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Large families - how many children? Benefits, benefits and assistance to families with many children

In our reality, the birth of a childcontributes to changing the financial situation of the family in the direction of deterioration. But even this does not stop many of our compatriots who are striving to make their families with many children. This helps to improve the demographic situation in the country. Within the framework of this article, we will consider what is meant by this definition, what benefits and payments are provided for them.

The concept of

Before proceeding to the study of various benefits laid down by the categories of citizens under consideration, it is necessary to find out which large family is considered.

Their status is determined by the Federal Law "On State Supportlarge families. According to him, a large family is such a unit of society, in which there are from three children and more, who are brought up in it until they reach adulthood, and when they enroll in full-time departments of colleges and universities, until the end of their military service, Achievements 23 years.

Large families are

The composition of this family is determined not only by their own children, but also by those of them who are under guardianship or guardianship.

It does not include children in respect of whom the mother or father is deprived of parental rights, as well as those who are sent to boarding schools and children's homes with full state support.


We found out what kind of family is having many children. But how should they live in conditions where everything becomes more expensive, and children need to be provided with at least the most necessary things?

In our state provides benefitslarge families. In order to receive benefits, it is necessary to acquire a certificate of such a cell of society. After that, you need to contact the social security authorities at the place of residence. At the same time, the average per capita income of a large family should not exceed 100% of the subsistence minimum - in this case, a certificate of benefits is issued. With it, you can claim to receive various benefits.

Benefits for large families can be providedfor payment of utility bills when a written statement of any parent, the provision of a certificate and the corresponding certificate. These types of benefits are provided by the respective management companies.

The same documents should be provided for obtaining other types of benefits that are provided for by law.

Benefits are provided for just one year. At the end of December, it is necessary to submit documents for their re-registration and receiving a new certificate for them.

Benefits and benefits for large families in 2018

In their quality are provided:

  • Child care allowance.
  • Free receipt of drugs and vitamins for children up to 6 years.
  • Benefits in obtaining medical care in state institutions, including priority visits to doctors.
  • Reduced land tax rate,exemption from the rent for the use of land resources in the management of private farms, registration fee for business activities.
  • Return from kindergarten payment in some part of it (20-70%).
  • Compensation payments with an increase in familycosts associated with an increase in prices for housing, food products that are necessary and indispensable, as well as the purchase of items that are necessary for children.
  • Free or reduced fare (depending onregion) in municipal public transport - applies to one parent or guardian and one child. Children enrolled in schools move free of charge within the city and suburb in transport that does not include route and regular taxis.
  • Preferential registration of children in sections and circles on a budgetary basis.
  • Partial compensation of a home phone.
  • Advantages in the design of children in schools and kindergartens.
  • Free meals for children in the cafeteria belonging to the school where they study.
  • Free trip to the summer camp or sanatorium, or to receive compensation when you purchase a voucher.
  • Free tracksuit and school uniform.For low-income families for first-graders there is a lump-sum payment in the amount of 7,500 rubles, and for pupils of other classes - 5,000 rubles. for each child. Also, monthly compensation is made for office expenses.
  • Once a month it is possible to get a ticket to attend cultural and entertainment events.
  • Early registration of a pension at the age of 50 years with the available work experience of a parent of at least 15 years.
  • The possibility of obtaining additional unpaid leave of 14 days a year.
  • It is possible to receive an additional day off in case of registration of parents under an employment contract with a working week of at least 40 hours.
  • While a woman is on maternity leave, you can receive retirement points, which will be additional to make an appropriate payment in the future.
  • Help employment center in the search for home-based or temporary work.
  • The possibility of obtaining free sets of textbooks (this opportunity is provided in principle for all citizens).
  • Compensation payments when paying for services of supplying organizations (electricity, heat, gas and water) - up to 30%.

Органы власти субъектов федерации могут to provide additional benefits to large families. These include obtaining a housing subsidy for the purpose of building a residential building, getting a free apartment, and applying for a concessional loan.

В разных регионах малоимущим ячейкам общества make different surcharges. The main part of benefits to large families in 2018 may extend its effect until the children reach the age of majority, but in some subjects their action is extended for another 5 years.

Difficulties in registration of benefits

As can be seen from the above section,The list of benefits is quite impressive. However, not every large family can use them. This is due to the fact that in order to get them, you need to perform different bureaucratic tricks to collect a variety of different certificates, which leads to the fact that some of the parents wave their hands to obtain the appropriate status.

This is facilitated by the fact that there is no single bodyin which one could apply for benefits. In each of them - the FIU, the Federal Tax Service, the housing inspection, social protection, Rosreestr, the regional government - should be addressed separately.

When applying for benefits you need to havecertificate issued in the department of social security. For each benefit, there is a list of documents that need to be specified in the place where the appeal is made.

The application for benefits is considered no more than 30 days, after which a verdict is rendered, which can be either positive or negative.

Land allotment

Land for large families

Оно представляет собой один из видов помощи the subjects in question. Land for large families may be needed in order to carry out the construction of a residential house on it, to carry out gardening works.

They can claim to receive 6-15 acres. Land for large families is provided for social renting, the owner of which is the municipality.

To obtain this benefit, the following conditions must be met:

  • Members of a large family must be citizens of the Russian Federation, from the moment of obtaining citizenship for at least 5 years.
  • The whole family must be registered in the same residential property.
  • It should need housing, as evidenced by the appropriate list.
  • She should not own housing or land. There can only be an apartment with a total area smaller than the total standard for each resident.

The right to use this benefit may be denied in the following cases:

  • if a large family deliberately moved into housing with worse conditions, and this fact will be proved;
  • if the family income is more than the subsistence minimum per person.

Acquisition of real estate

Mortgage for a large family

To paraphrase a classic, we can say thatRussians are not bad people, only their housing question ruined them. The latter is especially relevant for large families. This is explained by the fact that if lonely adults can find opportunities for temporary residence with acquaintances, relatives, then to do this with a large number of children is rather problematic. In this regard, a special state program was developed. It provides for the provision of a mortgage for a large family on favorable terms:

  • reduced interest rates;
  • lower down payment;
  • longer repayment period.

In 2017, this program has ended,and its resumption at the 2018th has not yet been. However, some of the banks continue to provide loans to large families on such conditions. In addition, there are regional programs, and mortgages can be issued through AHML.

Documents for housing subsidies

These include:

  • ID cards for all family members, including passports for adults and birth certificates for children;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • certificate of the need of this family in the improvement of living conditions;
  • certificate of a large family;
  • certificate 2-NDFL (income);
  • employment record (can be replaced with a certificate of employment);
  • information about which housing is owned or where the family lives, who is registered there.

This is not a final list; other documents may also be required. Therefore, it is better to specify the complete list at the place of appeal.

Subsidies are provided for the purchase or constructionaccommodation, social housing can be provided. It should be borne in mind that they cover the costs only partially, the rest should be paid by the family themselves.

Social housing for a large family

Housing for large families

This assistance is provided to the poor, who can confirm this. In addition, it is necessary to be on the list for the improvement of living conditions.

The family receives a certificate confirmingthe possibility of obtaining social housing. When the latter is in the municipal fund, a contract of employment is drawn up, in the future it can be privatized.

To queue for social housing in the local municipalities, you must submit the following documents:

  • ID cards, including passports for adults and birth certificates for children;
  • certificate of having many children;
  • documents about existing housing;
  • certificate, which reflects the composition of the family.

On hands after studying the submitted documents a certificate is issued, cash on hand is not issued.

Таким образом, жилье многодетным семьям может be provided as social, or you can get a grant for its purchase, or for the purchase of a land plot on which to build your own dwelling.


Payments to large families

Ранее уже отмечалось, что существуют единоразовые subsidies (separate for first graders and other schoolchildren) and one-time benefits for the poor. Payments to large families are not limited to this. So, with reference to the subsistence minimum, low-income individuals make monthly payments up to the moment when children reach the age of 16 or graduate from school (until the age of majority).

Also made monthly payments for each child born. A parent may receive in aggregate not more than 23089 rubles. for the period in question.

In addition, for large families are providedvarious types of rewards. So, to the Order of Parental Glory provide a premium of 100 thousand rubles. It is issued after reaching six children of eight years old. Upon receipt of such an order by a single parent, he is additionally granted a grant in the amount of 25 thousand rubles. When receiving the orders "Father-Hero" or "Mother-heroine" they are entitled to encourage in the form of 15,000 national banknotes.

Social benefits also include benefits:to increase the standard of living (from 600 rubles., and if more than 5 minors in a family, then 750 rubles.), to buy food products - 675 rubles., to pay for the phone - 230 rubles. for families with a number of minors exceeding 5 people. : for the purchase of goods for children - 900 rubles, for the compensation of housing costs - 530 rubles. In the presence of 10 children in the family, additional assistance is provided in the amount of 250 rubles.

Payment processing

Until children reach 3 years of agethe employer makes payments to employed parents, for which he must provide birth certificates and a statement. When parents are not employed, they need to contact the FSS for assistance.

There provide the following package of documents:

  • identity cards, including passports for adults and birth certificates for children;
  • a document confirming that the second parent does not receive state support;
  • bank account details;
  • statement.

This is the main list of documents. Their complete list needs to be clarified for a specific type of assistance in the FSS department.

After reviewing the submitted documents, if a positive decision is made, after 10 days, transfers will be credited to the account.

Tax breaks

Tax benefits for large families

НДФЛ для многодетных родителей составляет 7 % при There are 3-4 children, 5% with their number of 5 people and 0% with a larger number. There are tax concessions on the payment of motorcycles, cars, vehicles, which have been privatized and are intended for the transport of people.

Land tax may be deferred or discounts may also be applied.

Other types of benefits

Assistance to large families from the state is also provided in the form of lump-sum incentives - for Mother's Day (7 thousand rubles) and compensation necessary for processing pension benefits (8.5 thousand rubles).

Mother in such families may retire early. At birth and upbringing of more than 10 children, she is entitled to an increase of 10 thousand rubles to the latter.

Example of benefits in Moscow

The benefits of large families in Moscow

In the capital, there is a special set of benefits. Distinctive features include:

  • free kindergartens;
  • free parking throughout the year for parents of large families;
  • exemption from transport tax;
  • discount tickets in the BDT;
  • free trips to public baths;
  • free medicines for children until they come of age.

Cash payments in Moscow in 2018, compared with last year, for large families increase by 1.5-2 times.


This article addressed questions aboutwhich family has many children, what payments, benefits and benefits she can get. It must be emphasized that such state assistance is necessary because it contributes to the better provision of children with the products and things they need, facilitates their upbringing and contributes to their cultural development. With state assistance, you can get tax and social benefits, monthly and one-time payments, land for individual housing construction or gardening, subsidies for the purchase of housing or social housing. Due to bureaucratic delays, many large families do not receive these types of assistance, although they are entitled to them.