/ How many square meters is laid per person by law?

How many square meters is laid per person by law?

Many citizens of Russia have an apartmentissue related to the expansion or acquisition of housing. It requires detailed study in all aspects. The answer to the question of how many square meters is laid on one member of the family can not be given unequivocally. Firstly, in each separate region of Russia, in accordance with the legislation for an individual, there are different norms for calculating the living space. Secondly, many factors of housing accounting and distribution should be taken into account.

How many square meters is laid per person in 2014

how many square meters is laid per person

Since every square meter of housing costsquite a lot of money (the difference in cost depends on the region of residence), on this ground, there are controversial points about the distribution of these meters for each individual citizen. Disagreements arise on the following issues:

- Solving of disputable issues in the division of living space between relatives.

- Resettlement of tenants in new apartments.

- Due to the recognition of the house as an emergency or dilapidated.

- Registration or temporary registration of a person and the need to expand the space due to an increase in family members.

How much is required by law square metershousing for one person? This is the LCD of the Russian Federation. Each person should normally have twelve square meters. This figure may vary by region. Therefore, when calculating how many square meters are laid on a person, they take sanitary and social housing standards:

- Sanitary part is taken from the norm for 1 person 6 m2.

- The second, social component, is determined by the number of people living as follows: from 16 m2 - if three family members live and more, 42 m2 for 2 people and 33 m2 per person living space. In 2014, a person is laid 12 m2, this indicator varies depending on the region.

Registration rate of housing

how much is legally required per square meter of housing per person

There is such a thing as the norm of housing registration.The establishment of this rule is determined by the laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation. It is at the regional level that you determine how many square meters a person is supposed to have. The norms for registering citizens who need to improve their living conditions are established.

For those who do not know the questionprivatization, it is important to have an idea of ​​how much and to whom it is supposed to get under the law. Especially this problem affects those who are on the waiting list for getting new housing instead of dilapidated or emergency. Therefore, it is necessary to know the law, which determines how many square meters are laid on a person. In cases where people have a living area larger than the norm, they are in a winning situation, because they will receive an area equal to the size of their apartment. In the opposite case, when the number of registered persons occupying the area of ​​tenants is small, it is necessary to know well the legislative base that regulates the distribution of square meters for residents.

Privatization of an apartment under a social contract

how many square meters are put on a person to stand on the queue

For today, citizens of the Russian Federationfederation there was an opportunity to privatize the housing received under the contract соцнайма. The process consists in the recognition by the owner of a residential state or municipal premises of a private person. This procedure has the right of a category of citizens who did not take part in the privatization process at other addresses and occupy living space on the basis of a social contract. To do this, it is necessary to apply to the regional self-government bodies for privatization, enclosing a package of documents compiled and certified by the notary. Privatization can be carried out only once. Potential owners of square meters can become a tenant for social housing and members of his family who have a residence permit in this residential building. Due to the fact that a large number of people can be registered in the apartment, it will be timely to issue a power of attorney to one of the family members who will independently deal with this issue and collect all necessary documents.

Calculation of square meters of living space in case of failure to pay utility bills or violations on the part of tenants

Every citizen residing in the territoryRussia, has the right to grant subsidies in the event that its monthly income is below the subsistence level. However, often the regional government authorities adjust this fact to their advantage, below the federal established level. If the owner of a dwelling or a tenant has debts for non-payment of utility bills from a person, they are required to pay the required amount of the debt, otherwise the decision of the issue takes place in court. When ascertaining the unscrupulous relationship of a tenant or owner of a dwelling to the use of public services, he is threatened with eviction and termination of access to house needs. In cases where there is such a threat, it is necessary to know how many square meters are laid per person. As a rule, eviction occurs in apartments with an area of ​​lesser size, but not less than 6 m2 for each.

The issue of resettlement from emergency housing

meters per person
Category of people living in dilapidated and emergencyhousing, needs to be relocated to a new location. Municipal authorities in a timely manner should provide citizens with housing. In case of lack of money people are given a room in a hostel, but here you need to know how many square meters per person is necessary for housing criteria. Room dimensions should be at least 6 m2 on sanitary norms. It is also possible to move to a smaller room, but not less than 10 m2 for each.

The issue of resettlement is determined by the fact thatwhether the living quarters are privatized, and the availability of benefits. Resettlement of a person from a privatized apartment requires the provision of a space equal in area. How many meters is laid on a person, so much should be provided, not taking into account the number of citizens registered in the apartment. There are rare cases where an apartment or a house can be used by the state for its own needs. For example, in the city there are held Olympic games, competitions, championships. Builders of a sports facility is extremely important plot of land on which housing is located. In such situations, a person has the right to apply for resettlement in a residential building that is not inferior to the normative requirements of the settlement in which he lived.

Apartment from the Ministry of Defense

Residential area from the Ministry of Defense is received by citizens who have for this reason, as a rule, these are military men. In this case, 18 m are obtained2 per person.This figure also varies depending on the region. In the process of placing citizens of the military category on record with the study of all housing and communal needs, military units in most of their cases are guided by Part 5 of Art. 50 LCD of the Russian Federation. Proceeding from it, the housing norm is regulated by local governments and can not exceed it.

Уровень регулирования прав военнослужащих далек from the ideal and requires refinement. The norm of a dwelling on the basis of a social investment agreement, which is in federal ownership or with time, being federal, has passed into municipal ownership, is no less than 18 square meters. m per person. The size of the area may exceed a certain rate, which is described above, but not more than nine square meters per tenant. Also, the norm can be increased in the case of housing to a single person, a relative of a deceased serviceman or dismissed from service.

In addition to the norms of housing distribution, formilitary personnel are provided with additional social measures to provide housing. In particular, if the family of a serviceman who is serving under a contract has to be rented, compensation is provided for these purposes.

- For cities of federal significance, the amount of compensation for rent of apartments is set to 15 thousand rubles.

- For regional centers and other cities, the amount is 3,600 rubles.

- For families of servicemen living in other settlements, the amount is 2,600 rubles monthly.

If there are more than 3 people in the families of the serviceman,a surcharge to the amount of compensation in the amount of 50% is assumed. The same allowance is given to families of deceased or dead servicemen, provided that the number of family members is more than 4 people.

Provision of living space under the contract of social hiring

В настоящее время популярны вопросы социального hiring. The housing for social housing is provided to various categories of citizens, including the poor, and those who need improved living conditions. In order to get low-income citizens social housing, you need to register. First you need to know how many square meters are laid on a person to stand in line. These norms are prescribed in the Housing Code and regional legislation.

1. Employers of social housing should not be owners of housing or live with relatives who are such.

2. The area occupied by a citizen must be no less than 12 m2.

3. The room in which the person lives does not meet the established requirements.

4. Presence of cohabiting people suffering from chronic diseases and not having their own living space.

how many square meters is laid on a person in the Moscow region

Living quarters for citizens who requireExpansion of the area and improvement of living conditions are provided in the order of the turn, depending on the deadline for submission of the application. An exception is a certain group of people - disabled, orphans and children who have been left without parental care, as well as citizens whose premises are not suitable for further living and is subject to serious reconstruction or demolition.

Normative indicators of housing in Moscow

Citizens living in the city of Moscow, the housing area is provided from the city fund on the basis of existing housing programs with an area not lower than the statutory rate.

On the basis of the submitted application, the apartment owner can be provided with an area equal to the established rate. Its minimum size is 18 m, as on average in Russia2. Citizens who live in an apartment andjointly taken into account or in need of assistance of the city authorities for changing housing conditions, in accordance with the housing program of the city of Moscow receive an area based on the norms established for one person. The group of applicants must include:

- Minors or children born after the application of the parents.

- Citizens who are registered, live permanently in this area and need to improve their living conditions.

A citizen can get a larger area than he has, but not more than twice (mostly in the presence of a one-room apartment or room in a dormitory).

How many square meters laid on a person in the Moscow region

how many square meters laid on a person in 2014

The size of the area provided may be as follows:

1. A family consisting of two spouses receives a one-room apartment with a total area of ​​44 m.2.

2. A family of two citizens who are not married is given a 50m flat2.

3. If the family consists of three people, then it receives a two-room apartment with an area of ​​62 m2.

4. A family of three citizens, in which there are no spouses, will receive a three-room apartment with an area of ​​72 m2.

5. A family consisting of four or more persons receives an apartment at the rate of 18 square meters for each of its members.

Citizens suffering from various types of chronicdiseases, need to provide separate living space in the form of a one-room apartment or, if possible, in the allocation of a separate isolated space. Persons with diseases of the musculoskeletal system must live in buildings that meet the conditions of rehabilitation programs.

Individual preferences and suggestions of citizensabout the location of the house, the number of rooms, a certain floor, the presence of a separate or joint sanitary unit and the like are not considered.

Minor child and housing problems

Is it possible to discharge a child who has not reachedcoming of age, from the apartment? The extract can take place through the court only if the owner of the dwelling for any reason is no longer its owner. A child cannot speak in court, as the parents and guardian are fully responsible for it. It will be problematic to write out if the child is also a full participant in the transaction when arranging home ownership. The rights and interests of the child are protected by the social security authorities. With the consent of the latter, it is possible that they will be able to sell, exchange housing, without prejudice to the interests of the child. If the apartment is already owned, and the child is registered in it, then the discharge will have to be delayed until the age of majority. Where a parent is registered, his child must be registered. Therefore, if there is a need to sell an apartment, you need to register your father or mother in a residential area.

Young family and housing conditions

A young family has a chance to get a new apartment.at the rate of a certain number of square meters per person, saving an impressive amount of money. To do this, you must take part in the program created by the state, which is valid until the end of 2014. In order to get under this program, the family must live on a small area and have a stable good income to pay mortgage payments. In addition, you must have a residence permit in your region for a period of more than ten years. The age category is also limited - up to 35 years old at the time of participation in the program. The composition of the family does not matter. The regional authority must determine whether the family falls under these conditions or not. In each region - its own data standards on the position area per person, rates range from 8 to 18 m2. However, it is important to keep in mind that if a family has enough cash to purchase residential space, it will not be able to participate in this program.

meters laid on a man

To participate in the program provides the following list of documents:

  • The statement, made in two copies.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Documents confirming family income (in case of receiving credit funds).
  • Документы, подтверждающие, что семья really needs to receive subsidies (extracts from house books on the number of people living in a given area, documents on state registration of ownership of the premises, and others).