/ / The drug "Stresam". Instructions for use and description

The drug "Stresam". Instructions for use and description

Medication "Stresam" instructions for usedefines as an anxiolytic agent containing etifoxine hydrochloride. The drug can be used as a daytime tranquilizer, because it does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions. In addition, the drug Strezam is not addictive.

Pharmacological properties

Ethifoxine hydrochloride acts onGABA-ergic system, neutralizes the feeling of fear and anxiety, reduces emotional tension. After ingestion, the drug is absorbed in the intestine quite well, forms a pharmacologically active metabolite in the body. Within one or two hours, the highest plasma concentration is achieved. Excreted means in three stages mainly kidneys.

strezam instructions for use
Indications for the prescription of the drug Stresam

Instructions for use indicate thatthe drug is used in the treatment of patients with stress-induced neurasthenic conditions, accompanied by unreasonable anxiety, anxiety, fear, phobic disorders, decreased activity, apathy, vegetative disorders.

Form of issue. Composition

The medicine is produced in the form intended fororal capsule intake. They are packaged in 12 pieces per cell pack. One cardboard bundle includes two or five such plates. In one capsule, etofoxine hydrochloride is contained in an amount of 50 mg. The composition also includes additional ingredients, including lactose monohydrate.

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Method of using the drug Stresam

Instructions for use show that the capsulesshould be swallowed whole, while washing with water in small amounts. It is advisable to drink the medicine before eating. Dosage and duration of the therapeutic course should be established by the doctor in accordance with the nature of the pathology. The recommended dose is 1 capsule twice or thrice a day. The duration of the course of treatment is 1-3 months. After discontinuing the use of the drug Stresam, the instructions for use (the reviews also confirm this) do not indicate the development of withdrawal syndrome.

Adverse Events

As a rule, the medicine is transferred by patientsnot bad. Individual patients complained of dizziness when taking the drug, especially at the initial stages of therapy. However, a similar symptom over time passed independently. In the case of the presence of hypersensitivity to etifoksina hydrochloride, skin allergic reactions may develop.

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Stresam remedy for useforbids patients who have malabsorption syndrome of glucose-galactose, galactosemia, and lactose deficiency. In addition, the drug should not be prescribed to patients with shock conditions, impaired functioning of the kidney and liver of a pronounced nature, myasthenia gravis. In pediatric practice, Strezam medication is not used, nor is it used in the treatment of women in a state of pregnancy and during the lactation period.