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Smartphone Meizu M5: reviews of the owners

The 2016th manufacturer made the year of presentations -announcements regularly appeared on the web. Buyers say that unlike the competitor "Xiaomi", this developer does not invent for his gadgets "hell" names like Pro, Redmi in several modifications and so on. Meizu offers clear names in which anyone can understand.

In the article we will talk about the analogue of the M3S Mini.Smartphone Meizu M5, the characteristics of which will be described on the basis of feedback, is now quite popular. The model received small changes in the form of an enlarged screen, a powerful battery and a plastic case. The device costs about 12 thousand rubles.

At the moment, the described model isone of the most optimal among the entire range of products in official Meizu stores. Its characteristics are impressive: a processor with 8 cores, a camera with excellent autofocus, a fingerprint scanner, support for wireless networks. On sale there are various color options: gold, blue, black, white and turquoise smartphones. Unfortunately, only the first three modifications can be officially acquired in Russia.

meizu m5 owners reviews


Description of the smartphone Meizu M5 should start withThe fact that it is made of plastic and glass. Works on the operating system "Android 6". On top of it is a unique Flyme shell. There is a phone with two SIM cards. Both should be a "nano" format. The screen has a diagonal of 5.2 inches. The resolution was 1280 × 720. The platform is MediaTek. The processor operates on eight cores. It is 64-bit, the frequency is 1.5 GHz. Depending on the modification, the RAM was 2 or 3 GB. Accordingly, the internal storage is 16/32 GB. If there is a need to install an external drive, you will have to abandon the second mobile number. The main camera has a 13 Mp matrix, built-in flash type LED. The front module is 5 megapixel, autofocus is available. From wireless technologies, it is necessary to note the presence of standard: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The phone is equipped with a connector for charging and connecting to a PC of the micro-USB type, and there is also a headphone port. There are navigation modules. A fingerprint scanner, proximity and light sensors, and an accelerometer are installed. The battery capacity of 3070 mAh. The device weighs 138 g.

meizu m5 32gb owner reviews

Contents of delivery

The Meizu M5 16 Gb Black smartphone is sold inthe following equipment: the phone itself, a 2 amp power adapter, an additional USB cable, a clip for the SIM card tray. Users note that the set is standard. On something more, none of the buyers and did not expect.

Design, dimensions, controls

This phone does not differ from other devicesmanufacturer. Many buyers complain about the lack of diversity, however, if you look at the situation from another side, even in a large crowd it will be clear that a person is using a smartphone from Meizu. For the model range is characterized by the presence of a fingerprint scanner, a mechanical key with a touch panel, a clearly defined rear camera, a rounded body and a 2.5D type glass.

The front of the smartphone Meizu M5 Note 32Gb Gray,Like the usual modification of the M5, it is made of glass of a protected type. The surface is covered with an oleophobic substance, so that the finger slides fairly well. If there are prints, then you can erase them in a matter of seconds. When using the phone, it is difficult to leave scratches accidentally.

The back surface is made of plastic.If you are interested in glossy options, you should buy a white or turquoise phone, if matte - you need to pay attention to smart phones black, gold and blue. Buyers note that all modifications look trite. More or less, the turquoise, black and blue variants stand out, so they are most often acquired.

The gold model has a semi-matte back cover. Slides slightly in the hands. Owners say that scratches on the surface appear relatively quickly, over time, the color is erased.

The phone's dimensions are standard. The device weighs 140 g, it is easy to intercept on the go, but it is difficult to use it in public transport.

At the front there are sensors of missedevents, lighting, approximation, as well as the speaker. The speaker is loud. Owners note the presence of a good bass, the frequencies are noticeable both average and high. The interlocutor can be heard perfectly, the speaker does have a high-quality implementation. Reviews of owners about the smartphone Meizu M5 confirm this data.

A screen with a touch surface is located under the screen. It acts as a fingerprint scanner. A heart rate sensor is also integrated. The key stroke is minimal, there is a sound of pressing.

On the lower surface, owners notice the presence ofmicrophone, connector for the charger and headphones. There is also a speakerphone. The top face is empty. On the left is a memory card slot and a sim. On the right side there is a button to turn on the device and unlock the screen, just above you can see the "swing" to change the volume.

On the back surface there is a "peephole" of the camera, which does not stand out from the case, and flash.

meizu m5 note 32gb owner reviews


The phone has a display, the diagonal of whichis 5.2 inches. The screen is coated with an anti-glare substance, the owners report about Meizu M5 Note 32Gb. This is the modification of Note from the base one - the second has no such characteristic. The resolution of the display was HD, in the translation into the language of the numbers - 720 × 1280 pixels. IPS technology was used to create the matrix. There is no air gap.

The viewing angles show themselves on the excellent side. The picture is not visually distorted. There are some problems with the transfer of colors.

smartphone meizu m5 owner reviews


The device works with a battery for 3070 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the phone is able to function in the mode:

  • photo creation - 5 hours;
  • game process - 9 hours;
  • conversations - 37 hours;
  • playing music - 66 hours.

Owners in the reviews of the Meizu M5 32Gb note thatwith an average mode of activity, there is enough battery for 14 hours. If you use the phone even less often, the percentage of charge will drop to 0 near the end of the day, provided that it was charged at night.

If you watch movies as HD, thenthe battery will have to be connected to the network after 7 hours. During games, the battery is discharged for 3 hours. These data are provided by the owners. They report that the measurements were carried out at full brightness. Quick charge function is not available. The network adapter is designed for 2 amps.

smartphone meizu m5 note 32gb gray

Communication capabilities

The phone has two slots for sim cards like "nano".The connectors provide work with both 3G and 4G networks. The owners in the reviews of the Meizu M5 note that the navigation functions smoothly, the Bluetooth wireless module is supported.

Memory and memory card

The phone is sold in two versions:2GB RAM 16GB storage and embedded RAM 3 GB 32 GB internal. If you want, you can use an external drive. The maximum size is 128 GB.

 smartphone meizu m5 16 gb black


The matrix has a resolution of 13 Mp for the rear camera and 5 Mp for the front camera. The first was focused on the phase type. Built-in special LED flash with two glows: warm and cold.

The owners in the reviews of the Meizu M5 declare that inDaytime shots are excellent. The white balance is good, the dynamic range is fine, the sharpness is high. Focusing is fast and clear.

At dusk or in rooms with a smallthe amount of natural light it will be difficult to get a good shot. Owners say that quite a lot of noise and distortion, sharpness falls. However, a critical drawback is that no one believes, since such an indicator is standard for devices costing less than 15 thousand rubles.

The front camera makes normal photos, the average sharpness. The matrix is ​​not wide-angle.

The video is shot with 30 frames per second in the daytimetime and from 20 to night time. Quality at the same time FullHD. The focus is slow, but the picture is relatively good. The sound track is loud and clean, intelligibility is at a high level. The SELFI-camera is suitable for recording blogs. She shoots the video as a FullHD.

Performance and software platform

Прибор работает на платформе MediaTek.The chipset has 8 cores. The first cluster operates at a frequency of 1 GHz each. The second one is 1.5 GHz. The phone is designed for everyday tasks. It can also be played in resource-intensive applications. The graphics are provided by the Mali-T860.

During the CPU load, the body is practicallynot heated. The phone is fast. Owners in the reviews of the Meizu M5 write that they do not observe braking or lags. The manufacturer installed the Flyme shell. Functions it has little, but it works correctly. Many play games on the maximum settings, while the phone shows itself perfectly. The operating system is "Android", version 6 from "Google".

smartphone meizu m5 description


The player is used standard for modelseries Meizu. Built-in equalizer. The sound that is fed in the headphones, like many customers. This is written by the owners in the reviews of the Meizu M5. They notice good bass, worked middle frequencies and a slightly pronounced, but noticeable high range. The volume of the volume is decent.

The external speaker also shows good sound. The frequencies are average and high are noticeable, with bass there are some problems. Loudness with a good range.

The manufacturer did not build a radio. The player that opens the video can work with a large number of codecs. Through it, it's easy to open subtitles and separate audio tracks.


The phone makes a good impression.The device is compact, convenient, it fits perfectly in the hand, it is easy to control. Everyday tasks are performed at the best level, the images are successful, the video also shows worthy characteristics. For sale, there are several color options for the case. Owners say that this model does not have any shortcomings, except that it would be desirable to have a lower cost. Modification from 2 GB "RAM" will cost 11 thousand rubles, with 3 GB - 13 thousand.

Если покупатель не может выбрать между моделями M3S Mini and M5, then you should pay attention to the first. It is made of metal and looks more elegant and solid. Youth is more suitable for the second option. He received a bright and fresh appearance. In addition, the M5 has a better camera.

When buying, do not save, it's better to takemodification to 32 GB of internal memory. In addition, the cost of options is not much different. This model will be able to provide comfortable use of the device without buying a memory card, and 3 GB of "RAM" will allow you to play even in "heavy" applications.