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The drug "BioGaia" for newborns: instruction, reviews

Immediately after birth, some babiestake medication. The most frequently prescribed medications are those that correct the intestinal function. This popularity is explained by the sterility of the organ at birth. It is because of this that babies often experience colic and suffer from increased gas production. To cope with such unpleasant symptoms will help the drug "BioGaia" (for newborns). Instructions for using the medication will be presented to your attention in this article.

biogai for newborns manual

In addition, you will learn about the features of the drug. It is also worth mentioning about what kind of medicine "Biogia" has reviews.

What is this medication?

What is the characteristic of the drug "BioGaia" (drops) fornewborns? The instruction informs that this remedy contains many useful bacteria. Among them, the main place is occupied by lactobacilli. In addition, the tool has additional components. It is worth noting that the feature of the drug is the lack of lactose, as well as milk proteins. Preservatives in this preparation are also not observed.

biogai manual for newborns reviews

The medicine "BioGaia" is produced in three different forms. These are coated tablets, drops for ingestion and liquid, in which, in addition to the basic composition, vitamin D3 is also contained.

When is the medicine administered to the newborn?

In what cases do doctors say thatDo you need Biogia for newborns? The instruction for use indicates that the composition can be used to treat or prevent various pathological conditions. The main indications are the following situations:

  • restoration of the microflora of the stomach and intestines, as well as filling them with a set of useful microorganisms;
  • prevention and treatment of increased gassing of the intestines, which is accompanied by colic and abdominal pain;
  • Stool disorder (diarrhea or constipation);
  • improvement of the contractile capacity of the intestine;
  • correction after antibiotic therapy;
  • restoration and maintenance of the immune defense of the body, as well as the prevention of rickets.
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The drug is often prescribed as an adjunct to the main treatment. Thus indications for reception by babies can be the following:

  • allergy;
  • dysbiosis;
  • intestinal infections of bacterial and viral origin;
  • restoration of the health of premature babies.

Contraindications for children

Every time when using the drug "BioGaia"for the newborn the instruction should be at hand. Despite the positive side, this remedy is a medicine and has some contraindications. These include:

  • hypersensitivity to one or more of the components of the drug;
  • Tablets can not be used to treat children under the age of three.

special instructions

Does it have any side effects?BioGaia? The instructions for newborns suggest that the medication is usually well tolerated. A negative reaction does not occur. However, in some cases, allergic manifestations were recorded. Usually they started because of improper use of the medication or after ignoring the contraindications.

Can it be used in conjunction with antibacterialwith medications "BioGaia" for newborns? The instruction says that the composition can be used in combination with antibacterial or antimicrobial therapy. It is worth noting that many drugs of a similar effect exclude such a combination.

"Biogia" preparation: instructions for newborns

The comments of medical experts say that before using this medication it is necessary to study the annotation. Otherwise, there is a high risk of adverse reactions.

For newborns, the medication is prescribed only inform of drops and suspension. The tablet form is intended for children after three years. The drug is used once a day. The dose is 5 drops. If desired, you can dilute the medicine with water or a milk formula, it is not forbidden to use breast milk for this. However, from stirring the drug hot food should be abstained. Otherwise, you will not get the effect of treatment.

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If you use a sachet for breedingthen you will need to prepare at least 250 milliliters of fluid. It is preferable to take simple drinking water. However, newborn babies can not consume such amount of drink. That is why it is worth giving preference to the drug in drops.

Method for storing the formulation

If you have prepared a solution from a sachet or diluteddrops of a suitable liquid, then such a means can be stored at room temperature for not more than three hours. After the specified time, it is worth re-preparing the medicine.

The drug in the package can be stored at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees. It is advisable to place the bottle in a dark place. After opening, it is recommended to keep the drug in the refrigerator.

Action medication

How do "BioGaia" drops work for newborns?Instruction for use informs that after taking the active substance very quickly gets into the stomach, and then the intestines of the baby. The agent is not practically absorbed into the bloodstream and acts locally.

biogai instructions for use in newborns

The drug fills the organs with useful bacteria.Its composition helps to break down lactose and digest dairy food faster. This is especially true for infants in the first year of life who are breastfeeding. As a result of the medicament, the baby practically stops colic. Gases simply do not form because of the fact that the digestive process is being adjusted and is proceeding properly.

It should be noted that the medicine "Biogia"helps to strengthen immunity and increase the body's resistance. If your child is on artificial feeding, then this drug will be simply irreplaceable.

Reviews about the drug "BioGaia"

Consumers talk about a rather high costmedicament. So, one package of drops will cost you about 1200 rubles. Conventional prebiotics and products containing beneficial bacteria are much cheaper. However, the action of the drug "BioGaia" can not be compared with similar drugs. Parents say that the colic in children of the first months of life is already on the third day with regular use. Also, consumers testify that the child begins to regurgitate less during treatment. As a consequence, the weight gain in the baby is normalized.

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Doctors say that before usingpreparation "BioGaia" for infants instruction must be studied very carefully. It is necessary to observe the indicated dosage, if other recommendations were not given by a specialist. Doctors forbid for a stronger effect to increase the amount of the drug taken. This can lead to disastrous consequences.

Instead of concluding

Now you know what a drug isBioGaia. Instructions for use for newborns are presented in your article. Also, you learned about the main reviews that this medication has. Health to you and your baby!