/ / Benefits for payment for the overhaul of a house in Moscow, in the Moscow Region, in Smolensk, in the Kirov Region, in the Krasnodar Territory to war veterans and labor veterans

Privileges for the payment for a major overhaul of a house in Moscow, in the Moscow Region, in Smolensk, in the Kirov region, in the Krasnodar Territory to war veterans and labor veterans

The program of major repairs of multi-storey buildingsstarted in Russia in 2015. The address list of houses to be repaired is formed according to the statements of local deputies. Muscovites and residents of other cities in the Russian Federation pay for the overhaul themselves, but there are benefits to pay for major repairs to the house. More information is provided below.

benefits for overhauling the house

The legislative framework

The duty of citizens to pay a premium for overhauland the procedure for depositing funds is fixed in Article 169 of the LCD of the Russian Federation. The amounts deposited are accumulated in special purpose accounts. Payers are citizens living in apartment buildings, which are scheduled for major repairs. Some categories of citizens may be exempt from paying fees, while others benefit from payments for major repairs to the house.

What is included in the overhaul of an apartment house

The list of works that are included in the overhaul include:

  1. Стены и фасады:repair and insulation of plinths, facades, repair of loggias and balconies using noise insulating fillings, restoration of waterproofing, coatings, replacement or repair of fences, arrangement of canopies of balconies and loggias, repair of exterior walls, elevator shafts, fire escapes, repair or replacement of external drainage.
  2. Basements and foundations: repair of basements, sealing the intersection of communications with the foundation of a residential house.
  3. Attic and roof roof:repair or installation of a new truss system, elements of internal drainage, parapet grids, devices for grounding and lightning rods, roofing, processing of wooden structures against fire, restoration of temperature conditions.
  4. Ladders: replacement or repair of fences, repair of steps, stairs.
  5. Driveways, doors:repair or installation of new entrance doors including installation of closers and stops, doors in vestibules, on staircases, strengthening, repair or partial replacement of the entrance platform, stairs before the entrance, replacement, repair or installation of fences for the stairs before the entrance (if any) , repair or install lighting.
  6. Heating: replacement or repair of pipelines, risers, heating systems, installation of heating with automatic thermostats.
  7. Ventilation: cleaning of the ventilation system and installation of new ventilation grilles.
  8. Водоснабжение:replacement of wiring, pipelines, towel warmers, which belong to the general building systems, installation of individual water meters, replacement of plumbing equipment in apartments owned by the city of Moscow, installation of a domestic fire hydrant.
  9. Drainage, sewerage: repair or complete replacement of pipelines, lounges for plumbing fixtures, drainage reconstruction.
  10. Electrical equipment:replacement or reconstruction of water distribution equipment for general use, replacement of lighting for common areas, installation of automatic lighting for stairs, entrances, replacement of conventional lamps with energy-saving ones, installation of a protective disconnect for each individual apartment.
  11. Garbage chutes: replacement or reconstruction of the garbage chute elements, installation of a system for cleaning, disinfecting and flushing the garbage chute.
  12. Fire safety systems: replacement of cabinets, installation of fire hoses, smoke detectors in common areas.
  13. Gas supply: replacement of the facade gas pipeline, domestic gas equipment, repair of the internal gas supply system.
  14. Interior finish:restoration of interior decoration in the event that it was damaged during the laying of plumbing, gas pipeline, cleaning the garbage disposal, replacing plumbing fixtures and so on, repairing common areas (landings, apartment halls, elevator platforms).
  15. Elevators: repair, modernization or replacement of elevators, ensuring the availability of elevators for the disabled.
  16. Improvement of the yard (if necessary).

benefits to pay for the overhaul of a house in Moscow

Contributions of residents for the repair of the house

The amount of contributions is established by article 156 of the Russian LCD. The amount of payment is determined by the municipality, the following factors influence the total amount:

  • number of floors of the building;
  • type and age of the structure;
  • the presence of factors complicating the repair work;
  • for some categories of citizens - benefits to pay for the overhaul of the house.

In Moscow, for example, the size of contributions for capital repairsranges from 15 to 25 rubles. In this case, the city government has repeatedly stated the possibility of reducing payments. There are also benefits to pay for the overhaul of the house to veterans of hostilities, labor, large families and other categories of citizens.

The procedure for making payments for repairs

Payment of contributions made by the owners of residentialpremises in terms established for payments for utilities. If funds are transferred to the overhaul fund, then the owners receive a separate receipt, which exposes the local operator.

benefits to pay for the overhaul of a house in the Moscow region

When are owners exempt from payment?

Some individuals are fully exempt from payment.for others, there are benefits for payment for major repairs of a house in the Moscow Region, Moscow, other cities and regions of the Russian Federation. For example, apartment owners in new buildings, which were commissioned after the housing overhaul program came into force, may not pay contributions for five years.

Also exempted from payment for the repair of the house:

  • residents of houses that are recognized as emergency, subject to reconstruction or demolition;
  • apartment owners who will be transferred to state or municipal property;
  • tenants, if the clause on the obligation to make payments for capital repairs is not specified in the lease agreement;
  • residents of houses in which less than three apartments.

Funds for capital repairs can be charged from the rental of common property, such as facades for advertising. This issue is usually decided at the general meeting of the house.

benefits to pay for the overhaul of the house Krasnodar region

Categories of citizens who can receive a subsidy

Put benefits for the overhaul of the house:

  • labor veterans;
  • residents of besieged Leningrad;
  • war veterans;
  • widows of veterans;
  • large families;
  • the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster;
  • to persons affected by radiation exposure during the Chernobyl disaster;
  • pensioners over seventy;
  • families with a disabled child;
  • disabled people;
  • victims of political repression.

benefits to pay for major repairs at home Kirov region

These categories of individuals may contribute not tofull. At the same time benefits for payment for major repairs of the house in Moscow and regions may differ. The benefits in other regions of the Russian Federation (for regional programs) will be discussed later.

The size of the benefits to pay for the overhaul of the house

The size of benefits for each category of citizensinstalled separately. So, 100% compensation for payment for capital repairs from the state is laid on retirees over eighty years old who live alone and do not work. Half of the amount of contributions is compensated to veterans, servicemen, liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster, testers of nuclear weapons, pensioners who have reached the age of seventy and are the owners of apartments or live alone and do not work.

Probably the largest category of peoplewho are entitled to benefits for capital repairs of a house in Smolensk, Moscow, Krasnodar Territory and other subjects of the Russian Federation, these are large families. Compensation for such beneficiaries is 30%. Other beneficiaries who are not mentioned in the 50% and 100% benefits are also entitled to a 30% discount.

The procedure for registration of subsidies for the overhaul

Benefits to pay for major repairs at homeMoscow for labor veterans, disabled people, retired people over seventy years old, large families, and so on is not charged as targeted, but at the request. This means that you need to declare your right to receive compensation from the state. How to do it?

The action algorithm is as follows:

  1. Pay the first payment, as defaulters can not claim any benefits and compensation.
  2. With a paid receipt and papers,confirming the right to receive benefits for payment for major repairs of the house, contact the Multifunctional Center (now - My Documents Department) or the Department of Social Protection. You can apply for the exemption through the portal of public services.
  3. Within ten days, the benefit will be issued and the next payment will come at a discount.

concessions for overhauling a home for war veterans

Documents for registration of benefits for the overhaul

To get a deduction, you need to confirmbelonging to the category of persons who are entitled to benefits for payment for the overhaul of the house (Kirov region, Republic of Crimea, Altai Krai - everywhere the package of documents will be the same). Provide social protection necessary:

  • internal passport;
  • certificate of income;
  • receipt confirming payment of utilities and other fees;
  • certificate from the management company, indicating the absence of debts;
  • personal account;
  • housing document;
  • a document that confirms the ownership of housing;
  • an extract from the house book;
  • a document confirming the right to a subsidy (for example, a certificate for a large family, a certificate for the liquidator of the Chernobyl NPP disaster or a participant in military actions).

The document can be submitted in person, via the Internet or by proxy.

Benefits for payment for major repairs in the regions of the Russian Federation

Субсидии в РФ начисляются всем категориям beneficiaries, but there are other groups of individuals who are entitled to receive compensation for regional programs. For example, benefits for payment for major repairs of a house (Krasnodar Territory, Rostov, Altai, Bashkortostan - the general list of benefit recipients is the same everywhere):

  • honorary donors (in Moscow);
  • Persons who received awards for the defense of Moscow (in Moscow).

concessions for overhaul of the house to labor veterans

In Novosibirsk, beneficiaries will pay 3.05 rubles. per square meter of property, in Nizhny Novgorod - 3.15 rubles, in St. Petersburg - 2 rubles, in Moscow - 7.50 rubles.


Now the citizens of Russian cities themselvesresponsible for the repair of your own home, but there is an opportunity to receive a subsidy. So, a certain discount on payment for capital repairs is provided to unprotected (pensioners, disabled people, families with a disabled child) or privileged (honorary donors) segments of the population. The size of the benefit is set by the Government, and the subsidy is handled by the My Documents (former MFC) or Social Security departments. To get compensation, you need to contact the aforementioned authority with a set of documents, after which the municipal authorities will recalculate the payment. A new receipt will come at a discount.