/ The sun in a glass. Citrus extractor: types

The sun in the glass. Citrus extractor: types

Orange juice can be extracted in different ways:manually squeeze it out of half a citrus, scroll the fruit through a meat grinder or place it in a food processor. It should be pressed quickly, because in a few minutes after cooking, the juice loses most of its useful properties. The process of obtaining a refreshing drink is much easier if the house has a citrus juicer. This is not a basic necessity, but it is still pleasant to enjoy lemon or orange juice, having spent minimal effort. What are juicers for citrus? How do they differ from each other?

Mechanical press

citrus juicer
This is the simplest juicer for citrus,the principle of which has not changed since ancient times. Half of the fruit is put on the conical nozzle, then with the help of the lever the lid is lowered onto it. The juice drains into a special container, then poured into a glass and drunk. Ideal for those who drink several glasses of juice per month. The device is not designed for mass production of freshes.

Advantages of manual presses:

  • noiseless;
  • do not need electricity;
  • can perfectly decorate the kitchen interior.


  • Despite the simplicity of the design, they often break down;
  • it takes effort to get the juice;
  • the preparation of each glass of juice takes a long time.

Electric Citrus Juicer

It would seem that here too everything is simple:the fruit is cut, its half is pressed against the rotating conical nozzle, the juice flows either into the storage tank or directly into the glass. Modern manufacturers produce devices for every taste and purse.

citrus juicer

Simple models, such as a juicer forcitrus "Mulinex" BKB486 with plastic housing, perfectly suitable for home use. The cut citrus is pressed against the nozzle by hand. In a few minutes these devices are given up to a liter of fresh juice, equipped with a tank with a juice level scale and two filters from the pulp. The nozzle rotates in both directions, increasing the productivity of the model.

Stylish and expensive devices in a molded case ofstainless steel is capable of combating on the spot. Such premium models, like the Bork Z800, squeeze all kinds of citrus fruits of different sizes almost dry and relatively noiseless. They are equipped with a regulation of the pulp content, and thanks to a successful combination of an automatic juicer and a hand press, the fruit does not have to be held by hand.

citrus juicer professional
Juicer for citrus fruits professional

For use in public catering establishments are requiredpowerful and reliable devices that ensure the production of large volumes of juice in a short time. Such a citrus juicer must strictly comply with the requirements of safety and hygiene.

Leaders in the production of professional equipment in this segment can be called the Spanish company Zumoval, Italian Macap and Fimar, the English manufacturer Kenwood.

Orange fresh

Many seek to make the process of separating the juicenot only highly effective, but also spectacular. Juicers have a bright attractive design. They are equipped with automatic citrus feeding devices, fruit counters, and the peel is automatically sent to the waste bin.