/ Why did lymph nodes become inflamed behind the ears?

Why did the lymph nodes become inflamed behind the ears?

Not every patient can know whylymph nodes after the ears. That is why with this deviation it is better to immediately turn to specialists. It should be noted that in a normal state the lymph nodes are small (no more than 8 millimeters). If they are inflamed, they can not only be fingered, but also to locate purely visual. By the way, such deviation arises as a result of a unique reaction of the organism to localized or generalized infections.

lymphonoduses behind the ears

Lymph nodes were inflamed behind the ears: the most probable causes

Often the development of lymphadenopathy is associated withinfections that affect the throat, ears or eyes, as well as with any kind of allergy. However, there are rare cases where inflammation of the lymph nodes is the very first sign of the development of the tumor of this peripheral organ. Of course, do not immediately put yourself a terrible diagnosis. But to exclude his slightest chance, it is recommended to undergo a medical examination.

If you have an inflamed lymph node near the ear, andthe process is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as peeling of skin on the head, itching, hair loss, then, most likely, you have a fairly serious fungal disease. In this case, do not hesitate to visit a doctor, as the disease can progress or affect your loved ones.

Other causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes

As you understand, there are many more reasons why this disease can occur in you.

sore ear inflamed lymph node

In order to shield yourself from such misfortune,we decided to list all possible diseases, the symptom of which sometimes becomes a big lump behind the ear. So, if you have lymph nodes up behind your ears, then most likely your body is exposed to one of the following ailments.

  • Local infections that usually enter the human body through the scalp, the auricle, throat, temples or the temporal region.
  • Adenoviral infections.
  • Viral exantheme.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Fungal infections.

Among other things, a person can observe,that at it or him lymphonoduses behind ears have inflamed owing to such diseases, as a rubella, a pharyngitis, a tonsillitis, a tuberculosis of lymph nodes, and also as a result of any pathologies of salivary glands or reception of the certain medical preparations.

Treatment and Diagnosis of Inflammation

the lymph node near the ear was inflamed

Quite often people turn to their doctors witha complaint that they have a very sore ear. Inflamed lymph node with this or not, can identify not only the expert, but the patient himself. For this it is necessary to feel the cervical region behind the ears. And if you find a large hypodermic ball during palpation, then you have lymphadenopathy.

Basically, in this area the nodes become inflamed due toa viral infection, which after a certain time often passes by itself. But if the reason lies in other, more serious bacteria, then you should definitely undergo antibiotic therapy. To find out why you have an inflammation, it is advisable to donate blood for analysis. In other cases, such an examination may be required, as an x-ray or computed tomography, and sometimes a biopsy.