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Chronic cervicitis: causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Chronic cervicitis belongs to the groupinfectious diseases. This disease is accompanied by progressive inflammatory processes of the cervix. It should be noted that this is a rather dangerous disease and neglect of proper treatment can lead to serious and undesirable consequences, including even infertility and tumor development.

Chronic cervicitis: causes of the disease. Lead to the development of such a disease can be any sexual infection, and not only bacterial. Inflammation can cause viruses, as well as microorganisms of fungal origin.

The female reproductive system has severalpeculiar barriers that prevent the penetration of pathogens into the interior. Infection can enter the body only if the protective system noticeably weakens. That is why the causes of such a disease can be dysbacteriosis of the vagina, frequent abortions, ruptures after childbirth. In addition, neglecting personal hygiene, improper use of contraceptive hormonal medications can also lead to a disease called chronic endocervicitis. Treatment is carried out only under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

Chronic cervicitis: symptoms and signs of disease. Symptoms of chronic illness are not so brightare expressed as acute forms. Nevertheless, patient patients complain of persistent whitish discharge with mucus. Upon examination, a gynecologist may notice that the cervix is ​​swelling. With exacerbations, the signs become more noticeable. Appears purulent discharge from the vagina, as well as regular pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes after intercourse, there may be a slight bleeding.

Chronic cervicitis: how dangerous is it? In fact, this disease is very dangerous.If treatment is refused, or if it is not properly implemented, the consequences can be highly undesirable. With a constantly progressive inflammation begins thickening of the cervical tissue, which leads to the development of erosion, dysplasia, cancer, as well as infertility. That's why you need to regularly undergo gynecological examinations, since the earlier the disease is diagnosed and the fight against it is started, the more chances for success the patients have. Do not neglect your health.

Chronic cervicitis and its diagnosis. At the first suspicions and sensationsdiscomfort, you need to seek gynecological care. After the examination, the doctor will prescribe all the necessary tests. For example, for diagnosis it is necessary to submit blood and urine for analysis, as well as to take a smear for microflora research. A detailed biochemical blood test, as well as an analysis to the level of hormones, is also required. In order to determine the causative agent, patients are prescribed tests for the presence of sexual infections.

Very important and ultrasound examination of allorgans of the small pelvis. This allows you to determine the location of inflammation, as well as the stage of the disease. Sometimes they also prescribe other, additional studies, for example, laparoscopy.

Only after the doctor receives an accurate picture of the disease and determines the type of pathogen he will be able to prescribe the correct treatment.

Chronic cervicitis: treatment. Как уже было сказано, методы лечения могут appointed only by the treating gynecologist. In no case should you take any medications yourself. The fact is that the causative agent may be bacteria, fungi, viruses or mixed infections.

As a rule, all drugs are prescribed according to the nature of the pathogen. It may be antibiotics, antiviral drugs. Also prescribed and drugs that stop inflammation.

Кроме того, в некоторых случаях проводят лазерную therapy, cryoscopy and radio wave treatment. With the right treatment started on time, the disease ends with full recovery without any consequences. However, a woman after suffering chronic cervicitis should be under the regular supervision of a physician to avoid possible recurrences or hidden complications.