of 16-26 degrees for five years from the date of production.

ointment of Iruksol in Moscow

This remedy should not be used in conjunction with other topical preparations (other than saline solution). Otherwise, clostridio peptidase inactivation may be observed.

Analogs of ointments and its price

Мазь «Ируксол» в Москве можно купить в любой pharmacy. If this drug is contraindicated to you, then it is allowed to replace it with “Iruksovetinom”. It should also be noted that instead of the above mentioned means, ointments on a hydrophilic basis, such as "Levocin", "Levomekol" or "Oflokain" are used. They accelerate the course of the first phase of the wound process and promote healing of skin lesions.

Reviews of outdoor tool

According to consumer reviews, Iruksol ointmentis a highly effective drug. It contributes to the speedy healing of wounds and ulcers. However, it should be noted that some patients with pressure sores complain that in severe cases this medicine is absolutely useless. In this case, doctors recommend the use of other, more powerful drugs, including in the form of complex therapy.