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Leptotriks, what is this disease?

Leptotriks, what is it?At its core is an infectious disease. These bacteria multiply in water, and also live in the oral cavity of animals and humans. A separate view of them can be found in the vagina. Leptotriks oxidize the carbonate salt of ferrous oxide and turn it into connective tissues. The liberated iron oxide impregnates the vagina, and it takes on a rusty yellow color.

Leptotrix, what is it

It is possible that the deposits of lake and marshOres have occurred due to the metabolism of bacteria of the genus Leptotriks. What kind of bacteria are these that can exist in the mouth, and in the raid between the teeth, and on them? If there is a violation of tooth enamel, then in the mouth acids are formed, which contribute to the development of parasites. The bacterium can infiltrate the tooth and cause it to soften.

Most often leptotriks in a smear are found in the presence of mixed sexual infections, such as chlamydia, trichomoniasis, vaginal vaginosis and candidiasis. Leptotriks vaginal to men is not transmitted.


One can say about the bacterium leptotriks that thisa conditionally pathogenic flora that occurs in the oropharynx and vagina. If bacteria are detected in the smear, this indicates pathogenic changes in the microflora. Not all cases require treatment. If there are no signs of infection and disease, then therapy is not necessary.

Leptotriks in the smear

Basically, in medicine, there are two types of leptotriks: bacteria that promote the development of vaginal leptotrioecosis, and representatives that cause the disease of the oral cavity.

Symptoms of the disease

In the human body, the gram-negativean anaerobic bacterium leptotriks can get with tap water, as well as while swimming in pools and reservoirs. This disease is not sexually transmitted. With infection of the oral cavity, some unpleasant symptoms are completely absent. If the number of bacteria increases significantly, then there may be a sensation of the presence of a foreign body in the throat.

Since the general condition of a person in the presence ofbacteria remains unchanged, the disease, as a rule, is discovered by chance, for example, when examining a throat. Here such imperceptible can be leptotriks. What is it, people with weakened immunity, having a pathology of blood or oncological diseases, recognize. Often a bacterium is found in the vagina in women who use an intrauterine device.

Treatment of leptotriksa

Leptotriks in mouth treatment

Typical therapy for today is notdeveloped. The treatment regimen is appointed taking into account the results of the tests and on the basis of individual examination. The diagnosis is made against a background of a microscopic picture, characteristic for this disease - the bacterial chains leptotriks are revealed. What is this disease, is determined through culture research.

Before starting a course of therapy, you needit is necessary to get rid of candidiasis and other mucus, in which leptotriks bacteria can exist. With the diagnosis of "leptotryx in the mouth" treatment is not required. In standard situations, effective therapy with antibiotics is used. In addition, iodine preparations are used with increasing dosage and specific immunization with the vaccine.