/ How do they take a smear for enterobiasis in children?

How do they take a smear for enterobiasis in children?

Parasitic worms are the main causeshelminthiases. Parasitic disease can affect absolutely anyone, but most often it affects children. Most often they find pinworms - causative agents of enterobiasis. One of the methods for diagnosing a pathological condition is scraping (smear) on enterobiasis. In children, such a procedure is performed not only in the presence of characteristic symptoms. Let us consider in more detail how the material is collected and what are the features of the preparation for diagnosis.

Enterobiosis - what ailment?

Helminthiasis is a pathology that is popularly calledworms. The development of the disease is provoked by parasites (helminths) that have entered the body. There are many varieties of worms that can cause a pathological condition. One of them are pinworms - round worms from the group of nematodes. The main site of localization is the intestinal wall. The worm feeds on the contents of the digestive tract and blood. The disease caused by pinworms is called enterobiosis.

Smear on enterobiasis in children

Most infections with helminths are susceptiblechildren from 2 to 10 years. At this age, kids do not always follow the rules of basic personal hygiene, which allows the helminth eggs to enter the body through dirty hands, toys, household items. Eggs of helminths can be carried even on particles of dust and animal hair. For their maturation, high humidity and a temperature of at least 35 ° C are required.

Despite the short life cycle of adults (only 30 days), enterobiosis can be affected for a long time because of the high probability of self-infection.

Recognize helminthic invasion on time!

Enterobiosis for a couple with ascariasis takes the leadplace among helminthiases in children. In the absence of treatment, parasites can cause serious consequences. In order to seek medical help in a timely manner, it is necessary to know which symptoms are characteristic for pathology. Determine the development of helminthic invasion in a child by the following features:

  • the appearance of itching in the anus;
  • mushy stools;
  • bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • fast fatigue in a child;
  • frequent viral diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic ailments;
  • poor sleep at night;
  • the appearance of an allergic reaction.

Having found similar symptoms, it is necessary to give a smearon enterobiasis. In children, the algorithm for taking the test is no different from diagnosing adult patients. To pass the examination, you need to contact the pediatrician or infectious disease doctor. You can do this in a public or private clinic.

Analyzes for enterobiosis

The main method of detecting helminthic invasionis scraping from the perianal area, because the coprogram (feces analysis) only in rare cases shows the presence of male nematodes in the material. A smear for enterobiasis in children is compulsory upon admission to a pre-school or school, after a long illness, in hospital treatment or a trip to a children's camp.

Smear on enterobiasis in children both

By the way, in order to visit the pool, you should also undergo this type of laboratory examination. The analysis will determine whether there are parasites in the body of adults or eggs.

Smear on enterobiasis in children: how to take?

Compliance with all recommendations regardingpassing the diagnosis will get the right result. In medical practice, there are two ways to take material. They can be used to collect tests at home, but usually it is done in a polyclinic. The procedure is usually carried out in the morning. It should be borne in mind that to obtain an accurate result before the analysis the child does not need to be washed.

Features of the procedure

How to take a smear on enterobiasis in children in conditionslaboratory? For the collection of material in children usually use a sticky tape. This is the main method of diagnosing helminthiasis. It is desirable to perform manipulation in the morning, when the activity of helminth females is increased.

how to take a smear on enterobiasis in children

To carry out the analysis, take a small piecesticky tape, push the buttocks to the child and stick the tape on the anal area, grabbing the adjacent tissue. The adhesive tape is applied several times. After that, the adhesive tape is applied to a clean glass surface. At home, you can also take a smear on enterobiasis in children. The algorithm of actions in this case completely coincides with those manipulations that are carried out in the laboratory.

It is impossible to see the eggs of pinworms or any other helminths with the naked eye. They are too small, and can only be detected with a microscope.

Fence material with a cotton swab

There is another way to diagnose helminthiasis,which is often prescribed to adults. To do this, use a cotton swab and a special container. The tip of the cotton swab is dipped in glycerol or petroleum jelly. Then gently push apart the buttocks and spend with a cotton swab on folds in the anus. After that, the sample is placed in a clean plastic flask or the material is applied to a clean glass and sent to a laboratory.

taking a smear for enterobiasis in children with an algorithm

If the analysis is taken at home, then forits storage should be placed in the refrigerator. To get a reliable result, the analysis should be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours after the fence.

Explanation of results

The main purpose of laboratory diagnostics -determination of the patient's pinholes. If there is no experience of sampling material at home, it is better to contact specialists. Especially if you need to do a smear on enterobiasis in children. The deadlines for the analysis are usually not more than 24 hours. In some cases, the results are issued on the day the material is handed over.

taking a smear for enterobiasis in children with an algorithm

In conclusion, only positive ornegative diagnostic result. If pinworms are found, one of the family members will have to be subjected to a laboratory analysis by his immediate relatives living with him in the same territory.

Negative result does not mean aboutabsence of disease. Often such a conclusion is erroneous due to improper sampling of the material. To increase the reliability of the conclusion of the laboratory, it is necessary to do scraping at least 3 times with an interval of one day.

The result of the analysis for the presence of enterobiasis is valid for 10 days. After passing this deadline, the conclusion will be invalid, and if necessary, the analysis will need to be retaken.

Treatment of ailment

Treatment of enterobiasis involves the use ofspecial antihelminthic drugs. For children, such medicines are prescribed exclusively by the doctor, given the age of the small patient. Some of them have a strong toxic effect and can adversely affect the overall well-being of the child. Therefore, they should be used only after a smear for enterobiasis is given. In children, this ailment is treated within 7-10 days.

smear on enterobiasis in children

The following are the most effective anthelmintic drugs:

  1. "Pirantel" - a synthetic product, is available in the form of a suspension and in the form of tablets. Dosage is calculated based on the age of the baby.
  2. "Vermox" - an antiparasitic drug is used only to treat children from two years of age.
  3. "Vormil" - the medicine is capable of killing both adults and eggs of helminths. For babies from one year, you need to use the medication in the form of a suspension.
  4. "Nemozol" - a drug in the form of tablets and suspensions successfully treats enterobiosis and ascariasis in children. Dosage is calculated according to the weight of the child.