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"Seborin" (shampoo): reviews, composition, types

The appearance of dandruff, itching and irritation of the scalpmany people are familiar not by hearsay. All these problems can be caused by the use of illiterate shampoo. After applying an unsuitable means, the glands of the sebaceous glands of the scalp overlap. In addition, hair loss is not excluded. To date, with dandruff and hair loss helps to cope with such a professional product as "Seborin". Shampoo includes a vitamin complex, salicylic acid and substances that provide hair and scalp nutrition and healthy appearance.

Kinds of shampoos "Seborin"

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The manufacturer of "Seborin" isfamous brand "Schwarzkopf", which for many years has pleased women of the world with various professional shampoos. Shampoo "Seborin" is presented in three versions. Each of them is designed for a certain type of hair. Namely: against dandruff, to wash fatty strands and to restore weakened thin curls.

"Seborin" - shampoo for combating dandruff

It has a dual effect.This shampoo helps to prevent the formation of dandruff. Due to non-aggressive ingredients, shampoo can be classified as a product with a gentle effect, which means that it is suitable for daily use. The preparation "Seborin" gently cleanses the scalp and hair, eliminates the itching and discomfort caused by its appearance, gives the hair volume and shine.

Shampoo "Seborin" for oily hair

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The "Seborin" remedy is the same as the previous oneoption, characterized by a double action. The product perfectly copes with dandruff and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. With such problems, frequent washing can worsen the situation - after flushing of the sebum from the scalp, the glands work intensively with a doubled force, causing the head of hearing to become more dirty. To curls longer looked neat, you need to ensure them the right care. To do this, it is recommended to use "Seborin" - shampoo, which is suitable for washing hair, prone to rapid contamination. The drug prevents the formation of dandruff, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and gently cleanses the scalp.

Shampoo "Seborin" for thinned and weakened hair

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In the composition of the product for hair carecontains a component in the form of caffeine, which ensures a full care of the curls. Other active ingredients of the shampoo promote active hair growth and strengthen the follicles. Shampoo not only prevents the appearance of dandruff, but also returns a healthy look to damaged locks.

Composition and instructions for use of the "Seborin"

As already mentioned above, shampoo for dandruff "Seborin" is presented in several versions, which have a different purpose and composition.

The following components are based on the "Seborin" product:

  • Salicylic acid. This substance neutralizes the harmful effects of various microorganisms.
  • Allantoin. Regulates the moisture balance of hair and scalp. It has a wound-healing effect, promotes the regeneration of the tissues of the upper layer of the epidermis.
  • Climbazole. The ingredient eliminates the fungus, which causes the appearance of dandruff.

In addition to the main ingredients, Seborin includes caffeine and vitamins, so that the structure of the hair is restored and they acquire a healthy and radiant appearance.

For many consumers who are faced withdandruff, the question remains: how to use the drug Seborin. Shampoo is applied to wet hair massaging movements, and then washed off with warm water. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

Consumer opinion

Such a problem as the presence of dandruff today is muchcan be solved with the help of "Seborin". Shampoo, reviews about which in most cases are positive, helps to eliminate unpleasant itching and irritation after the first application. In addition, users note that hair gains brilliance and strength.