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Symptoms of lymphadenitis and treatment

The basic symptoms of lymphadenitis are the enlargement of the lymph nodes due to their inflammation. This disease occurs in both children and adults.

symptoms of lymphadenitis
Lymphadenitis in children, symptoms has severalOther than in adults, which is due to the peculiarity of the child's lymphatic system. The disease is caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and other microorganisms that get from the systemic blood flow to the lymph node. Let's consider the features of the course of chronic and acute forms of this disease.

Lymphadenitis: symptoms, treatment and forms

The cause of the disease is infection in one form or another. Bacteria can enter the lymph node with a current of lymph from infected tissues and organs.

Symptoms of lymphadenitis, when it occurs in acuteform, are as follows: in the lymph nodes there are painful seals, a person feels unwell and weak. The disease progresses rapidly and inflammation intensifies. The soreness of the lymph nodes becomes stronger, the temperature rises, the skin in the swollen places turns red. Multiple nodes can be combined into one, the formation of an abscess is not excluded. However, the signs can be much less noticeable.

lymphadenitis in children symptoms
Symptoms of lymphadenitis occurring in the chronicform, often manifest after an inflammatory process (acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, gum disease or teeth). Treatment should be aimed at combating the root cause. If the focus of inflammation is not treated, then the effects on the inflamed lymph node will lead to nothing. Perhaps the oral cavity needs to be sanitized or the focus of the infection is in a hard-to-reach place. It is necessary to consult several specialists at the same time.

Symptoms of lymphadenitis can not be left withoutattention. Diseases, the presence of which is signaled by inflamed lymph nodes, require the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, provided that the level of sensitivity to them is appropriate. In addition, general treatment and antihistamines should be included in the course of treatment.

lymphadenitis symptoms treatment
A good effect is provided by physiotherapeuticprocedures (electrophoresis, UHF therapy, paraffin therapy). If lymphadenitis was triggered and as a result an abscess formed, surgical intervention may be required. An increase in the immunological reactivity of the body is a very important factor if this disease has become chronic and often recurs.

Folk methods

It is not necessary to substitute for them the course of treatment appointedspecialist. However, in some cases, folk remedies can provide significant support to a weakened organism. Especially when they help to raise the mood to the patient, because older people often very much oppress inpatient treatment, and various kinds of people's methods inspire hope for recovery. In addition, they are often very pleasant. For example, you can prepare a collection of peppers, mint (peppery and green) and hawthorn. A tablespoon of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted for a while. After a thorough percolation, they drink eighty grams each morning and evening. This collection, in addition to the disinfecting effect, also has sedative properties. You can apply herbal compresses. For example, from the rooted roots of a cornflower.