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Benefits for large families: features of payments, the amount and documents

To date, the most pressing problemin respect of large families is the financial situation. This fact became clear as a result of a sociological survey, the results of which showed that 79 percent of the surveyed families needed material assistance, 13 percent decided not to answer, and only seven percent stated that they were in a stable financial condition. What benefits are entitled to large families? How to improve the situation today? What do relevant government agencies do for this?

What kind of family is considered large?

allowances for large families

Прежде чем рассматривать пособия для многодетных families, it is advisable to determine which families are officially considered to have many children. Thus, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 431 “On Measures of Social Support for Large Families”, the interpretation of a large family is not established by federal legislative acts. This issue is usually decided by the executive authorities in relation to the levels of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Large family in large scaleRegions can be defined as a family that has three or more children under eighteen years old. In this case, it is mandatory to take into account adopted children, stepdaughters and stepchildren.

Benefits for large families

What benefits are given to large families?

Parents who keep and bring up three ormore children need to know what benefits are entitled to large families. After all, this is a great opportunity to save through reduced costs. In addition, today large families have the opportunity to enjoy other benefits, among which are the cultural development of underage family members, entertainment and recreation. By the way, in addition to laws at the federal level, additional rules are established in Moscow, arguing for even more benefits than for the standard option. The key document that establishes benefits for large families and lists other payments is the Law of the City of Moscow No. 60 of 11/23/2005 “On Social Support for Families with Children in the City of Moscow”. It is necessary to add that from time to time certain changes and additions are made to the law by the relevant state bodies, therefore it is important to know about the content of the latest version of the document.

The procedure for confirmation of rights to benefits

Before the state produces certainoperations in the direction of the recipients of funds and pays allowances imposed to large families, the latter need an official confirmation of the rights to these payments. In order to take advantage of appropriate compensation and benefits, you should get a certificate for a large family. This can be done in Moscow. And the procedure for issuing and receiving such documentation is determined by the Decree of the Government of Moscow dated June 29, 2010 No. 539-ПП.

What are the appropriate payments?

child support for large families

What benefits for large families todayday do not lose their relevance? As noted above, residents of Moscow have several more benefits than people living in other localities. However, in the material plan the payments are the same. So, assistance in the amount of 522 rubles per month is given to families who raise three or four children. If there are more children, the state pays them 1044 rubles. This money goes to pay for accommodation and utility payments. In addition, at birth, the state provides for a lump-sum payment in the amount of 14,500 rubles.

It should be noted that benefits for large familiesfamilies also contain compensation for growth in relation to the cost of consumer products, equal to 675 rubles per month. By the way, these funds are provided by the state for each child up to 3 years of age. Moreover, large families are entitled to compensation payments for the increase in the cost of living in general. Her size is 600 rubles per child per month in relation to families, where there are three or four children. If there are more, the corresponding compensation increases to 750 rubles. The important thing is that only children under sixteen years old are taken into account, but in the case of their full-time studies, the age can reach adulthood.

Other mandatory payments

What benefits for large families?

In addition to the above points, the statepays allowance up to 3 years to large families in the amount of 2500 rubles for each baby. In respect of children of other ages, an amount of 1,500 rubles is provided, but only in the case when the total family income does not exceed the subsistence minimum per person.

In addition, the state pays in favor oflarge families 230 rubles for the use of telephone. 5,000 rubles are sent annually to them for expenses directly related to the beginning of the school year, because each child needs to buy autumn clothes, shoes, school supplies, and so on. It is important to note that when living in the family of five or more minor children from the state rely monthly compensation for the purchase of children's goods in the amount of 900 rubles. By the way, this also applies to families with at least ten children, provided that at least one of them is a minor.

What else?

allowance for low-income families with many children

In addition to those payments that are listed inprevious chapters, the state sends a child benefit to large families, which will bring up ten or more children. So, for every child under the age of sixteen, another 750 rubles per month fall. It is important to note that in the case of a child learning on a day form, the age increases to 23 years. In addition, benefits for families with many children include the provision of free travel on public transport to all children and one parent. By the way, in a short time the relevant state structures are planning to organize free travel for both parents. Great, isn't it?

What families in Russia are low-income?

allowance for up to 3 years to large families

On the territory of the Russian FederationIt is considered that family, whose total profit, divided into all its members, is equal to the sum, less than the level of the subsistence minimum. That is why almost all families whose income is quite low can count on benefits for the poor. Thus, funds from the state budget are periodically sent to the following categories of citizens:

  • For single-parent families.
  • Large families in which three or more children are raised.
  • Full families whose income is extremely low.
  • For military families.

What are the payments due to the poor?

Periodically, the state pays benefitslow-income families with many children for the purchase of dairy products for children in the amount of 775 rubles a month. In addition, the state takes care of good nutrition for pregnant women from poor families, as well as for nursing mothers and children under the age of three. So, monthly from the state fund 454 rubles are sent to women who are registered in medical institutions because of pregnancy. Nursing mothers are provided with payments in the amount of 508 rubles, and children up to one year receive 231 rubles. 184 rubles go to children from one to two years, and 238 from two to three years.

Related documentation

benefits for families with many children

Today, in order to issue a monthly child allowance, you need to collect some documents in accordance with the following list:

  • A written statement about the appointment of a child benefit, provided monthly.
  • Evidence of the birth of a child or several children.
  • Passports of each of the parents, as well as their photocopies.
  • Certificate confirming the composition of the family at the place of registration. It must confirm that the child lives with the parents or one of the parents.
  • For single mothers, a certificate from the Civil Registry Office is required, drawn up in accordance with the form number 25.
  • Help confirming the relevance of education of children from 16 years in a particular educational institution.
  • Documentation that confirms the degree of kinship.
  • Documentation reflecting three-month family income.
  • Copy of passbook.
  • Pension insurance certificates of both children and parents.

This list of documents is mandatory.for submission to the relevant state authorities. It should be noted that there is additional documentation, the presentation of which depends solely on the situation.