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Why is retinoic ointment used? Women's Feedback

Women in pursuit of youth acquire the mostexpensive and supposedly effective creams and serums to care for your skin. But, as practice shows, they are not always effective. Because expensive - it is not necessarily effective. It turns out that in order to rid your skin of various inflammations and wrinkles, it is enough to use a simple and well-known remedy like retinoic ointment. Reviews of women about her the most positive. Perhaps, it is worth to listen to their opinion and try this product? We'll figure out what to expect from its application.

Composition of the product

retinoic ointment reviews
Judging by the name, we can assume that thisthe drug contains retinol (vitamin A). Indeed, it is. Only here is isotretinoin, which is, in fact, an active form of vitamin A. This component normalizes regenerative and oxidation-reduction processes in the upper layers of the skin, and also suppresses the production of sebaceous glands. Often, isotretinoin is used in many drugs to treat acne. Retinoic ointment, reviews of which prove its effectiveness, is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to bring your skin in order, saving it from various inflammations. On how an ointment can help to do this, let us dwell in more detail.

Retinoic ointment from acne

The instructions to this tool say that itis intended for getting rid of inflammatory acne, acne, comedones, seborrheic dermatitis, ulcers and rosacea. Retinoic ointment, the price of which is small compared to other products of similar action and is about 200 rubles, well reduces the fat content of the skin. But the agent does not dry it.

Retinoic ointment for wrinkles

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Women's comments about this remedy indicate thatoften it is used as a product that helps to rejuvenate. The fact that ointment from acne can help get rid of wrinkles, at first glance seems like a fantasy. But remember that vitamin A, which is present in this drug, is one of the most ardent "fighters" with old age. It regenerates damaged skin cells, fights free radicals, which is so important for the preservation of youth.

Retinoic ointment: consumer reviews

It would be interesting to know the opinion of those whoregularly uses this tool. Many consumers write that it has now become difficult to purchase this ointment, as it is rare in pharmacies. But those who bought it, were very pleased with the result. They say that the drug really helps to get rid of acne and to rejuvenate.

retinoic ointment for wrinkles reviews
Some women claim that they used to treatacne and inflammation only in salons, doing special skin cleansing. But, after they acquired retinoic ointment, they were able to solve this problem at home. There are also negative reviews about the operation of this product. People write that it has some side effects that increase with prolonged use. These include itching of the skin, the appearance of peeling and puffiness.

We found out that retinoic ointment, reviews about which are mostly positive, can be successfully used to treat acne, as well as to get rid of wrinkles.