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Stomatitis: treatment of the house with folk remedies

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucosain the oral cavity. As a separate disease, it does not always occur, most often manifested as a sign of another disease - scarlet fever, measles, thrush. A variety of the disease is an inflammatory process on the gums, called gingivitis, if the inflammation is localized in the tongue - the disease is called glossitis. Whatever form the stomatitis is presented, treatment of the house is possible with the obligatory supervision of the doctor.

Favorable factors for the development of ailmentis an exacerbation of a chronic disease, a lack of vitamins in the body, abuse of salt or acid, and too hot or cold food. Smoking is also capable of provoking the development of a disease such as stomatitis. The treatment of the house should be carried out taking into account the elimination of the factors that caused the development of the disease.

Despite the variety of forms of the disease,the clinical picture looks approximately similar - in certain areas the mucous membrane of the mouth turns red, there is swelling of the tissues, the lymph nodes under the human jaw are enlarged and become painful. Catarrhal form of the disease leads to a strong redness of the entire oral mucosa, a change in color is accompanied by the appearance of edema, increased salivation and an increase in the body temperature of the patient. From the mouth, as a rule, there is an unpleasant smell of rot, and it becomes difficult for the patient to eat food. With ulcerative-necrotic form of the disease appear jaundice on the gums, covered with a gray bloom. Ulceration in round forms, covered with a yellowish coating, are characteristic for such a variety as aphthous stomatitis.

Treatment at home should be accompanied by measuresprecautions, expressed primarily in the disinfection of wounds. Glossitis is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth, accompanied by difficulties with ingestion of food and high fever. The deposition of tartar, improperly made filling, irritation of the mucosa due to an excessively hard toothbrush are prerequisites for the development of gingivitis, which also relates to a disease such as stomatitis. Treatment of the home in this case will not be effective without the professional help of physicians, since the inflammatory process affects the teeth.

Depending on the variety, the treatment of stomatitis at home is possible with the help of funds attributable to folk medicine. From age to age, people's wisdom helped people in the fight against this disease.

Of the most famous recipes, the largestsuch medicinal herbs as calendula flowers, sage leaves, St. John's Wort have gained popularity. To cure stomatitis, folk remedies are offered for external use in a wide variety of forms - broths, infusions and tinctures.

Flowers of marigold in the form of tincture added inboiled water, as well as shredded sage leaves, infused in boiling water, are an effective tool for rinsing the mouth. A good astringent and anti-inflammatory effect is tincture of St. John's wort, diluted in a ratio of 40 drops of tincture to 1 glass of water. Also, folk medicine successfully treats the disease with the help of chamomile flowers, an ordinary scallop, anise fruit, yarrow herb, crushed burdock root, ara or lapchatka erect. For mouthwash, as a rule, they are used in the form of diluted water, boiled and filtered infusions.

If at hand there was no medicinalherbs, for rinsing you can use an aqueous solution of furacillin (1 tablet per glass of water), or dissolved in water 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide (1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water).