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Details on how to make charging in a percent in an iPhone

Today we will talk about how to make in the iPhonecharging in percent. Any mobile phone has a rechargeable battery, which should be fueled by energy. The display, as a rule, has an icon showing the approximate level of charge. Looking at it, it is difficult to navigate, in particular, if the battery already sits. Therefore, many owners are so interested in the percentage of charging on the iPhone.


how to make charging in percent in iphone
Thanks to this material, you will alwaysto know how long it is still possible to use the phone autonomously. So, let's go directly to the solution of the question, how to turn on the percentage of charging on the iPhone. Now we will install the indicator, which will be located on the main panel, directly in front of the user's eyes. Note that the described solution does not imply the installation of any additional applications, since they can slow down the device. The use of such a solution is not subject to a fee, since the function required by us is initially provided by the developer.


percent of charge on iPhone

In order to solve the problem, as in the iPhonemake charging in percent, go to the main menu of the device. To do this, press the circular central button, it is on the front side of the device. We go in the settings of the device. After that, find the "Basic" section, and then open the "Statistics" menu. Scroll down and find a field called "Using the battery". Below is the graph "Charge in percent", equipped with a runner. We move it to the right. So we turn on the charge display in percent.


So, let's pay attention to a special indicator,which appeared in the upper right corner of the screen. It is he who displays the information we need. Note that the described opportunity for users of iPhone 3gs was not available. Added its manufacturer only after the iOS platform upgrade to version 3.0.1. After that, users appreciated the innovation. Given this, the developers have made it a basic for both iPhones, and for many other branded devices. For the sake of justice, it should be said that special applications that show the percentage of battery power have existed before. However, they were not in great demand.

Battery life

how to turn on an iPhone charging percentage

Now you know how to make charging in an iPhonepercent, but each user also wants his mobile device to work as long as possible. We will give some recommendations that will help increase the battery life of the iPhone.

  • First of all, let's switch on the mode, which is called "In the plane". The fact that the iPhone when this parameter is activated stops the exchange of background data, so the battery sits slower.
  • Activate the Do Not Disturb function.The regime "In the plane" has one significant drawback. When you activate it, outgoing or incoming calls are not possible. This situation makes it difficult to work with the device. If you need to take a certain important call and save battery power, the Do Not Disturb feature will work.
  • Turn off the parallax effect.This solution is characterized by incredible beauty and the same insatiability with respect to the battery. In order to conserve battery power, a temporary disabling of the paralax is also suitable.
  • Set the auto-lock screen.Do not forget to turn off the display when the iPhone is used. You can do this by means of a special side key or by setting the auto-lock of the screen after a certain period of time.

So we figured out how to make charging in the iPhone a percentage and slower to spend it.