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Lymphomyositis for children: a description of the medicine

Lymphomyosot is often prescribed for children.by doctors. This is a complex homeopathic remedy that enhances metabolic processes, accelerates the elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the body, and also normalizes the lymphatic and immune system.

Limfiozot drops: composition and properties

This drug belongs to the grouphomeopathic medicine, and developed on the basis of natural raw materials. It contains extracts of more than 20 medicinal plants, as well as purified water for injection and ethyl alcohol.

As already mentioned, after the penetration of drugsactive metabolism begins in the body. The drug improves the relationship between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. In addition, the active components improve lymph drainage, stimulate the barrier functions of the lymph nodes. Lymphomyosot also removes excess toxic substances from the body.

But this is not all the properties of this drug.It is proved that its reception improves the permeability of tissues and cells for other means. This can significantly reduce the dose of the medication taken and, therefore, reduces intoxication.

Lymphomyosot for children: indications for use

This remedy is used to treatmany diseases, but mainly in combination with other drugs. By the way, Limfomiozot perfectly combines with other drugs. So, this drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Drug intoxication or poisoning with other substances.
  • Diathesis, eczema, dermatosis, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases.
  • Swelling of the heart, kidneys, lymph nodes.
  • Dysbacteriosis, violations of the composition of microflora.
  • Chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, including chronic tonsillitis.
  • Diseases that are accompanied by immunodeficiency.
  • Complications of diabetes.
  • Mental disorders, personality disorders.
  • Neoplasms, tumors.

Of course, this drug is not a panacea. To achieve maximum results, it is necessary not only to take a course of taking the drops, but also to use other medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Lymphomyosot (drops): instructions for use

You should not take them without first consulting a doctor. The general recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the dosage are as follows:

  • Newborn babies are advised to take three or four drops twice a day.
  • A child from two to six years old can take eight drops two or three times a day.
  • For children who are older than six years, suitable adult dosage - 10 - 15 drops three times a day.

Remember that if necessary, the pediatrician can change the regimen at its discretion, guided by the state of the child.

Because the Lymphomyosot drops for children containethyl alcohol, during the reception they can be diluted with a teaspoon of water. There is another way to use it: in a glass of water, dilute the entire daily dose of the product and drink in small sips throughout the day, taking intervals between meals. It is recommended to use drops no later than half an hour before meals.

Lymphomyosot for children: contraindications

This homeopathic remedy has very little.contraindications. Firstly, it is not recommended to use it for patients who are allergic to any component of the product. Secondly, some substances can enhance the work of the thyroid gland. That is why people with hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis should be very careful. Quite often, people with thyroid disease still take medicine, but only with regular monitoring by a doctor.

To date, there is no information aboutthe occurrence of adverse reactions or cases of overdose. The effect of the drug on the body of a pregnant woman and an unborn child today is not fully understood, so it is rarely prescribed during this period.