/ How to get a privilege for paying utility bills to the poor?

How to get a privilege for paying utility bills to the poor?

The state of any country should supportvarying degrees of their citizens. And Russia is no exception. Here, social support is organized very well. Only not everyone knows under what circumstances it is possible to count on it. Today we have to figure out how to get a privilege for paying for utilities. It would be nice to understand what other support from the state has the right to need a resident of the Russian Federation. And who is generally considered needy? What sections of the population are able to rely on the benefits of paying "communal"? The answer to all this is not as difficult as it may seem.

The poor are ...

First of all, it is important to understand who are the poor. Only after that you can think about getting some kind of support from the state.

how to get a benefit for utilities

Under poor people or those in need understandcitizens who were recognized as such in accordance with the established procedure taking into account the income for each member of the family. For example, by court or municipal authorities.

The status of the poor allows people to receive certain benefits and subsidies. Some of them are set at the regional level, some - on the federal level.

Who is recognized as poor

People who belong to the "needy" category can think about how to get a benefit for paying for utilities. Whom here relate?

Often, the identification ofRussia does not arise. Most often, the poor are families whose monthly income is less than the established subsistence level per person. In each region of the country it is different.

It should be noted that under the familyconsider living together and leading the common life and economy of close relatives. For example, parents, children, adoptive parents, stepfathers and stepmothers, sisters and brothers. Spouses are also considered a separate unit of society and have the right to recognize themselves as needy.

Another nuance is that under the needunderstand the difficult financial situation that has occurred due to reasons beyond the control of citizens. If the family has a dependent, who does not add to the family budget at will, the social unit is unlikely to recognize the needy.

how to get a privilege for paying utility bills to the poor

On the calculation of family income

How to get a utility payment?Most often, needy families have the right to such support from the state. As already mentioned, to be poor, the income for each family member should be less than the subsistence minimum.

What sources of money will be taken into account when recognizing citizens as needy? Take into account:

  • official wages of citizens;
  • benefits (any);
  • scholarships;
  • profit from business;
  • income from the sale of real estate;
  • natural incomes;
  • remuneration;
  • pensions.

All received amounts for 3 months add up,then divide several times. The first - by 3, by the number of calculated months. And the second - the number of family members in a particular cell of society. If the amount received is less than the subsistence minimum per citizen, you can qualify for the status of the poor.

Benefits for the poor

What's next? You must obtain this status.To do this, citizens must apply to the city administration with a relevant request, identity cards and income statements. Only after this, you can think about how to get a benefit to pay for utilities. Not only such support is provided to the poor in Russia.

how to get benefits for paying utility bills to poor citizens

Those in need can count on:

  • payments / benefits;
  • natural assistance (clothes, shoes and other items);
  • tax benefits;
  • subsidies for payment of utilities;
  • free meals for children in schools and gardens;
  • free textbooks and school uniform;
  • admission to the university without a contest (up to 20 years).

This is not a complete list of bonuses that are provided to the poor. As already mentioned, it is recommended to specify the exact list in the region where the family lives. It is everywhere different.

Who is eligible for community benefits

In fact, the possibility under studyis provided not only to those in need. It is not only the poor who can afford to think how to get a benefit for paying for utilities. In Russia, this opportunity is provided to many categories of citizens.

To whom exactly? Everything depends, as already said, on the region of citizens' residence. For example, in Moscow, as in most cities of Russia, for housing benefits in the sphere of housing and communal services have the right:

  • veterans of labor;
  • the poor;
  • invalids of the Second World War;
  • workers of the rear and juvenile prisoners of concentration camps;
  • people who were in besieged Leningrad;
  • Honorary donors of the country;
  • heads of house committees and senior housework;
  • orphans;
  • Minors living without parental care;
  • people with 3 or more dependents;
  • children with many children (before the 16th birthday of the older child);
  • pensioners with disabilities.

All these categories of citizens are eligible for a utility payment. But how to get it? Where to go in this or that case?

how to get benefits for paying utility bills to a disabled person

Method of presenting benefits

Benefit for housing and communal services - is nothing likea kind of discount provided to the population in various sizes. It all depends on the situation. In some cases, you can claim full exemption from payment of money for certain utilities. For example, for a radiotrack, invalids may not pay according to the sight of 1 or 2 groups.

To date, a pensioner in Moscow,who is a hero of the Russian Federation or the USSR, has the right to a discount for a "communal" in 30%. Often the advantage is to pay only half of the sums that came for utility services.

Where to go

How to get benefits for paying utility bills to poor citizens or all other persons entitled to such support? The first step is to understand where to refer to the relevant request.

To date, apply for a prescribed sample is offered:

  • through the MFC (in some regions);
  • by applying to the Center for Housing Subsidies (for residents of Moscow);
  • through Housing office or CC.

In general, the procedure for granting a benefit does not depend on where the citizen applies. It all depends on who the applicant is.

For the poor

How to get a benefit for utility billspoor? For this, it will be necessary to bring a certain list of documents. How is the application for the provision of benefits in the area of ​​housing and communal services to the needy described?

how to get benefits for paying for public services to a labor veteran

In order to translate the idea into reality, it is necessary:

  1. To recognize the family as needy. To do this, all members of the community cell collect information on income and apply with a statement of the established pattern to the administration of the municipality.
  2. As soon as the status of the needy family is confirmed, it is possible to take the appropriate document indicating the special position of the family. It is issued in the city administration.
  3. Collect a certain list of documents.We are talking about a passport, a certificate of a poor family, documents on residence registration, certificates indicating the residence of citizens in an apartment, receipts for payment of utility services.
  4. Write an application for benefits, attach to them all listed papers (with copies).
  5. Handle a package of documents in Housing and Communal Services.
  6. Wait for the management company's decision.

In fact, everything is easier than it seems. The most difficult moment is the recognition of the family by the poor.

For invalids

And how to get benefits for paying for public services to the disabled? In such a case, the procedure will differ only in the documents attached to the application for discounts on housing and utilities.

Persons with disabilities should bring with them:

  1. Identification. Usually a similar document means a civil passport.
  2. Inquiries about disability. They are issued by a medical commission. Disabled people, as a rule, have a corresponding document.
  3. Documents indicating the residence of a citizen in a particular territory. Often we are talking about certificates of residence. When you provide a civil passport is not required.
  4. Payments confirming the fact of payment for housing and communal services.

In practice, it is easier for disabled people to collect documents for receiving benefits for utilities. What can I say about other categories of beneficiaries?

Veterans of Labor

As already mentioned, labor veterans also havethe right to learn the bonus. In practice, this category of beneficiaries practically in every city takes place. How to get benefits for paying utility bills to a labor veteran?

how to get benefits for paying for public services with many children

In order to realize the idea, it is required to collect and provide the following documents to the Housing and Utilities Service:

  • passport;
  • pension certificate (if any);
  • documents confirming the status of a veteran of labor;
  • identification;
  • payments confirming the fact of making money for utilities.

Nothing difficult, special or incomprehensible.In the rest the procedure remains the same - copies of the listed documents are made, an application is made, a package of papers is submitted to the management company or Housing office.

Large families

And how to get benefits for paying utility billsservices to large families? Many families face this issue. The main problem here is the definition of the criterion for having many children. Each city has its own views on this issue. Often, large families are understood as families with 3 or more underage children. In some regions, 4 or more children are required. Adopted, too, will be considered.

How to get benefits for paying for public services to large families? To do this, you will need:

  1. Recognize the cell of a large society. The process is similar to obtaining the status of the poor. With a successful operation, citizens will be issued with certificates of a large family.
  2. Make an application for a discount on utility bills.
  3. Attach to the request: the identity cards of family members, certificates? on adoption / birth / marriage, the certification of a large family, certificates for the registration of children, receipts for payment of utility services.
  4. Make copies of these securities.
  5. Apply to a particular organization.

It should be noted that if any category of beneficiaries is recognized as poor, it is recommended to attach a confirmation certificate.

how to get benefits for paying utility bills to large families

Conclusions and conclusions

From now on it is clear how to get benefits for paying utility bills to pensioners, needy and other people in Russia. In general, the procedure is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

Full list of persons eligible for amunicipal payments, specified in a particular municipality. In the same place, you can specify the list of documents required for registration of state support. As practice shows, it does not differ from the previously listed securities.