/ Starbuzz E-Hose: reviews. Overview of electronic hookah Starbuzz E-Hose

Starbuzz E-Hose: reviews. Overview of electronic hookah Starbuzz E-Hose

Surely lovers of smoking hookah heard aboutelectronic versions of this device. Many are puzzled how one can enjoy not the tobacco, but the ferry. But manufacturers of electronic hookahs assure that there is practically no difference. The only thing is complete security. There are no burning elements and particles that would settle on the lungs. Hookah Starbuzz E-Hose, reviews of ordinary people about which you read below, is very popular. In what its advantages, we will talk in the article.

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What we know about Starbuzz

Many people know and like to smoke traditional hookahs.But not so long ago, electronic copies appeared on the market. Hookah Starbuzz E-Hose, reviews about which are mostly positive, well-established among heavy smokers. But where did this company come from and why is it worth buying this particular company?

The company appeared on the market in 2005.The main kind of its activity was the production of tobacco products, and, to be more precise, tobacco for hookahs. The taste was original, the range pleased with the variety and the availability of new products. There were regular customers who appreciated exactly these tastes from the company Starbuzz.

But over time, everything changes.Many states, including Russia, have initiated the adoption of a law banning smoking in places where a large number of citizens are going (hookah products also fell under the law). In order not to deprive avid smokers of pleasure, in 2013 the company released a fashionable mechanism. And it did not fail, the products began to enjoy great success.

Starbuzz E-Hose electronic hookah is notOnly a fashionable gadget that fell in love with youth, but also a device that does not cause any harm to health. You can enjoy it for hours. The ease of use also captivates. Do not waste a lot of time preparing a flask, tobacco, coal. All that is required of you is simply to charge the battery and turn on the device.

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Positive moments

Recently it has become fashionable to have a hookah Starbuzz E-Hose. Reviews about the device can only be found positive. What are the strengths that attract buyers so much?

  1. At the heart of the electronic hookah - a complex mechanism,which converts liquid into steam. As a result, there are no elements that can settle on the lungs. From this we conclude that the device is safe for health.

  2. To prepare do not need a lot of time.Surely, those who have prepared the traditional hookah for smoking at least once, know how many minutes it takes to light the coal, lay the tobacco, fill the flask, properly place the foil. But this is not the most important thing, after these processes, smoking begins. And if at least one step was not carried out correctly, you can forget about pleasant taste. With the electronic hookah Starbuzz E-Hose, feedback about which will help you decide the choice, these problems do not arise. Just charge the device, insert the cartridge, press the "Start" button and enjoy the fragrant steam.

  3. Hookah has small dimensions, it is convenient to carry it in a bag, suitcase.

  4. Fire safety.Very often with traditional hookahs there are situations when sparks from coal get on the tablecloth or the table on which it is installed. There is smoke and a flame. Electronic hookah in this regard is completely safe. There is simply no combustion process.

  5. Has an interesting design. Young people are happy to acquire such a fashionable gadget.

Electronic hookah Starbuzz E-Hose has a lot of positive sides. That is why it is so actively purchased by smokers.

So, let's start

To smoke a hookah Starbuzz E-Hose, you need to do the following:

  1. Remove the appliance from its packaging. Check the integrity of the parts.

  2. Carefully read the instructions.

  3. In the metal case, screw in the mouthpiece.

  4. Identify the tastes of the cartridges. Remove the plugs from them so that the liquid can get into the mechanism without hindrance.

  5. The cartridges should be firmly inserted into the places specially designated for them.

  6. Tighten the cylinder.

  7. Charge the battery, insert it into the special connector.

After the manipulations, you can enjoy the process of smoking.

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Which cartridges to purchase

For electronic hookah is better to buycartridges Starbuzz E-Hose. They have a pleasant aroma and are absolutely not distinguished by their taste characteristics from traditional tobacco, which is used in ordinary hookahs.

In addition, the company boasts a hugeassortment. Everyone will choose a fragrance to your liking. You can find sour-sweet, sugary, bitter notes. You can also mix cartridges. The most popular flavors are apple, mint, cherry, banana.

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Many are interested:What is Starbuzz E-Hose mini? You can say that this is a reduced copy of the electronic hookah. Its peculiarity is that only one cartridge can be used for smoking. Unfortunately, it will not work.

However, all other characteristics are preserved. Hookah can smoke up to 3 hours without stopping, the battery does the job.

Starbuzz E-Hose mini is in demand fromgirls, as it is easily placed in a purse and even a small clutch. Take it with you on a trip is also convenient, it does not take much space in the suitcase.

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How not to buy a fake?

Hookah Starbuzz E-Hose differs in its quality. Even with time, it does not bitter, the details do not oxidize. The handle, made of eco-leather, retains its original look and color.

But what if the steam is sparse and the aroma is quiteNot the one claimed by the manufacturer? There is a possibility that you bought a fake. Indeed, there is a lot of poor quality goods on the market. Here are the basic rules that you need to know when buying:

  • Remember: the original hookah costs 3000-3500 rubles.

  • All parts are made of metal, the handle is made of eco-leather.

  • The inscription is clear and correctly written.

  • All hookahs of this manufacturer are sold only in branded packages.

If at least one parameter does not match, then you do not have a hookah Starbuzz E-Hose. Counterfeit with the original product can not be compared.

Check the equipment

Before buying an electronic hookah, make sure that all of its parts are in place. To do this, carefully study the equipment:

  • Hookah. It should not be chipped, cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged. All names are spelled out clearly, the paint is not blurred.

  • 2 mouthpieces. Put must be in sealed bags.

  • Battery.

  • Charger (necessarily presence of a USB-socket and an adapter to a euro socket).

  • Cartridges filled with liquid. They must have a safety valve (plastic caps).

  • Instructions.

Of course, buying a product through an online store, you can not be sure of a complete set. Therefore it is better to purchase a hookah at specialized points.

Reviews of inveterate smokers

Hookah Starbuzz E-Hose, reviews of which are remarkable, has proved to be the best from even heavy smokers. Buyers note the following benefits:

  • This type of hookah is allowed to smoke in public places. It is very convenient to take it with you on a journey.

  • Compact. Does not take up much space.

  • Separately stands out design. Colors are suitable for both men and women.

  • Affordable price. Buying an electronic hookah, you can forget about the details that you need to buy for a long time.

  • Availability. You can buy in any tobacco shop or specialized store.

  • Safety of smoking. Suitable even for athletes.

Among the negative moments, a bitter taste of the cartridge was noted. But this problem is found only in non-original models.

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Electronic hookahs - a novelty that allowsKeep health, but at the same time enjoy the fragrant taste of the used cartridge. The opinion of doctors about them is ambiguous. But in any case they are much safer than traditional hookahs.