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Payment for the third child: the size, terms of registration, documents

Becoming a large unit of society - not easyA solution for most families in our country. The reason for the internal fear was the echo of the crisis of the nineties, which until today reminds of itself. The political and economic instability of those years makes one worry about the future of children, which is important for caring parents. However, the Russian government has introduced a number of bills leading the fight against the current demographic situation. Already this year, the payment for the third child was significantly supported by many families with children.

В семье появился третий ребенок.What payments can parents receive? Every year the list of benefits changes. Therefore, not all parents are aware of their rights, even if they have more than one child. First things first.

What is maternity capital?

The start of such a meaningful and significant programas a maternity capital, occurred almost 10 years ago and became a huge help for families with children who want to raise the life comfort of their babies to a higher level. Some decided to buy better housing, others bought a vehicle for the whole family. In both cases, the children's living conditions have changed significantly. Large families and guardians are provided with maternal capital, which is a significant support.

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За все годы действия законопроекта материнский Millions of Russian families received capital. The third child in the family is an undoubted joy. However, the decision to terminate the program at the end of this year upset many happy parents.

But what will happen next?Most recently, the Russian government issued a statement and assured citizens of the continuation of the program until 2026. Moreover, in the opinion and preliminary calculations of experts, the amount of maternity capital over the years will increase to 1.5 million rubles.

What can you spend?

Not every parent has information about the needs for which such state aid can be legally spent. Directions should be as follows:

  • Training and education of children.
  • Acquisition or construction of housing, improving living conditions. Funds can also go to pay for a mortgage loan.
  • Buying a car of domestic brand.
  • Costly treatment and recovery of a sick child.
  • Cumulative provision of the mother.

Doubts that the parent capital is a stimulating program, disappear by themselves. With such a guarantor, the birth rate in the state increases markedly.

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Types and size of payments

Maternal capital is far from the only one. payment to large families.What are the payments for the birth of the third child to his parents? In the Russian Federation, large families have the right to other, not less significant benefits, which can be obtained immediately after the delivery of a certain list of documentation:

  • Child care allowance.More often it is financial support for the care of a baby up to one and a half years. On the basis of legal grounds, its size should correspond to the average earnings of one of the parents making out the allowance. If you say otherwise, the payment for the third child up to one and a half years is calculated based on the average wage of the mother for the last 24 months of labor. Usually the decision is made within 10 days. After that, the money is transferred to the place of work of the mother and handed out before the maternity leave. If the mother does not have a permanent job or gets a higher education, the payment for the third child will be minimal.
  • Lump Sum.The right to receive this payment is given to one of the parents only once. The amount of assistance is about 15 thousand rubles, the payment is made at the recipient’s (parent’s) place of work.
  • Monthly payments for baby care up toone and a half years. In this case, the allowance calculations will be at least 40% of the average salary of the parent for 24 months. The minimum state support that a parent can receive will be an amount of 5436 rubles. It is important to note that the allowance can be issued by other relatives who, for various reasons, will take care of the baby up to one and a half years.
  • Monthly benefit up to 3 years.So, the third child appeared in the family. Payments in this case will depend on the wealth of the family and its place of residence. The monthly material allowance for large families is individual in nature at the regional level. But the total base for the formation of the amount will be the size of the subsistence minimum, separate for each region.

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Documents for registration benefits

The process of receiving cash benefits for a childmust begin with submitting the application in person with the attached list of necessary documentation. Government payments for the third child will be individual for each region of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the package of supporting papers is subject to change. To obtain a reliable list, you must contact the Department of Social Security. The staff of the institution will review the situation and make recommendations on the collection of documents and an approximate calculation of the allowances.

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Regional payment for the third child

In order to increase the birth rate in 2012The President of the Russian Federation adopted a decree that proposed the introduction of recommendatory measures to improve the demographic situation in the country. As a result, it was proposed to provide large families with an additional benefit for the care of a baby under 3 years old, which should be equal to the size of the subsistence minimum in the region.

Вспомогательное пособие должно выплачиваться monthly until the child is 3 years old. Most regions responded to the proposed innovation, and relevant regulations were adopted by the local authorities. Many families received substantial financial support. However, since the decree is advisory in nature, many regions have refrained from introducing such measures.

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Benefits for large families

Parents' unlimited happiness is the thirdchild. What are the payments to large families, it became clear. But the benefits from the state of interest to each parent of such a cell of society. In addition to financial support in the form of benefits, families with a third child have the following benefits:

  • Mortgage credit lending.
  • Free education of children or compensation for education.
  • Discounts on taxation.
  • Extraordinary admission of the child to preschool.
  • Reducing the cost of paying utilities.
  • The procedure for obtaining drugs.
  • Preferential travel in transport.

The priority problem of the Russian Federation is fertility,decide which state is trying through the allocation of impressive amounts. It should be noted that such help really allows families to have a third child.