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Mosquito bites and our health

The bite of any insect is a wound in whichgets "saliva" of the bite, causing irritation. In addition, there is a danger of entry into the body of infection. Most often we are bitten by mosquito bites.

Being bloodsucking, this insect eatsnectar of flowers. We are bitten by females, who need protein contained in the blood for reproduction. A "well-fed" individual can lay five times as many eggs as the offspring. The mosquitoes attract the smell of sweat, or rather lactic acid, which is one of its components, as well as the carbon dioxide released during breathing. Therefore, especially those suffering from these insects, those who are in movement, have excess weight and children with thin skin.

Reactions of the body

Especially dangerous are mosquito bites to people who haveincreased sensitivity of the body. Even one contact with an insect can become deadly to them, while an absolutely healthy person can withstand up to five hundred attacks. Susceptibility to mosquito "saliva" is especially high in children whose immunity is not yet ready for such tests.

All reactions to mosquito bites are divided into local and general, not very pronounced, as well as strong, leading to severe allergies and capable of causing shock, resulting in a fatal outcome.

With local allergic reactions:

- the place of the bite turns red, there is swelling and severe itching, which disturb for several days.

When general reactions occur:

- itching;

general malaise;

- hives;

- Shortness of breath;

- nausea;

- dizziness;

- stomach ache.

Symptoms of severe form:


- suffocation.

- Dullness of consciousness.

When shock is observed:

- pressure drop;

- blue shade of the skin;

- loss of consciousness.

Simultaneous bites of more than two dozen mosquitoescan lead to intoxication, causing weakness, headache and nausea. There is a danger of falling into the itching wounds of a secondary infection when they are combed. This problem is especially acute in children.

Если вас атаковали эти назойливые, раздражающие his squeak insects, then immediately the question arises as to what to smear mosquito bites. This can be an ordinary soda solution, juice of onions or tomatoes, as well as boric alcohol or tea tree oil. It is recommended that cold is applied to relieve the itching and reduce edema. To exclude an undesirable reaction, it is recommended to take a pill from an allergy.

Do not be frivolous to the state of your body, if after the emergence of a reaction your state of health has sharply deteriorated. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

Ways of protection

Bites of mosquitoes can spoil the rest on nature andin the country. And knowing how to get rid of their consequences is very important. But it's much better not to let them. There are many ways to get rid of mosquito bites.

- The smell of elderberry growing under the windows, will scare away insects.

- A reliable barrier will serve as a smell of tomato bushes, which can be planted near the house.

- A few hours will scare off the insects on the skin solution of broth of cloves and cologne or wheatgrass.

- Eliminates the tobacco smoke, smell of valerian, leaves and flowers of bird cherry and smoke from camphor, cones of pine or spruce, and also juniper from mosquitoes.

- You can use to protect the skin of eucalyptus and anise oil, cloves and basil, as well as fish oil.

- Repels mosquitoes with the smell of cedar oil.

- A fairly good product is carbolic acid, the solution of which can moisten the skin.

It is necessary to protect against the penetration of insects inhouse. To do this, special mosquito nets are attached to windows and doors. There are such grids for baby cots and strollers. The chemical industry produces special substances that can scare away and even destroy these annoying bloodsuckers. Uncomfortable for mosquitoes are ultrasonic signals that produce special devices.