/ / Cheap analogue "Limfomiozot." Instructions, indications for use

Cheap analog "Lymphomyosot". Instruction, indications for use

Modern pharmacology presents to everyoneconsumer a huge list of drugs. Different drugs can be used from the same disease. If their composition is the same, then such means can be called structural analogues. Also, generics can differ in different active substances, but at the same time have an identical effect on the body. Today's article will tell you about the drug "Lymphomyosot." Analogs, features of use and indications will be presented to your attention.

Description of the drug: composition, dosage form and method of administration

Перед тем как узнать, какой аналог «Лимфомиозота» you can choose, should be familiar with the original drug. This medicine refers to homeopathic remedies. It contains mineral, vegetable and animal supplements. Among them are the following: geranium, pine, dymyanka, spider venom, pharmacy Veronica, Dubrovnik, walnut, horsetail, forget-me-not, gentian, birdflower, nasturtium, sarsaparilla, salt, calcium phosphate, iron, levothyroxine. The action of the drug due to the components included in its composition. The cost of the drug depends on its type.

analogue lymphomazot

The drug is available in three dosage forms:tablets (up to 800 r.), drops (500-800 r. for 30 ml) and solution for injections (600 r. for 5 ampoules). Abstract recommends using the following doses of homeopathic remedies:

  • tablets are placed under the tongue until completely dissolved, the dose is set individually (not recommended for young children);
  • tincture is used for 10-15 drops for adults and 3-10 - for children, taken three times a day;
  • Injections are administered 1-3 times a week (acute situations require daily use) for the whole ampoule for adults and 1 / 6-1 / 2 for children.

Indications for use

Любой аналог «Лимфомиозота» должен иметь такие же indications for use. In this case, the drugs can be called generics. Appointed homeopathic remedy for the treatment of many diseases. His work is due to the components that make up. The drug has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, detoxification effect. The drug has lymphatic drainage and anti-edema effect, it can also accelerate the metabolism.

lymphoma myzotos analogues in Russia

The main indications for use are:

  • tonsillitis in various forms (acute and chronic, bacterial and viral);
  • lymphadenitis (cervical, inguinal, armpit, etc.);
  • hypertrophy of the lymphoid tissue (adenoiditis), including the pharyngeal ring;
  • drug and infectious intoxication;
  • immunodeficiency caused by various reasons;
  • diabetes;
  • edema, including lymphatic;
  • tumors of different nature (benign and malignant);
  • somatic disorders, asthenia;
  • allergic skin diseases and pathologies of upper respiratory tract.

Do not use the drug if you have increasedsensitivity to the components and in the period of exacerbation of diseases of the thyroid gland. In such cases, it is advisable to choose an analogue of "Limfomiozot." The substitute, in turn, may be cheaper or more expensive. Consider some of them.

Homeopathic remedy "Tonsilgon"

Analog "Lymphomyosot", which often givepreference consumers, - means "Tonsilgon." This medicine also applies to homeopathic remedies. Available in the form of drops and tablets. There is a preparation of 450 rubles - a solution and 400 p. - dragee. We can say that this is a cheap analogue of “Limfomiozot”, but the composition of the drugs is different. The basis of the medicine "Tonsilgon" steel: Althea root, chamomile, horsetail, yarrow, walnut, dandelion and oak bark.

lymphoma myosot instruction analogues

Indications for use of this drug areinfectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract: tonsillitis in various forms, pharyngitis, adenoiditis. The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, accelerates the regeneration of lymphoid tissue. Children are allowed to take pills only from 6 years old. Drops are used from the year.

Vegetable complex "Limfosan"

Different has "Limfomiozot" analogues.In Russia, a widely used substitute called "Lymphosan". This drug is produced in Novosibirsk by Siberian Health. The cost of the drug is about 300 rubles for a 90-gram package. This tool is not a medicine, it is recognized as a biologically active food supplement. The action that it has, for the most part expressed cumulative effect. The drug reduces inflammation, improves tissue regeneration, eliminates intoxication. The composition has antiparasitic effect, laxative effect. The drug removes toxins, improves the functioning of all organs and systems.

cheap analog lymphoma

The manufacturer offers several types of itsproducts, so the range of application of this tool is quite wide. It is used for the treatment of immune and somatic diseases, during intoxication and inflammation, pathologies of the heart and liver, urological ailments. It is prescribed medication and for the treatment of ENT diseases. In the composition of the tool there are only vegetable ingredients.

Immunomodulator "Licopid"

Если есть непереносимость какого-либо компонента, It recommends replacing the drug "Limfomiozot" instruction. Analogs are selected with a different active ingredient. More often, preference is given to drugs rather than homeopathy. In some way, Likopid tablets can be called a substitute for the herbal preparation “Limfomiozot”. They produce an immunostimulating effect, increase the activity of capillary cells. The drug is used in acute and chronic infections of the respiratory tract, hepatitis, herpes, psoriasis, pathologies of upper respiratory tract, lymphoid tissue hypertrophy (tonsils and adenoids).


The cost of tablets intended for childrenmakes no more than 300 rubles. The drug for adults is more expensive - about 1500-2000 rubles. The composition contains the main active ingredient called glucosaminylmuramyl dipeptide.

Notta Drops

Replace the drug "Limfomiozot" with certaintestimony can be part of the "Nott." This is a homeopathic remedy, which includes the following components: seed oats, chamomile, phosphorus, zinc valerianate and coffee tree extract. This drug costs an average of 200 rubles. It has a tranquilizing, sedative, sedative effect. The drug improves sleep, increases psycho-emotional stability, is effective for physical and mental stress.

The instructions indicate that it is used whenfear, nervous excitability, anxiety and worries. “Notta” is prescribed for attention disorders, as well as in the complex therapy of immunodeficiencies and somatic diseases. Not recommended for children under three years of age and persons with individual intolerance to the components.

Is there an absolute analogue of the drug "Limfomiozot"?

You already know what drugs in one way or another can replace the composition in question. As it was found out, the components included in the drug differ from the original means.

analogue drugs lymphomazot

Often consumers ask:Is there an analogue of "Limfomiozot" at a more affordable price, but with the same composition? The answer to it will be negative. This medicine is unique in its structure and action. There are no structural analogues of this drug yet.


Replace homeopathic remedy "Limfomiozot"can be razyz compositions, which are used for the same indications. But do not pick an alternative yourself. You can just make a mistake in your preferences. Consult your doctor to choose a medicine that will be right for you. Good luck!