/ What Cures Stomatitis? Causes and symptoms of the disease

What cures stomatitis? Causes and symptoms of the disease

What cures stomatitis

Stomatitis - this is the name of the disease,which affect the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. They have different origins and are also manifested in different ways. It should be noted that stomatitis can be an independent disease or a manifestation (complication) of other ailments, for example, measles, influenza, scarlet fever. This disease is most affected by children. What cures stomatitis? This is a very important question, and it is worthwhile to sort it out.

Before talking about what cures stomatitis,it should be noted that it is difficult to diagnose oral cavity diseases, let them occur quite often. And this is due to the fact that a variety of ailments can occur with the same manifestations. If the mucous membrane of the mouth is not completely affected, and manifestations of pathology are seen in the tongue, lips or sky, then there may be a question of palatinitis, cheilitis or glossitis.

Causes of the disease

What are the possible causes and that heals stomatitis?Different factors can provoke an ailment. The most common ones are a person's non-compliance with oral hygiene, broken teeth, abundant dental plaque and dysbiosis. In addition to the above, the disease can still occur if there are violations in the technique of so-called dental manipulation. The cause of these are different microtrauma, the use in prosthetics and treatment of dissimilar metals and the effects of any chemical substances.

Which doctor treats stomatitis


Stomatitis is a clinical manifestationaphthous, ulcerative and catarrhal. Catarrhal stomatitis is most common. Thus the oral cavity is covered with yellow or white coating, becomes hyperemic, painful, edematous. What cures stomatitis of this form?


To begin with it is worth noting that treatmentis the process of eliminating inflammatory processes. Special therapy is used for this. Various antiseptic solutions, decoctions of chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, rinses, etc. are used. Doctors are advised to also treat the mouth with a 3% peroxide solution, antiseptics, a warm soda solution. Especially effective are rinsing with local treatment. Is it possible to treat stomatitis with green? Definitely - no. The fact that the treatment of affected areas with this solution only aggravates the situation, since the composition of the drug includes alcohol, irritating the mucous membrane.

Is it possible to treat stomatitis with greenery

It is not difficult to guess which doctor treats stomatitis.The name speaks for itself. All diseases that are associated with the oral cavity are treated at the dentist. However, there are cases in which it is necessary to consult other specialists, especially if the inflammation has appeared against a background of a chronic illness or a hormonal shift. The dentist will first diagnose, then send the results to the laboratory and get a diagnosis. Also, he can recommend which doctor to additionally go with this or that kind of stomatitis.