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Therapeutic shampoo for dandruff "Nizoral": reviews

Nizoral reviews

Impeccable appearance can spoil even the smallest detail, and it's very sad when it's ordinary dandruff, or, as dermatologists call it, seborrheic dermatitis.

A little about how to solve the problem once and for all

Если вам не помогают косметические шампуни либо these drugs are relatively short-lived, try the medicine Nizoral. Reviews about it, the pharmacological properties and method of application, we will consider in our article. We hope, it will be your help in choosing an effective and effective remedy for dandruff, and also help to improve the scalp. Please note: this remedy is curative, it is not suitable for daily use. Carefully follow the recommendations for its use, which are given below, and are also included in the instructions accompanying each shampoo pack.

"Nizoral": reviews, composition, method of application

In fact, this external tool, activecomponent of which is ketoconazole, whose effectiveness is confirmed by numerous studies, is used as an antifungal agent for the treatment and prevention of head skin diseases, mainly seborrhea (usual dandruff), as well as pungent lichen. In the first case, this shampoo should be washed twice a week, the course - from 14 days to 1 month. In the second - every day for 5 days. According to many, Nizoral, whose reviews are mostly positive, really helps to get rid of dandruff after the first few times. There are other responses from satisfied consumers.

  • nizoral shampoo reviews
    Ease of use - the remedy is used in the same way as a normal shampoo.
  • Dandruff disappears and does not appear again for a long time (because this remedy is not cosmetic, but therapeutic, that is, it eliminates the root cause of seborrhea - the fungus).
  • The shampoo smells nice and foams well, you need very little to wash your head.
  • "Nizoral" has a long shelf life - 3 years, that is, it can be used after a long time - if the dandruff appears again.
  • An excellent price-quality ratio makes Nizoral shampoo available to a wide range of consumers.

Reviews about the product are given by independent buyers,who experienced this product on themselves or their family members. Also keep in mind that the therapeutic shampoo for dandruff has some contraindications: it can not be used with increased sensitivity to one of the components of the drug. Pregnant and lactating women, on the contrary, use the remedy is allowed, because with external application ketoconazole is not absorbed through the skin.

"Nizoral" shampoo: reviews are negative

shampoo nizoral Reviews

Like any drug, this is not a panacea and helps not a hundred percent of consumers. That's what they say those whose expectations of using Nizoral have not been justified.

  • Some shampoo helps only temporarily, and after the end of the application, dandruff appears again (often this effect is observed in adolescents).
  • Хотя многие и отмечают удачное соотношение цены и quality of the product, yet complaints are received about its price. A small bottle costs 300-400 rubles, whereas analogues of a product can be several times cheaper.
  • To individual consumers, he did not help at all, although this may be due to misdiagnosed diagnosis and the peculiarities of a single organism, as well as to the general strong shortage of vitamins.

We hope that this information will be useful to you.when choosing a remedy for dandruff, and will help you to buy one that will eliminate this little trouble from you. We reviewed "Nizoral" (shampoo) - reviews about it, the composition and the manual for its use. Remember that as this remedy, the drug can not be used constantly. Follow the recommendations and do not exceed the duration of the course.