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Benefits for war veterans

Not only adults, but also children should understand,who is a veteran of the fighting. In a society, one must realize what benefit such people bring to their state and what suffering they have to endure. Every serviceman in the zone of active military operations reinterprets his life, and at some point experiences a cathartic catharsis.

benefits veterans of the fighting
He is compelled to confront what is characteristicto each person: the instinct of self-preservation. Here he has to experience a lot of stress factors, such as violence, the death of his comrades, constant risk and danger of dying, various injuries, responsibility to combat comrades and superiors. And, as a consequence - problems with the psyche (post-traumatic syndrome). Based on all of the above, the state has established certain benefits to veterans of military operations.

Who is a veteran of the fighting?

Veteran of Hostilities - this:

what benefits veterans have in the fighting
- a deminer working on the territories of the USSR in the years 1945 to 1951 or 1957;
- An army officer who worked in an automobile battalion and participated in the transport of goods in Afghanistan;
- An employee who worked in other countries and in Afghanistan during active combat operations as part of the air force;
- A serviceman who has stayed in other countries inas a service staff and, as a result, received awards or injuries (they, like other military, have the right to benefits veterans of military operations);
- An employee who was sent to serve in Afghanistan in 1979-89. and, completely having served, or on early dismissal having gone home.
- A serviceman who worked abroad in the direction of special agencies.

What benefits veterans have in the fighting

According to the legislative regulations of the Russian Federation,such veterans are subject to certain transport, income, property and land taxes. According to them, a smaller (or not charged at all) tax rate is levied on the veteran of active hostilities, tax liabilities to the state are reduced.

Benefits veterans of fighting in Afghanistan
Benefits veterans of the fighting. Exceptions

According to the all-Russian tax code there is nocertain benefits for the possession of a vehicle for this kind of veterans. However, each district has the right to establish them according to its decision. So, veterans who have two cars living in Moscow (and registered here), the tax is paid selectively only for one of them.

Benefits veterans of the fighting. General Provisions

According to excerpts from Article 218 of the Tax CodeOf the Russian Code, a standard deduction from the salary is charged from the veteran in the zone of active combat operations. Among other things, if a veteran has sustained severe injuries to the hands or feet, then according to the legislation he has the right to give the prosthesis by the government. Making a payment for utilities, such a veteran is entitled to receive a 50 percent discount.

Benefits veterans of military operations in Afghanistan do not differ from the general benefits for employees in the active combat zone.