/ What documents are needed to replace a passport?

What documents are needed to replace a passport?

Reissue and initial production of the certificatepersonality - the actions that all modern citizens of the Russian Federation are facing. Avoid them will not work under any circumstances. Therefore, further we will consider the documents for the replacement of the passport. In addition, we will get acquainted with the order of actions for the implementation of the task. Do not forget that there are different options for the development of events. And so the package of references will vary depending on the situation. Below you will find all relevant information on the exchange of the civil identity card.

MFC and passport replacement

When to change the passport

To begin with, we will try to understand when it will be necessary to exchange a passport. This service is required in certain circumstances. And as we have already said, it can not be avoided.

It is mandatory to prepare documents for the replacement of a passport if:

  • a person is 20 years old;
  • at the age of 45;
  • when the passport is damaged;
  • if the document is stolen or lost.

But that is not all. For the mentioned service it is necessary to address in registering bodies if:

  • the applicant found a typo in the document;
  • there was a change of personal data for any reason;
  • the citizen changed his gender;
  • the person changed his appearance beyond recognition on the photo in his passport.

In fact, the basic replacement of the certificatepersonality is carried out in connection with the achievement of a person of a particular age. Sometimes people only face these circumstances. In any case, you need to clearly understand how to act in this or that case.

Host authorities

What can be the documents for the replacement of the passport in20 or at 45 years old? And under the other circumstances? The answer to this question will be considered later. First, we will try to find out what the procedure for receiving the service is.

Replacement of the passport through the

Where do they apply for the exchange of identity cards in Russia? This service is provided by different bodies. For example, you can send a petition to:

  • MFC;
  • Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • The Federal Migration Service;
  • Passport Office;
  • passport and visa center;
  • management companies at the place of residence of the applicant.

The fundamental difference is where exactlyto handle, no. Documents for passport replacement will be required the same. The package of components varies only depending on the reason for submitting the request to the registration authority.

It is important: through the "State Services" a person can also send an application for the exchange of passports. To do this, you must register in advance on the web portal and confirm your profile.

Quick Start Guide

Is it planned to replace the passport in 20 years? What documents will be useful to the applicant for the implementation of the task?

This is by no means the most difficult question. Before preparing the papers for the service, you have to think about how to behave correctly.

Guidelines for the exchange of civil identity cards are as follows:

  1. Prepare the information necessary for the successful implementation of the task.
  2. Fill in the form for a replacement passport. During the request for a paper, you will have to provide the reason for applying for the service.
  3. Send an application for re-issuance of the documentation to the registration authority.
  4. To contribute as a state duty for the process.
  5. Confirm the fact of payment for the service.
  6. Wait for the document to be ready.
  7. Pick up the finished ID in the selected registration authority.

As practice shows, no specialdifficulties operation does not deliver. Problems arise only in the process of preparing documents for the replacement of a passport. After all, as we have already stressed, the package of securities will change depending on the circumstances.

Choice of service

According to the age

What documents to replace a passport in 20 or 45 years old will be useful for a modern person? Let's consider the basic package of references for realization of the task in view.

Ideally, the applicant is required to:

  • old passport;
  • personal photos (3 pieces, preferably in color);
  • application of the established form (taken in the registration authority and filled in place);
  • birth certificate;
  • pay ticket;
  • a leaf of departure;
  • arrival sheet;
  • references indicating the registration of a person.

This completes the basic documentation package. The main thing is, at the time of the request, to inform that the passport is exchanged in connection with the achievement of 45 or 20 years.

Important: men in addition under any circumstances need to bring a military ticket or a certificate of registration.

Getting married

Documents for the replacement of the passport in 20 years, we have already listed. Further we will study the references that will be useful for the service mentioned earlier, depending on the circumstances.

Women, when entering into marriage, often change their surname.In this case it is necessary to replace the passport. The ID card becomes unusable the next day after the registration of the marriage relationship. Therefore, you have to hurry up with the paper replacement.

To successfully cope with the idea, you have to take with you:

  • old certificate;
  • private photos;
  • completed application form;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • arrival and departure cards;
  • papers indicating the applicant's residence permit;
  • a check on the payment of the fee for the operation.

After the presentation of all the previously listedthe passport will be exchanged as soon as possible. If a woman leaves her maiden name, she still needs to come to the passport office. This is necessary for putting a stamp on the identity card and for making entries in the migration service database about changing the marital status of a resident of the Russian Federation.

Application Form

Divorce and identity card

Documents for the replacement of a passport in 20 years (and not only) in divorce are not too different from the inquiries requested when registering the marriage and changing the name.

The difference is that upon terminationmarriage certificate a civil passport is replaced with the return of the family name. To do this, you will need to submit the above information to the migration services. But to them instead of the certificate of marriage will have to attach a certificate of divorce.

If the document is stolen / lost

But that's not all. After all, situations in life are different. And to be precise, what documents replacement of a passport in 20 years or at 45 years will require, is problematic.

The following layout is the re-release of the documentation inconnection with his loss or theft. Such an operation will take much longer than usual. In particular, because of the absence of the original passport. Identity cards could be stolen and used for their nefarious purposes.

If it is planned to re-issue a civil identification card in connection with its loss or theft, the applicant will be required to:

  • a check indicating the payment of a fine;
  • a receipt for payment of the state fee in the established amounts;
  • an application for the re-issue of the said paper;
  • a certificate from the police about the loss / theft of the document;
  • photographs of the applicant;
  • the document proving the identity;
  • military ticket (if available).

Important:on the basis of all of the above, it follows that when the identity card is stolen or lost a person first has to go to the local police authority and write a statement about the incident. Otherwise, the basic service in the migration services will not be rendered.

Birth certificate

Other references

Is the passport replaced? What documents are needed in 20 years and not only? We familiarized ourselves with the basic papers for the implementation of the idea. And what else can demand from a person?

Most often the applicant needs to bring in addition:

  • certificate of change of surname, name, patronymic;
  • conclusion about sex change;
  • birth certificates for all children under 14;
  • information on the adoption of all minors before the fourteenth birthday.

All this will be enough to implementtask in any circumstances. It is recommended that you make copies of all the references listed in advance. This is necessary to speed up the process. Sometimes the registration authorities do not accept applications without photocopies of papers prepared in advance.


Need to replace the passport in 45?In the MFC, the documents are required exactly the same as when applying to the migration service or the passport office. Therefore, there should be no difficulty in preparing the certificates.

How much is the state fee for the operation? You will have to pay in different ways. The reason for sharing an identity card in the issue under consideration is also important.

When you regularly replace your passporttransfer the migration services in 2018 only 300 rubles. Payment significantly increases if documents are prepared to replace the passport due to its loss, damage or theft.

Military ID

How much to give under similar circumstances?At the moment, the state fee is 1,500 rubles. Additionally, an applicant may be fined. But it is not always the case. Therefore, more accurate information will have to be specified in the police and migration services.

Term of service rendering

The question of what will be requireddocuments for the replacement of the passport in 20 years and not only, we have studied to the full. It is important to know how long it will take to provide the appropriate service. After all, living in Russia without an identity card is a huge problem.

At the moment, the time for the exchange of passports is14-30 days. In some cases, the citizen will have to wait up to 1.5-2 months. For example, if the migration services have a lot of work and employees do not cope with the load. But this is an extremely rare version of the development of events.

A little more than a month you have to wait while applying toMFC. Documents for the replacement of the passport can be collected in a fairly short time. And, as a rule, multifunctional centers very quickly cope with their tasks. Therefore, after 4 weeks the applicant will be issued an identity card with new data.

Important: if the application is sent to the migration services via the Internet, it will take no more than 1 month to wait. The Internet request does not affect the time of the service provision.

Instructions for dealing with "State services"

Is it planned to replace the passport? What documents do you need to bring to the MFC? And to other recording bodies? With an answer to such questions we have already figured out.

As it was emphasized earlier, a person can send a petition of the established form to the FMS through the "State services". To act in this it is necessary as follows:

  1. Go to gosuslugi.ru using your login and password.
  2. Find the section "Interior Ministry" in the service catalog.
  3. Click on the line "Replacement of passport ...".
  4. Specify the reason for the exchange of documents.
  5. Click on the control with the signature "Get service".
  6. Fill in the form that appears on the screen.
  7. Download scans or photos of the previously listed papers.
  8. Choose the place and time of delivery of the passport.
  9. Confirm the procedure for filing an application.
  10. Pay the process.

All that now needs to be done is to come at the appointed time to the selected body and collect the identity card.

It is important: to pay for the service for re-issuance of a passport through the "State Service" is possible only after the successful consideration of the application. The status of the application is displayed in the "Personal account" of the person.

Marriage certificate

About photos

So, we dealt with the question of what documents are needed to replace the passport in 20 years, 45 and in other cases.

In conclusion, a few words about what photos are taken by the registration authorities. Here are the rules that everyone will have to remember:

  1. It is desirable to bring pictures in color.
  2. Observe the size of the photos. In the photo salon you need to tell the workers that you want to get pictures for a civil passport.
  3. Bring fresh photos. You can not use pictures older than 6 months.