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BEACH diet: description, reviews, menu

BEACH diet is the principle of nutrition, whichbased on the protein-carbon alternation. The essence of the diet is that there is an alternation of the amount of carbon food that depends on a certain day.

The entire period is divided into four main phases.In the first two days a person uses the minimum amount of carbohydrate food, and her deficiency compensates for protein. During the third day, you need to eat the maximum amount of carbohydrates, and the number of foods high in protein content is reduced to a full minimum. On the fourth day it is allowed to use approximately the same number of those and other elements. But during these days, nutritionists recommend making a small increase in the amount of carbohydrate food.

BEACH diet, reviews of which have a positive focus due to the effective maintenance of the figure in the form, has gained wide popularity among bodybuilders and athletes.

Our task is to review its basic principles andaction on the human body. So, during the first two days of using this diet, the body spends the glycogen reserve in it almost completely, i.е. Fat is practically not used as an energy source. During the third day, when the level of carbohydrate intake is maximal, the body loses its orientation and continues to generate energy by inertia, spending existing fat reserves. And the amount of glycogen in the meantime accumulates in the muscles and liver. BEACH diet in this case leads to the fact that the body is going through a lot of stress and is restructuring to a different regime, which leads to weight loss.

As dieticians note, this diet has no limitations in the time it is used. The fact is that it can be adhered to until you reach the desired result for you.

We want to offer you a sample of nutrition for this diet, so you can see what products can be made of it and how to adhere to such a regime.

BEACH diet: the menu of the first and second days (protein days):

Breakfast can consist of 2 eggs, a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes (as the best way to use vegetable oil), as well as from cottage cheese and green tea.

For lunch, you can eat boiled chicken, beef, stewed vegetables and cooked beans.

Dinner can include 2 pieces of boiled or stewed fish and cucumber salad.

During these days it is necessary to reducethe use of carbohydrates in food, in two, i.e. you need to divide the consumption of bread, cereals, fruit vegetables in half. The same products that are characterized by an increased content of carbohydrates, it is necessary and completely excluded from the diet. Therefore, the menu adds meat, fish, eggs and chicken. The energy value of this day is 1200 kcal.

The third day is carbohydrate. Its menu can be:

Breakfast - oatmeal with the addition of raisins, whole wheat bread, green tea.

Lunch - boiled rice, vegetable salad, half boiled chicken breast.

Dinner - pasta with tomato sauce (or boiled rice with vegetables).

BEACH diet on the third day impliesthe maximum reduction in the amount of protein products. It is most useful to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, and also bread. Of protein foods allowed to eat a little cottage cheese, two or three pieces of cheese and yogurt. The energy value of a given day should not exceed 1500 kcal.

During the fourth day you can eat the same way as on the third day. It is allowed to adhere to the usual diet. The energy value of the fourth day is 1200 kcal.

The fact is that the bean diet is characterized bya lot of positive properties, among which the acceleration of metabolic processes, eliminates the addiction to a certain rate of calories, which does not lead to the accumulation of fat in the cells. A person is not strictly limited in food, because he is in good health.