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Personal hygiene rules: principles and their observance

Initial principles of hygiene are all responsibleparents lay in children even in those times when kids crawl. Perhaps it seems ridiculous to unintelligent personalities, but reasonable dads and mothers give their descendants a basis, following which they will live much longer, healthier and more prosperous than if they ignored simple, in general, rules.

rules of personal hygiene

What is the sense of hygiene?Adult people think about this rarely, in fact, in modern society, there are few reasons. But travelers of the past centuries, the value of hygiene felt on their skin in the wild, unfamiliar with the achievements of civilization. In fact, boil water - it's elementary. But how many people died from neglecting such simple rules.

What is personal hygiene

The rules of personal hygiene, as well as rulesroad traffic, are not at all foolish people invented. And even if something seems superfluous or understandable "by definition," it is worth remembering that these "definitions" are different for all. And if you know exactly why you have to slow down before going for pedestrians or washing your upper limbs before eating, it's not a fact that it's as obvious to someone else (and not necessarily clinically stupid).

So what does the concept of "rules of personalhygiene "? First of all, however ridiculous, the combination of mental and physical labor. And both types of activities should be harmoniously combined, but now most people remember only about physical exertion, and that the brain still needs to be strained, many forget.

Proper nutrition is also usually referred todietetics. And it is included in the rules of personal hygiene. After all, it depends on food and health, and work capacity. Tempering - this refers to fans of a healthy lifestyle (seemingly). But at the same time - and to hygiene. And about the rest should not be forgotten, although it is considered by many that it is not necessary to rest. And people remember about sleep only when problems start with it, and it's right to sleep, too - this is also one of the rules of personal hygiene. And a huge part of people believe that hygiene is pure body.

rules of personal hygiene

Pure body

Well, if many are obsessed with the bodilycleanliness, we'll start with it. Wash, wash and wash, and regularly and thoroughly. And not only the body, the hair should also be clean. Previously, there was an opinion that washing your hair more often than once a week is harmful to the hair itself. So this is nonsense! Modern shampoos are quite suitable even for daily washing. Dirty head - wash, and do not pay attention to prejudice. The mouth is the gateway to disease, so brush your teeth twice a day, and not 10 seconds, and minutes 2-3. Nails also require care, if you do not want to see how your friends fall into a swoon from the "beds" on the hands and feet.

Clean clothes

First of all, underwear, it's closest tobody. Even if there is no opportunity to swim (for example, in a hike) at least change, sorry, panties and a T-shirt (in the female version - the bra is on the list). Even in uncivilized conditions, one can observe the rules of personal hygiene. In the end, it's in your best interests!

rules of public and personal hygiene

Hygiene and Society

The rules of public and personal hygiene, inprinciple, coincide. Personally, you think, it will not be very pleasant to go to the metro next to the smelly and unclean person. And you also think about the number of bacilli on it. So there is a bit of sanity - and you do not have to study hygienic studies in addition.

Undoubtedly, one can disregard the requirements of cleanliness. But is it worth it? Cleanliness is also useful for health, and people will not shy away.