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Ways of protecting the population: why do people need social support of the state?

With huge economic inequality increasesthe risk of armed conflict due to hunger and unemployment. Therefore, it is important to understand why people need social support from the state. For the poor, paying unemployment benefits or getting benefits for families with many children is the only way to survive in difficult conditions.

Purpose of payment

Why do people need social supportstates can be explained in two words: the government is obliged to take care of their wards. Considering the issue in a broader sense, they come to a different conclusion: the maintenance of stability, namely the preservation of their own power depends on the economic condition of citizens in the country.

Why do people need social support from the state

Why do people need social supportof the state? To provide financial assistance to those in need listed in the categories of law. The purpose of such measures is to create conditions of security in front of unforeseen events. These include:

  • natural disasters;
  • economic downturns;
  • maintaining the birth rate, payments to large families, women in labor;
  • human disability, the emergence of dependents.

Types of compensation

Consider why do people need social support of the state. Pledge cash payments becomes the provision of benefits. These include:

  • Free travel on buses, trams, trains.
  • Discounts on utility costs.
  • Refund of income tax from the purchase of an apartment in a mortgage or after paying expensive treatment in the clinic.
  • Helping the poor in the form of preferential food in schools, free tuition, delivery of coal to homes.
  • In times of crisis, self-employed citizens are exempted from taxes.

Social support of citizens

Financial social support includes:

  • Scholarship payments.
  • Payment of operations, sanatorium cards, accommodation in a children's or nursing home.
  • Large allowances are paid, give preferential housing.

In total, the law specifies 50 types of population groups,who can receive social assistance. Such people and families are determined by the subsistence minimum. If the income per person is below the set bar, then benefits are assigned according to the official certificate of the citizen. The document is taken from the workplace or in the social security department of the region.

More information about the protection of the population

Social support of citizens is provided inall walks of life. So, the maintenance of children and old men is carried out. Pensions are set according to the person’s way of work, and child benefits are calculated by place of residence. The disabled population also receives a good compensation from the budget, which is enough for the basic requirements of life.

Support for large families

Social benefits are always higher than the subsistencethe minimum calculated at the time of appointment of the amount of payments. Every year indexation is carried out on the basis of official inflation in the country. Every citizen who has the right to challenge the decision of state bodies is protected if he considers the results erroneous.

Cell protection

Support for large families is aimed atstimulation of fertility in the country. Similar goals were pursued by the creators of the maternity capital law for the second child. With a large number of children, parents often cannot overcome the poverty threshold. The state is responsible for the physical and moral health of the younger generation.

Among the means of assistance allocate travel without paymentroute transport of a city or region. It also establishes tuition fees in secondary or higher educational institutions after overcoming the preferential competition. In addition, the law establishes the payment for the birth of a third child in a family, and specifies the right to the possibility of obtaining social housing.