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Do you know what green tea is good for?

Our body is a whole system of complexmechanisms that work seamlessly, like a clock. However, without our support, the body can not cope. It is care and careful attitude to the immune system, the functions of the body and the overall vital activity that helps us live longer without experiencing any health problems. They say that a person, in fact, consists of a liquid. Therefore, our body needs several liters of fluid per day, so that all organs can function properly. However, what kind of liquid we eat, in many ways determines the state of our health.

Perhaps the most useful of the drinks is tea,namely green. What is useful for green tea for our body? Firstly, this drink contains a huge amount of microelements and vitamins. Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland. Potassium is useful for the heart and blood vessels. Fluoride is indispensable for teeth and gums. Also in tea there are elements such as silicon, phosphorus, sodium and manganese. However, despite all the known useful properties of tea, many are not sure if green tea is useful. Scientists say that tea is not only delicious, but also useful.

The most useful tea is green, because itsuse allows you to remove from the body harmful substances, slags and toxins. Since tea is consumed hot, together with sweat the body gets rid of harmful fluids. And what is the use of green tea? The use of tea helps a person get rid of stress and depression. For some time, depression has become a serious disease, so it is important not to bring the body to such a state. Drowsiness, chronic fatigue, lethargy throughout the day, indifference to the outside world - all these are symptoms of depression. If at least one of these signs applies to you, you are already on the path to the disease. Green tea helps to calm the nervous system. The antioxidants contained in it relieve stress, promote better blood circulation, improve sleep. Drink a light green tea at night - and you have a good healthy sleep (in this case it is better to use tea with milk and honey).

Many women are interested in what green is useful fortea. Most of them attract the property of green tea, which allows you to lose those extra pounds. How does this happen? Daily use of green tea allows you to eat a little less, because the body not only quenches thirst, but also feels saturated. Thanks to the beneficial properties of tea, it is included in many diet programs, but the main secret is quite simple - replace black tea, coffee and sweet drinks with a weak green tea.

And what is the use of green tea?One of the main advantages of green tea is its ability to tone and invigorate. A cup of green tea before going to work or studying will save you from lethargy, raise your mood for the whole day, while you will not feel hunger until dinner and do not snack a few times. Your body will only thank you.

However, do not forget that green teashould be brewed in a special way to preserve its useful properties. In order to brew green tea, just one minute. Do not confuse green tea with black tea, which requires prolonged brewing. If you overdo the tea in the brew, it may have a bitter taste. After you brewed tea with hot water, foam should form on top. This foam contains a lot of useful substances, so stir the tea in the brewer, only then pour it on the cups.

So we figured out what green tea is good for.An excellent assistant for weight loss, a good antidepressant and just a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements! Drink tea with pleasure, and then every day you will start in a good mood.