What is euthanasia?

For a long time in our country there has been a debate about the need for euthanasia for a person. What is euthanasia? AT translation from Greek means terminationthe life of a person (or animal), who is terminally ill. In some European countries (Belgium, Spain, etc.), euthanasia is officially permitted. It is very difficult to unequivocally answer the question about the necessity of introducing euthanasia for a person. Although in some countries this procedure has a legitimate basis.

What is euthanasia?

Many consider it a means of escape from pain.To date, only euthanasia of animals is officially permitted in Russia, but only in those cases when there is medical evidence. A healthy animal (if you suddenly get tired of a pet) can not be put to sleep. This measure is taken mainly to the terminally ill (or traumatized) animals. The procedure is carried out by a specialist, a veterinarian, in veterinary clinics or at home. What is euthanasia and how is it done? It is important to correctly calculate the amount of medication administered per body weight of a sick animal, then the procedure will go without complications. To realize that the pet is seriously ill, do not always want, and therefore, to decide on the procedure of sleep is difficult.

Many diseases are accompanied by severe symptoms(frequent convulsions, involuntary defecation), and euthanasia will save the pet from the impending agony. Many animals live very long, but, like other living things, they age. In this case, the dog (and other animals), many skills are lost, and the animal becomes uncontrollable. In this case, euthanasia of dogs is also quite justified. To euthanize our smaller brothers also resorted to in case of injury, incompatible with life.

More information about euthanasia can be explainedspecialist-veterinarian. The procedure itself can only be performed by a doctor. Euthanasia is a drug-induced death. And on how correctly it was conducted, it will depend on what your pet will feel. The first step in this procedure is the injection (preparations "Propofol", "Thiopental sodium") for general anesthesia of the animal. Anesthesia will immerse him in a deep sleep, while a number of body functions will be disabled - motor, pain sensitivity, the central nervous system turns off. The main indicators at the same time are palpitations and breathing. The animal is in a preoperative state. At the next stage after the administration of the drug, cardiac arrest occurs. Within 15 minutes (at intervals of 5 minutes) death occurs. Only after this it is possible to engage in burial of the deceased animal.

Many do not understand to the end what euthanasia isanimal, and agree to conduct this procedure at home. But it is worthwhile to think carefully before making such a decision, because for you it can become a great stress. One of the main arguments against euthanasia at home is the subsequent need to bury the animal's body. In clinics, as a rule, ritual service is provided. And all the efforts for the burial of the body will take on a special service. In addition, in the process of euthanasia, you can not predict how the animal behaves. It is possible that it will be aggressive and may injure you and the veterinarian - in clinics for this case everything is provided. It is necessary to understand that when you make a decision to put an animal to sleep, you experience stress. How do you feel yourself, knowing that your favorite pet died in your house? It is best to conduct euthanasia in a clinic under the supervision of a specialist, and it is for you to decide whether to attend or not.

It is possible that euthanasia for humans will be allowed by law in Russia, as well as other civilized countries.