/ / Benefits to large families in Moscow: the amount of benefits, subsidies for housing, a kindergarten without a queue

Benefits to large families in Moscow: the amount of benefits, subsidies for housing, a kindergarten without a queue

Benefits for large families in Moscow are available atthe presence of three or more underage children. In this case, support is provided in both natural and monetary form. Let's consider further the basic list of privileges for large families in Moscow, and also specificity of their registration.

benefits for large families in Moscow

Status features

The family, where it is brought up, is recognized as having many children.three or more children. In this case, they must be under the age of 16 years. If the child is studying, then the age limit is up to 18 years. To get the status, the number of parents will not matter. A family with many children can be with both mom and dad, and with one of them. The kinship of children and parents is also not taken into account. Adopted minors by one or two parents have the same rights as their relatives. When determining the status of a large family, the address of the actual residence of children is taken into account. For example, parents raise two minors, and one of the spouses, in addition, has a child from a previous marriage, but he lives with another parent. In this case, the family will not be considered as having many children. At the same time, the degree of support for a child living alone will not matter. The large family does not include children who are on full state support, as well as minors whose parents were deprived of their rights.

Obtaining a certificate

A large family will be considered directlyafter the birth of the third child. In this case, the previous two must be alive and not reaching adulthood. After registering the birth and providing the necessary package of documents to the social protection body, one of the parents receives a corresponding certificate. You need to provide the following papers:

  1. Passports of parents (or one).
  2. Sv-va about the birth of a child (children).
  3. Photos of parents.
  4. Information from the educational institution.
  5. Sv-va about marriage / divorce.
  6. Documents on the establishment of paternity / adoption.

A social security authority may request an additionalother documents if necessary. For example, a certificate is often required to prove that all minors live with their parents. If the spouses have terminated the marriage, the certificate will be issued to the one with whom the children live. It happens that the parents are not divorced, but their addresses do not match. In this case, the issuance of the certificate is possible at the place of registration of any of the married spouses.

plot of land for large families

The benefits of large families in Moscow

The measures of social support are fixed at the legislative level. In accordance with the rules, the following benefits are provided for large families in Moscow:

  1. At school - meals 2 r. / Day.
  2. Provision of a set of clothes for the newborn in the hospital.
  3. Travel by public transport, by train including. The exception is a fixed-route taxi.
  4. Visiting sports facilities related to the urban system.
  5. A kindergarten without a queue.
  6. Feeding for babies up to seven years. For this it is necessary to have a proper medical opinion.
  7. Free medicines. For large families, drugs are provided to minors.
  8. Visiting of baths, cultural objects.

In addition, parents can get a freeplot of land. Large families are allocated up to 15 acres. Statutory acts provide for the provision of interest-free loans for farming activities. The state support programs also include housing subsidies. Statutory acts provide discounts for utilities. Provision is also made for financial assistance to purchase fuel for heating a private house. The government also provides benefits for capital repairs to a large family in Moscow. Parents receive the opportunity to pay a reduced fee.

 Benefits for large families in Moscow at school

Tax benefits for large families in Moscow

First of all, it must be said that allsubsidies and subsidies are not subject to personal income tax. When allocating land to large families, the government sets a reduced rate of taxation. The support program provides for the provision of one parking space free of charge during the year. However, here it is necessary to take into account the nuance. If the property has more than one car, you must choose which place for which will be designed as free. Statutory acts also provide for exemption from payment of a transport fee. However, the granting of this benefit to large families in Moscow is also allowed for one car.

Cash payments

One child is given a monthlyallowance. It is appointed from the month in which he was born. At the same time, parents must submit the required documents within the prescribed period. This should be done within six months from the date of birth of the child. Benefits for large families in Moscow include the following compensation payments:

  1. 522 р. - in the presence of 3 or 4 minors, 1044 p. - with more quantity. These funds are reimbursed part of the cost of utilities.
  2. 14 500 р. - One-time payment at the birth of a child.

2.5 thousand p.- Monthly subsidy for dependents from 1.5 to 3 years. The elder are assigned a smaller payment. In particular, for minors under 18 years of age. issued 1.5 thousand rubles. Payments are made on one condition. To receive them, the parents' income in aggregate should not exceed the subsistence minimum.

  1. 675 р. - a monthly payment that compensates for the increase in the cost of products. This amount is granted for each child up to three years.
  2. 600 rubles.- monthly compensation for the increase in the cost of living in the presence of 3-4 children, if there are more, 700 rubles are paid. These amounts are provided to minors under 16, and if they are enrolled in a general education institution - up to eighteen years. It does not matter the size of the total income of parents.
  3. 230 r. - Compensation for using the phone.
  4. 5 thousand rubles. - an annual one-time payment for the purchase of a form for study.
  5. 900 r. - Parents who raise five or more minors, or 10 children, of whom at least one has not reached 18 l. These funds are allocated for the purchase of children's goods.
  6. 750 r. - payment provided for each child, if there are 10 or more. Funds are allocated for children under 16, and if they are studying - up to 23 years.
    tax benefits for large families in Moscow

In addition, it should be noted that parentswhich are more than five minors, a benefit of 10 thousand rubles is paid. Such families also receive a one-time annual payment on official holidays (Knowledge Day, for example). It is also worth noting that the government established the Order of Parental Glory. It is handed at the birth of the seventh child. To him is additionally paid 100 thousand r.

Design Features

To realize their right to receive benefits,parents should contact the district social protection office at the registration address. The package of documents will depend on the specific type of support. The standard list of securities includes:

  1. Sv-va about the birth of minors.
  2. Passports of parents.
  3. Information from the educational institution.
  4. Documents from the workplace, confirming the income of parents.
  5. A certificate from the employment center, certifying that one of the spouses is not working and registered.
  6. A document stating that the child is registered with his parents.

For registration of benefits it is necessary to writethe relevant application. The provision of support related to the payment of utility services is provided through the HOA or the RIC. In order for the child to receive free meals and textbooks, it is necessary to contact the administration of the educational institution.

Acquisition of living space

Families with many children who have 5 or morechildren who had time to stand in line until 01.03.2005 will be provided with housing in the appropriate order. Those parents who do not want to wait, the capital authorities provide an opportunity to improve their conditions. In particular, the government provides:

  1. Subsidies for housing.They are provided for the acquisition of housing or the construction of a house. Funds are allocated if each member in the family has at least 18 square meters. The right of their receipt can be used by those who are included in the queue before 01.03.2005, and those who submitted an application later. The grant is granted in 100 percent of the amount.
  2. Acquisition of housing in installments.
  3. Social mortgage.
    free medicine for large families

The second option (installments) today is considered the most common. Its advantages are as follows:

  1. The cost of the object is below the market price several times.
  2. A large family gets installments at 10% per annum.
  3. The down payment will be 10% of the total cost, if the family has 3 or more children.
  4. From the redemption amount is deducted the price of 30 square meters. m.
  5. At occurrence of each subsequent child the cost of 18 square meters is written off. m.

Что касается социальной ипотеки, то the down payment will be 30% of the price of the property. The remaining amount is granted at 11.7%. As in the previous case, the price of 30 square meters is deducted from the redemption price. m in the presence of three or more minors. Some large families have to rent an apartment, waiting until their turn comes up. The Metropolitan Government provides compensation up to 50% of the average market price for hiring premises. To obtain it, you should contact the city center for rent.

Support for parents raising 5 or more minors

Very often, such families have difficultyobtaining housing the necessary space. This is due to the fact that in typical houses apartments with a sufficient number of square meters may not be. For those who are waiting for their turn to receive housing, the possibility of granting cottages for free use is provided until the moment when the family ceases to be large. After the loss of this status within three months, it will be necessary to move to another living space.

list of benefits for large families in Moscow

What if I could not get an apartment?

It happens that the family has acquired the statushaving many children, but could not take the turn to receive housing. In this case, you can get an apartment under a social investment agreement from a regional or city foundation. The LC does not provide for the inclusion of large families in a category enjoying preferential rights. This means that to obtain an apartment under a contract, the Social Security will have to stand in line. In this case, the family needs to have the status of needy. Another option is to participate in the funded systems envisaged under different programs.


Как правило, банки предоставляют кредит large families with low interest. In addition, partial reimbursement of the cost of state funds is provided. It should be noted that the preferential mortgage has several advantages. In the Credit Agency you can get a loan under 6.15% if you buy an apartment in a new building. Objects of the secondary real estate market can be bought on credit at a rate of 11%. Mortgage is provided for up to 30 liters. In most cases, a down payment is required. It can be 10-30% of the total loan amount. In some financial institutions, loans are provided without deposits. When a mortgage is received, and when the debt is repaid, the family can take advantage of the parent's capital. It can be used as an initial contribution. If there is another child in the family, the state provides another subsidy. Together with matkapitalom it can be used for partial repayment of debt.


For a loan to a large family, you must provide:

  1. Statement. It is issued in the bank.
  2. Copy of passport (all sheets).
  3. Certificates confirming the income of the spouses.
  4. The document on the composition of the family.
  5. Papers on the purchased object. Among them are technical documentation, the contract of sale.
  6. Copy of labor.
  7. Documents on the pledge.
    privileges for major repairs to a large family in Moscow

A credit institution may request otherpaper. When calculating the total amount that a bank can issue, the aggregate income of the spouses and sometimes their parents will be taken into account. If the family is young (the age of the husband or wife is not more than 36 years old), it may be granted additional preferences from the credit organization. For example, Sberbank provides for a delay in the payment of principal in the event of the appearance of another child. The total number of co-borrowers can be up to 6 people. In accordance with the federal program "Affordable Housing", large families can get a loan on preferential terms if they are in the queue before March 1, 2005. It must be said that some commercial banks only provide for a reduced interest rate. This means that the family cannot rely on subsidies or other benefits in these organizations. Support is provided exclusively through government programs.