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Is acute laryngitis contagious or not?

What is laryngitis?It is an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane of the larynx. It is caused by a cold or infectious disease (whooping cough, measles, scarlet fever). In this case a strong cough arises, and in the voice there are very sharp changes. He becomes hoarse or completely disappears. Therefore, a person who has laryngitis, the doctor does not advise a lot to talk, as this slows down the recovery process. There are several forms of this disease, and some of them represent a certain danger to humans. So what is laryngitis, contagious or not this ailment? Let's try to understand this.

What is the danger of laryngitis?

This disease develops as a result ofhypothermia, smoking, inhalation through the mouth of cold air, overstrain of the larynx, the use of alcoholic beverages. There is inflammation of the larynx, vocal cords are irritated, the voice may be lost. Laryngitis arises suddenly, it flows with a high fever, there may be attacks of suffocation, which is dangerous for both adults and children. Many people have a reasonable question about laryngitis: is it contagious? To answer this question it is necessary to consider its forms.

laryngitis is infectious or not

What is laryngitis?

Acute laryngitis is a disease,the result of a voice strain or strong supercooling. The inflammatory process in this case can affect the mucous membrane of the entire larynx, epiglottis, the walls of the vocal cords or the podogolovoy cavity. The disease develops very quickly and lasts no more than two weeks.

is laryngitis contagious

Acute laryngitis can acquire a chronic form. The inflammatory process takes place in the pharynx or nose and lasts no more than two weeks.

It poses a danger to young childrenlaryngitis. Is this infectious disease? It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question. If the disease has arisen because of pathogenic viruses or bacteria, then it is likely that the ill person will be able to infect others. But to determine if laryngitis is contagious or not, is impossible on its own. This can only be done by a doctor after examining the patient.

Symptoms of the disease

At the very beginning of its development, the disease manifests itselfunpleasant sensations of dryness and burning in the larynx, but the general condition remains stable. After a while there is a convulsive cough, exhausting the person, there is a headache and it becomes difficult to swallow. The voice becomes hoarse, passing in a whisper.

acute laryngitis infectious

Cough from dry to wet, startsexpectoration of sputum, sometimes with pus. In the blood leukocytes strongly increase, and the laryngeal mucosa sharply turns red, the capillaries begin to burst, contributing to the appearance of crimson points. If there was acute laryngitis, the incubation period of this disease lasts from several hours to several years.

Causes of the disease

Disease can occur as a result of an allergy tosharp odors. This can be, for example, paint or varnish, which are felt in the room where the repair was recently done. Allergens can be various pets, in addition, cough often provokes food for fish. If the apartment is heavily dusted or there are ticks that the tenant does not even suspect, it also contributes to the development of an inflammatory process in the throat.

acute laryngitis transmitted or not

Laryngitis may develop due to medicationpreparations. Any sprays for the throat and nose for children under three years of age should be used with extreme caution. The child's organism helps to protect the lower respiratory tract from the penetration of foreign elements into them, and as the jet of spray hits the back wall of the pharynx with the nerve endings there, it can cause a spasm of the vocal cords. This leads to the development of the disease.

Viruses are considered the most common causeBarking cough. Infection affects the upper respiratory tract, and there is a congestion of viruses near the vocal cords. Use for treatment of antibiotics is not necessary, because the virus does not lend itself to them. In this case, prescribe inhalation, bed rest and an abundant warm drink. If viral laryngitis has occurred, the incubation period usually lasts from 1 to 5 days. This type of disease is considered to be non-contagious. Recovery is faster if the person stops smoking and regularly moistens the air in the room.

Infectious disease

So all the same, acute laryngitis is contagious?Infectious appearance of this disease occurs as a result of accumulated on the vocal cords of agents that cause inflammation. In this case, laryngitis is considered very contagious and transmitted by airborne droplets, contributing to the inflammation of the respiratory tract.

acute laryngitis incubation period

Bacterial form of the disease is usuallycharacterized by an increase in body temperature. Is this acute laryngitis transmitted from person to person? He is very contagious for both the adult and the child. The disease spreads when coughing and sneezing a sick person. The disease-causing bacteria enter the air and begin to spread with air currents, contributing to their settling on the mucous membrane of the larynx in other people. The risk of contracting bacterial laryngitis remains for several days after the person has recovered.

This type of disease is characterized by abundantsecretions from the nose, giving in the throat and ears pain, difficulty swallowing, high fever. Especially acute is bacterial laryngitis in children. During an exacerbation there are possible attacks of a choking, respiratory ways thus are blocked almost completely. To treat the disease is recommended in a hospital under medical supervision.

How to treat laryngitis?

It does not matter if the laryngitis is infectious or not, withthe first signs of this disease should be addressed to a doctor. This is a very serious ailment, which in its neglected state can cause serious consequences. With the help of various methods of treatment, it is possible to quickly get rid of this disease. Antibiotics help only with bacterial form of laryngitis.

viral laryngitis incubation period

During treatment it is necessary to observe a bedregime, drink as many warm drinks as possible, gargle with solutions, do inhalations of herbs. Therapy should be carried out under the supervision of the attending physician, since some herbs are capable of causing allergies. For inhalations, it is best to use oregano and St. John's wort, which excrete sputum and possess anti-inflammatory properties.


Thus, laryngitis is infectious or not, you candetermine, by examining the reasons that caused it. Bacterial and infectious species are considered infectious. To protect yourself from such a disease, you should wear a gauze dressing and isolate the patient in a separate room.