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How to disable Megafon-TV: information on the service

Option from the company "Megafon", through whichIt is possible to view TV channels on any devices, it is provided to subscribers of any communication operators of the country. You can use it anywhere, where there is an Internet - wired, WI-FI, mobile. How is the service managed? What are the conditions for using it and are there any restrictions? How to turn off Megafon TV? All these questions will be raised in the current article.

how to disable megaphone tv

Description of the service

As mentioned earlier, use the optioncan any person, regardless of the SIM card of which carrier he uses on his mobile device. The cost and terms of connection are the same both for Megafon customers and for the owners of other companies' numbers. In addition, it is not required to purchase any equipment for viewing Megafon-TV. You can disconnect the service at any time - without losing money, as the monthly fee is written off daily.

Features of the provision

Before you talk about how to connect and disconnect Megafon-TV, you should give a description of some of the features of this service.

  • The value of the subscription fee is determined by the packageTV channels, which the subscriber will watch. In total there are 9 variants of packages, each of which contains about a hundred channels. You can choose one or several options. The cost of subscription fee for packages can be from one to eight rubles.
  • You can view channels from any device:from TVs, from smartphones, from tablet PCs. Up to five devices can be connected to this option. When you try to add another device - the sixth one, the system will issue an appropriate warning.
  • To watch TV from "Megaphone" a special plug-in is used - Dune HD (it can be installed by downloading on the Internet).
  • The management of the package of channels is carried out in the online mode: you can disconnect the current ones and connect new ones at any time, without waiting for the end of the specific period.

megaphone tv disconnect service

Service Activation

For those people who decided to take advantage ofoffer from the company "Megaphone" for the first time, there is a promo-period. Within thirty days of use, you can watch TV channels for free. In this case, the "Basic" package is connected. If after the expiration of the trial period the subscriber does not have the service disabled, then the next day the subscriber fee will be debited. How can I turn off Megafon TV so that this does not happen? More about this will be described below.

As for the connection, it is madethrough any service interface: through the personal page of the service on the Internet, through the mobile application. All you need to do to a client is to enter your mobile number. Next, you will need to follow the instructions displayed on the portal screen.

How to turn off Megafon TV?

The service is managed through any of the interfaces: web, mobile application. The following operations are available to the customer in the personal cabinet of the TV option:

how to disable the megaphone tv on the phone

  • view available packages (channels);
  • connection of new packages;
  • Disable current subscriptions;
  • deactivation of the service (free of charge).

Thus, all that a subscriber needs to doto deactivate, is to go to the corresponding point of the service management service. How to disable Megaphone-TV on the phone? With this question, often subscribers turn to the support line of the operator - to the contact center. After all, most often this service is interesting to the owners of mobile devices. It will be convenient to use the corresponding application. You can download it in the market of a specific gadget operating system, and completely free.