/ / Medical Center "Sofia" (Cheboksary): services and reviews of patients

Medical Center "Sofia" (Cheboksary): services and reviews of patients

Multidisciplinary Medical Center "Sofia"(Cheboksary) offers quality services to adult patients and children - effective treatment of many diseases, highly professional consultations of doctors, modern diagnostic procedures, laboratory studies.

Organization of a medical consultation

Medical Center "Sofia" (Cheboksary) - privateclinic. The leading place in its structure is occupied by the advisory reception unit, which has been working here since 2009. The administration pays a lot of attention to staff recruitment. It employs only highly professional staff - doctors and nurses, with extensive experience, certificates of qualification.

Sofia Cheboksary Medical Center

Consultative visits of doctors are organized for patients in the following areas:

  • general therapy;
  • cardiology;
  • neurology;
  • surgery;
  • gynecology, infertility treatment;
  • gastroenterology;
  • immunology;
  • urology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • diseases of ENT organs;
  • treatment of allergic reactions;
  • pediatrics;
  • dentistry

What services does the Sofia Medical Center (Cheboksary) offer?

Medical assistance and diagnosis that performsclinic cover all family members. Often patients choose for themselves and pay for programs with a package of services - advisory, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive. Women demand support programs for trimesters of pregnancy.

sofia cheboksary medical center reviews

Много специальных проектов разработал медицинский center "Sofia" (Cheboksary) for children. As part of a program adapted for each age, pediatricians monitor the development and well-being of young patients and adolescents. This allows time to identify and correct the occurring abnormalities, conduct early diagnosis of diseases, prescribe high-quality and timely treatment. Child patronage results show good health outcomes.

Often, for treatment of many diseases, doctors of narrow specialties prescribe physiotherapeutic procedures:

  • treatment using electromagnetic field, alternating electric current, ultrasound, directional optical radiation;
  • medical massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • use of barotherapy;
  • treatment with ionized air to increase the effect of the main treatment.

Patients of the center use heat treatment, visit a local bath. Your doctor may recommend the use of mud and climatotherapy.

Sofia Medical Center Cheboksary Gynecology Reviews

Sophia: Medical Center (Cheboksary). Reviews

Gynecology, treatment of infertility, diseasesthe female reproductive system, the painstaking work of doctors and the level of diagnostics have earned the greatest number of positive comments from families where the long-awaited healthy baby has appeared. Many clients of the medical center are impressed by the range of services, attentive and friendly attitude to their problems. They advise their relatives, friends and colleagues in case of need to choose the clinic "Sofia" (medical center, Cheboksary). Patient reviews - this is the best advertisement, which is not deprived of the clinic.