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Cell phone signal amplifier: a review, description, features and reviews

It is now quite difficult to find people who havea fixed telephone is installed at home. This is due to the fact that all technologies are developing very quickly. Stationary phones have already left our lives, they simply were not needed. People use mobile devices that receive a radio signal. Unfortunately, today you can find places where there is no mobile connection. This happens if there are any obstructions in the way of the signal, for example, forest massifs, high buildings or simply the distance to the repeater. In this case, you can set the signal amplifier of the cellular network. In this way, the reception quality of the radio signal can be improved. But how to choose a good cellular signal amplifier? In this article you will find the answer to your question.

cellular signal amplifier

Define the standard of cellular communication

To go to the selection of amplifiers, you need to determine which cellular services you need more - voice calls or mobile Internet.

If you plan to improve the quality of communication, it is better to choose a repeater of the GSM standard. Otherwise, you need to use a good 3G antenna or a high-quality 3G repeater.

It is also necessary to pay attention to thethe standard is your operator. This will determine the choice of the repeater. For example, the operator Tele2 operates in the GSM-1800 standard. In this case, you must select the appropriate cellular signal amplifier.

Of course, there may be another situation when youyou will need to amplify 2 signals at once. What to do in this case? Some companies produce 2-band GSM / 3G-repeaters. Before buying, you need to determine these parameters in order not to regret buying in the future.

cellular signal amplifier

Check the mobile signal level

At the second stage, it is necessary to check the levelcellular signal at the moment. To do this, take a few phones and rearrange the sim card between them to determine the exact level of the signal. The sensitivity of the antennas on different phones may be different, and you need to get a more accurate factor for the amplifier to drive away the cellular network.

signal amplifier of the

How to determine the gain for a repeater?

  • Go into the house, and look at the signal level,which shows the phone. If within 1-2 divisions, and on the street the smartphone shows a full scale or a close to it value, then the gain will be not less than 65 dB.
  • In case when your phone shows only a few divisions on the street, it is necessary to take the signal amplifier of the cellular network "Beeline", MTS or "MegaFon" with a factor of more than 75 dB.

The home network signal amplifier mustbe more than 60 dB. Weak repeaters will not bring you the desired result. In the room there will be a weak signal and, in addition to this, there is a restriction on the number of simultaneously talking subscribers.

Measuring the area of ​​the house

You need to measure the area of ​​the room, whereit is necessary to improve the mobile signal. This parameter is also very important, since a large surface imposes an additional limitation on the output power of the repeater.

For example, if you need to improve the signal on the territory of about 160-210 square meters. m, you need a conventional amplifier with an output power of about 100 mW.

cellular signal amplifier for your phone

Repeater selection

When selecting an amplifier, you need, besides allcharacteristics, look at the brand of this model. Do not economize on this equipment, so you just will not achieve the desired result. If you find a repeater that will match all the characteristics, but at a price much cheaper than the competition, it is most likely a fake. The quality of such devices leaves much to be desired, all the characteristics that are written by the manufacturer remain on paper. Therefore, it is better to choose an expensive and qualitative model of the amplifier than simply to throw money away.

Connect 2.0

If you are looking for a quality and inexpensive model,should refer to domestic producers. The Russian company REMO developed the Connect 2.0 amplifier. It is an antenna and a modem. The price of this repeater is 1000 rubles.

signal amplifier of MTS cellular network

Connect 2.0 is designed to enhance the Internet signal 3G / 4G and mobile communications in GSM networks. You can achieve not only a high-quality signal amplification, but also an increase in the range of Wi-Fi.

This equipment has quite good characteristics:

  • The gain is up to 90 dB.
  • The operating frequency range is about 2 GHz.

The repeater of the Russian company is quite compact. The kit also includes a three-meter cable.

This cellular signal booster is set up"MegaFon", MTS or "Beeline" is quite simple. If you can not figure it out, then see the attached instruction. Remember that you first need to set parameters on your modem (it is compatible with almost all models), and then connect to the antenna.

Customer testimonials differ from each other.Some write that the signal has improved noticeably, while others say that almost nothing has changed. You should understand that this is a budget model, and it may not meet all your expectations.

Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 Black

American company Nextivity introducedquite a good amplifier Cel-Fi RS2. This device can not only improve the 3G and GSM signal, it is also significantly able to expand the coverage area. Manufacturers have made a unique repeater that does not require an antenna, and the connection is so simple that even a child can cope with it.

In the set there are 2 blocks, which are necessaryplace together where you will find the best signal level. It can be determined using the phone or the repeater itself, moving the device around the house. The signal level can be seen on the indicator located on the case of one of the units when you plug it into the outlet.

signal amplifier of the cellular network

On the second block is the indicator bar.It must be installed where the readings on it will be greatest. Unfortunately, this unit also requires power from the electrical network, so you need to install both units near the outlet.

This signal amplifier of the cellular network MTS, "Beeline"or "Megaphone" though it is established without the auxiliary aerial, but copes with the problems. This is a pretty good and high-quality model, which provides a high level of signal. Of course, there is a noticeable negative here - this is the price. Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 costs about 40,000 rubles. Because of this, this repeater is usually installed in offices, rather than in private homes.

Only positive feedback can be seen aboutthis amplifier. And this is normal, since an expensive foreign model perfectly copes with its functions. People praise this device, but the only problem is price.


TAU-2000 is a good cellular signal amplifiernetwork for the phone, which supports the main Russian operators. This equipment is presented in the form of an antenna and an external unit, to which a smartphone or modem is connected.

This model is usually used for largepremises, since it has a rather large output voltage. If you caught the average signal from the base station, then this receiver is able to improve it and transmit at a distance of about 100 meters.

home network signal amplifier

Of course, the TAU-2000 can be used for both home and car. The coverage area will be closely related to the quality of the input signal. With a good connection, you can cover about 15 m2. The price of this receiver is 13 thousand rubles.

Before buying, you can consider feedback on thisdevice. Users mostly leave a lot of positive comments and only a few negative. This indicates a quality amplifier that is worth buying.


A quality receiver will be quite expensive.If you really want to improve the signal, then do not be stingy. Choosing an amplifier, pay attention to the characteristics of this will depend a lot. If you need to cover a large area, choose a receiver with a high output power. Remember the gain factor, which will determine the reception of the signal. Also you can make the signal booster of the cellular network yourself. In this case, you will need to select the material based on your needs, and proceed to work. If you do everything correctly, then its characteristics will correspond to the budget model.