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Where and how to obtain a birth certificate: the procedure and necessary documents

How to get a birth certificate in Russia?What is useful in this or that case? And how expensive will the corresponding service cost? The answers to all this and not only will necessarily be presented further. With the correct approach to the solution of the problem, there will not be any special hassle. Especially if you follow the simplest instructions.


What is a birth certificate? What is this document for?

Sample of certificate

The paper being studied is the mainIdentification of a person before reaching the age of 14. Documentation is involved in the preparation of a variety of certificates, documents, benefits. Need for public service.

Due to this statement, a person is appropriatedname, surname and patronymic. The certificate is necessary for the confirmation of maternity or paternity. In any case, this is an extremely important component. And without it you can not live.

Where can I request

Need to request a birth certificate? It is not such a difficult task if you prepare for the operation in advance.

The first question that interests the population is where to get a birth certificate. A person can request an appropriate service in different places. The applicant has the right to appeal to:

  • MFC;
  • Civil Registry Offices;
  • passport offices (sometimes).

In addition, today, the registration of children and the issuance of birth certificates of the established form are carried out in some maternity hospitals. In real life, such cases are rare.

Important: via the Internet, you can also request a study certificate. This will help portal called "State Services".

Next we will consider the issue of how to obtain a birth certificate in more detail. Where to begin? And how to behave under certain circumstances?

Documents for evidence

Algorithm of actions

Let's start with brief instructions. They help you navigate in one way or another. To begin with, we will consider the procedure for dealing with personal extracts.

In such circumstances, it will be necessary:

  1. Form a package of documents required for the design of the study.
  2. To apply to the registration authority with a petition and references.
  3. Get a document at hand in due time.

It would seem that the operation does not cause any problems and hassle. But in real life, sometimes it is not so easy to cope with the task. Especially when it comes to the restoration of documentation.

"State services" and order

Can I get a birth certificatechild? Yes, this document is issued to all modern parents. But only until the person turns 18 years old. After that, the person in question will have to apply for the reference himself.

If there is no civil passport

As we said, if you want, you can requestdocument of birth through the "State Services". This service is available mainly to registered citizens. Previously have to confirm the identity.

Further it is recommended to follow such instructions:

  1. Open the page "State services" and go there authorization.
  2. Go to "Service catalog".
  3. Select the option "Birth Registration".
  4. Click the "Get ..." button.
  5. Select the appropriate application form.
  6. Fill in the application electronically.
  7. Download pre-prepared photos and document scans. For this, during the filling of the request, you need to click on the "Download" button.
  8. Mark the desired place of receipt of documentation in the end. It is often suggested to choose a specific visit time.
  9. Confirm the filing of the application.

It remains to wait for the approval of the request and come tothe appointed time with the prepared certificates to the registering authority. Now it is clear how to get a birth certificate through the "State Services". Such an operation is carried out in the shortest possible time. And she does not bring any real problems. Especially when it comes to registering a newborn.

Application for registration

Restore Help

And what if, for one reason or another, the paper has been lost or become unusable? It will have to be restored. Therefore, some people think how to get a duplicate of the birth certificate.

The order of the undertaken actions will be exactlythe same as in the previously described situations. The difference is that the receipt of a duplicate involves certain expenditure. And on the issued certificate there will be a note with the word "Duplicate".

The documentation can be restored asan adult citizen of the extract, as well as his legal representatives. By proxy, such a service is almost not available. But if the applicant can not personally attend the registration authority, he will be allowed to receive the service through a representative.

Cost of restoration

We found out where to get the birth certificate of the child. And how much is the corresponding service?

Where to require a birth certificate

Primary registration of citizens is free of charge.No one has the right to demand money for the service. But for a duplicate, as we have already said, will have to pay. It is advisable to do this before submitting a petition. In the case of working with the "State Service", the applicant will be able to pay the procedure immediately after considering the application and assigning him the status "Approved."

The state fee for the operation in 2018 will be 350rubles. So much is a duplicate of the established form. For the certificate of birth, the parents will have to pay only 200 rubles, but the full documentation can not replace such documentation.

Registering your baby

We found out how to get a birth certificate in the MFC or in any other body. And what references will be requested from the potential recipient?

Let's start with the simplest scenario - with the registration of the newborn. In this case, the applicant must bring:

  • application form for registration;
  • certificate of birth (issued in the registry office);
  • identification of persons of legal representatives;
  • certificate of marriage / divorce of mother and father.

The document to be studied will be issued almost immediately. Sometimes it is necessary to wait up to 5 working days. Ideally, the service is rendered extremely quickly.

Recovery for the deceased

Sometimes you have to think how to get a birth certificate for a deceased person. This is the responsibility of the relatives of the deceased or recognized dead.

To implement the idea you will need:

  • passport of the applicant;
  • court order on recognition of the deceased and death certificate;
  • certificates confirming kinship with the deceased;
  • paid docket.

As practice shows, such a situation is extremely rare. And the restoration of the birth certificate is carried out during the life of the citizen.

MFC and child registration

Adjustments in the document

How to get a child's birth certificate if it is necessary to make adjustments to the document? For example, change the name in connection with the divorce of parents or after adoption.

In this case, the applicant is required to:

  • the child's birth certificate / passport;
  • information on adoption (if available);
  • extracts from the court decision (or other grounds for making adjustments);
  • identification of the legal representative of a minor.

In registrars often there is no fee for making adjustments to the documentation. But if the payment exists, you will have to pay no more than 350 rubles. This is a normal requirement.

Recovery during life

How to get a duplicate of the birth certificate? We have already studied the process of issuing an extract. And what kind of references will be useful to translate ideas into reality? This is not such a difficult question as it seems.

Registration of the duplicate of the certificate provides for the presentation of such extracts:

  • the child's identity card (if available);
  • passports of legal representatives (if they are applicants);
  • application for a duplicate;
  • old certificate (if available);
  • check on payment of state fee.

If registration records are not in the book of acts, you need to make a request to the archive. There must be a copy of the documentation with records of all registered citizens.


We found out the procedure for filing a request for extraditionrepeated or primary information about the birth of a person in any given case. The operation delivers a minimum of hassle and does not require significant paper red tape. Every parent must face it right after the birth of the baby.

How to look at birth certificates

After 14 years, a person can change the name.Then it is necessary to issue a certificate of name change. Or surnames - depending on what adjustments are made. The birth certificate with this substitution, as a rule, is not subject.

As practice shows, the primary designdocumentation does not cause any trouble. Questions arise if you need to restore help. But now it is clear where to get a birth certificate of a child and how to cope with a similar task under certain circumstances.

To third parties a birth certificate and a certificatethe established form is not issued. Ideally, you must apply to the registration authority at the place of residence of one of the parents for obtaining the service. Or in the registry office, where the registration of the newborn. This will help speed up the process of providing the service.