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Benefits for fathers with many children: features, requirements and law

It's no secret that lately the stateembarked on the path of increasing the birth rate in the country. This has led to the emergence of various benefits and advantages for large families. Take the same maternity capital that encourages people to have a child. Mothers of many children is not a new concept. Since Soviet times there were mother-heroines who had a large number of children. In our time, more and more fathers with many children began to appear. These include those citizens who have the care of three or more children under the age of majority. In this regard, the state provides benefits to families with many children in different areas. However, not everyone knows about their existence. This article will tell about the existing benefits and ways of obtaining.

Benefits for fathers with many children

As already noted, mothers of many children - a fairly common concept. These women have certain subsidies from the state.

benefits to fathers of many children

It is worth noting that the education of three or more children should be encouraged. Therefore, a father with many children has the following benefits:

  • 50% discount on utility bills;
  • if he works, he is entitled to receive vouchers for children to health centers;
  • free travel for children on public transport;
  • school meals at no cost;
  • tax incentives, including for entrepreneurs;
  • assistance in improving living conditions (if necessary);
  • a working person is granted additional days of vacation in the amount of 10 days;
  • if the father cannot earn a living wage, then when addressing to the appropriate authority, children under 2 years old will be fed free of charge.

This is not the entire list of benefits offered by the state. A large father has the right to an extensive list of subsidies that are aimed at improving the material situation of the family.

How to get the status of “large father”?

Чтобы относиться к какой-либо категории граждан, certain documents are required to the appropriate authority. In our case, in order to receive benefits to a father with many children, you must first officially be called him. To do this, contact the social security institution with the collected official papers.

father of many children from different marriages benefits

Required documents include:

  • certificate of family composition;
  • birth certificate of each of the children, only the original document is considered;
  • TIN in duplicate (copy and original);
  • identity document (copy and original).

These official papers make up the minimumlist of documents you need to submit. After completing this procedure, the social security authority reviews the appeal and makes a decision. If there are no comments, the parent is assigned the status of “having many fathers”.

Situations where benefits do not work

What benefits are laid to the father of many children, we have already considered. However, there are cases where these benefits will not work.

benefits for fathers with many children at work

The list of such situations:

  • If the father is deprived of parental rights.
  • When there are three children in the family, but one of them has reached the age of majority, the benefits will be terminated. However, if there are four or more children, in a similar situation, all the benefits remain in effect.

При лишении родительских прав и желании их to return, you need to prove to the commission your suitability as a father, and to ensure children with normal living conditions. If the family wants to adopt three or more children, the state will help in most cases. Of course, in case of confidence in providing good conditions.

Benefits of a large father for children from different marriages

В последнее время распространены ситуации распада families. In such cases, often both parents find a new partner. At the same time, having children from one marriage, babies are born in another. In this regard, the question arises: does the father of many children who has minor sons and daughters from different wives have the right to benefits?

a big father has benefits

When answering, you must consider the place of educationchild This is usually determined by a certificate of residence. If the father and children have the same address, then he is recognized as having many children. If children were born in a new family, then only one of the parents has the right to be granted status. Then the mother, if she is not recognized as having many children, cannot receive benefits.

There are situations when a child is registered in one place, and actually lives in another (with the father). Then the fact of residence is established in court.

Dismissal of large fathers

Previously, the law established a provisionaccording to which mothers with many children were protected from termination of the employment contract. The only exception was the liquidation of the company. And fathers who raised children alone did not have such advantages.

what are the benefits laid a big father

So it was until recently, until it entered intobecause of the fact that now not the whole family is recognized as having many children, but an individual parent. A new category of citizens has appeared in Russia - fathers of many children.

They now have similar rights with mothers.Benefits for fathers with many children at work are limited to certain rules, according to which an employer cannot dismiss such a person. Also in controversial situations, the parent who brings up the children wins.

To dismiss the father of many children can, if he repeatedly and seriously violates labor discipline, as well as in the case of causing intentional harm to the employer.

Termination of employment contract at the initiative of the employer

Of course, in such cases to the forehuman qualities come out, and a manager can forgive a father with many children. However, there is a list of situations when such a citizen can legally lose his job:

  • Post mismatch This is determined by passing the certification.
  • The employee does not perform their direct duties.
  • A walk that is not due to a valid reason.
  • The employee came to the workplace in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, this fact was established officially.
  • The employee gave general publicity information that is a trade secret.
  • Security breach.
  • Serious misconduct related to theft of funds or intentionally causing harm to the employer's property.
  • Submission of false documents.


The state provides benefits to large familiesfathers to improve their financial situation. To take advantage of these benefits, you must confirm your status. This is done by collecting certain documents and submitting them to the appropriate authority. If everything is done correctly, the request will be approved, and a new status will be assigned.

a big father from different wives benefits

A big father at work has several advantages.compared to other employees. However, in case of breach of an employment contract, he may be dismissed. Therefore it is not necessary to carry out absenteeism, to treat work in bad faith. In our time, no one is insured, and the loss of the breadwinner for children will become an irreparable disaster. A large father is obliged to behave with dignity and to provide children with normal living conditions with all their might.