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Methods of treatment and symptoms of viral infection

symptoms of a viral infection

Viral infection is perhaps the mosta common disease. Outbursts of activity of this illness occur during the autumn-winter period. And the disease is equally susceptible to both adults and toddlers. In this article I will describe the treatment, transmission routes and the main symptoms of a viral infection.

general information

ARVI is a disease that affectsfirst of all the respiratory system. The causative agents of the disease are not perfect in the environment. They quickly die with the action of ultraviolet, drying, the use of disinfectants. The source of transmission of a disease is a sick person. Symptoms of viral infection are quite unpleasant. To get rid of them, a person needs a special treatment and care. The disease is transmitted by contact-household or airborne way.

Viral infection. Treatment and Symptoms

virus infection in children symptoms

As a rule, acute respiratory viral infection begins acutely.The patient has a sharp increase in temperature to 39 degrees. In the first days of the disease symptoms of intoxication develop: decreased appetite, adynamia, headache, weakness, etc. Then there may appear discharge from the nose, stuffiness, sore throat, pharyngitis, hyperaemia of the posterior pharynx and throat, tonsillitis. Quite often there is a cough (dry or with phlegm), hoarseness of the voice, reddening of the eyes. Similar signs have a viral infection in children.
Symptoms of the disease in children are very often characterized by fever.


viral infection treatment and symptoms

The patient is assigned bed rest.As a rule, treatment is carried out at home. With this disease, it is recommended to adhere to a light milk-vegetable diet rich in vitamins, and to drink warm drink in large quantities. It can be fruit drinks, juices, tea with lemon. To minimize the unpleasant symptoms of a viral infection, the doctor prescribes vasoconstrictive drops in the nose, antitussives (licorice root, drugs Mukaltin, Bromhexin), antihistamines (Suprastin, Tavegil, Claritin medicines), and also multivitamins and ascorbic acid. To combat the pathogen usually use antiviral drugs. However, they must be taken no later than forty-eight hours after the onset of the disease.

If there is a repeated increase in temperature(after reduction) or any complications, it is necessary to start antibiotic therapy. However, in this case, treatment should be performed in a hospital setting. To bring down the temperature to 38.5 degrees is not recommended. And this applies to both children and adults. Until then, the body itself activates the defenses and fights against the disease. For babies, interferon preparations (drops, suppositories, tablets) are very useful. They, strengthening the body's immune forces, help to quickly overcome the unpleasant symptoms of a viral infection.


To prevent the disease, it is necessary to passvaccination. Prevention of the fight against viruses should be to improve the body, strengthen immunity. For this very hardening and physical education, as well as a meal rich in vitamins.