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Restriction of travel abroad

Any citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to freely move around the country and leave it. However, recently there were circumstances that could prevent such a movement.

What does it mean to restrict travel abroad?Under existing legislation, any citizen may be deprived of the right to leave the country. This provision is prescribed in the federal law "On the order of departure ...". According to this law, those who evade the fulfillment of obligations imposed on them by the court will not be able to leave the country. Most often, we are talking about the payment of various kinds of debts.

The problem is that in a number of casescitizens learn that they have been restricted from traveling abroad, only at the customs. In general, such measures take effect only after the defaulter ignores the notice from the Federal Service of the Bailiffs. It happens that sometimes debtors do not know that they did not pay something on time (credit, taxes, alimony, traffic police fine, etc.). The reasons why they did not receive notification can be different. However, no one will understand them.

In principle, the probability that you will learn aboutdebt only at customs, very small. Legislation provides for a rather complicated procedure of prohibition, treating it as a last resort. If you are a respectable citizen, you will hardly ever find yourself in such a difficult situation. Restriction of travel abroad is not imposed for unpaid debt, but only for failure to fulfill the obligation imposed by the court on its payment. That is, first you must pass the lawsuit to which you will be invited. Only after this, the federal bailiff service will take over the business, which can impose sanctions.

In order not to be in a situation where the customsbefore you falls "Iron Curtain" because of unpaid in time several rubles, you need to contact the police department in advance. It is better to do this not personally, but through a database of executive production. In it you can find information about all debtors.

Determine if a restriction is imposed on youtraveling abroad, can be as follows. First, indicate whether you are a legal entity or an individual, mark your region of residence, specify the date of birth, last name, first name and patronymic - and specify a search. After that, you need to enter the captcha, and after a few seconds you will receive all the necessary information. If you are dealt with, the data will be reflected on the screen. If "Nothing is found by request", it means that everything is in order, there are no debts. Similar information can also be obtained at the Unified State Services Portal. But on this resource you need to pre-register.

If you find out that you are in debt,it is better to pay everything that is due, in the shortest possible time. Removal of information from databases is not performed immediately after a full calculation. The information should arrive at the border guard service, and it may take about a week. Consider this if the departure is planned for the next few days. Bring a receipt for payment. It will prove that you are not indebted for taxes or, for example, alimony. Usually this document is a sufficient reason to go abroad without hindrance.

Nevertheless, the probability of getting into "blacklist "still exists. This can happen in the case of a court judgment in absentia (conducted without your participation). This is possible in case you live not where prescribed, and the court could not find you. The probability of this is not so high. But for your own peace of mind on the eve of the departure, look into the databases to make sure that you do not have debts. Planning a trip abroad? Debt will not become an obstacle if you find out about them on time.