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How to choose a TV in the car: an overview of the best models and reviews

Because of the traffic jams on the road, every driverfinds for himself various ways of relaxation. Asking about how not to fall asleep in anticipation, not to become aggressive and evil and how not to go insane, the motorist always finds something that he likes. Someone is talking on the phone, sending SMS messages, listening to music, working, learning a foreign language or reading a book. Some people prefer to watch TV. The machine is easy to install the device, so the main thing is to choose the most suitable one.

A few years ago no one could imagine,that, in addition to listening to music, you can watch movies, TV shows and your favorite TV channels from CDs. Now there is a huge range of products, which is intended for installation in a car. Let's consider some nuances of installation of technics and the best models.

TV in the car on the ceiling

Types of TVs

TVs that are installed in cars are conditionally divided into five types. Classification occurs by the method of attachment and location.


  • Standard TV in the car. Such a device is capable of operating both from 12W and from full-scale 220W. The device is connected to both special and conventional power adapters.
  • Built-in TV. As a rule, it is mounted in the headrest, visor, protecting from the sun, or in the armrest.
  • Ceiling TV in the car. Of course, it is installed on the top surface of the car. Has wide viewing angles, and consumes electricity thanks to a special lampshade.
  • Retractable TV. This device is part of the automotive.
  • Car monitor. He does not have an auto tuner.

As is clear from the description, the most favorite types of drivers are the first three options.

Where can I install the TV?

TV and houses, and in offices has long beenan irreplaceable detail. It remains to determine where his place in the car? It should be borne in mind that on the windshield, in the corner of the dashboard and in the center of the cabin, the device should not be mounted. Ideally, the TV in the car should be near the passenger seat, so as not to distract the driver. If a person is stuck in a traffic jam, it will be enough to change to the place near which the device is installed.

big TV in the car

Alpine PKG-2100P

In the kit, which was called AlpinePKG-2100P, includes not only a large TV in the car (10 inches), but also a DVD player, universal remote, headphones. Thanks to the expensive matrix, the device has a high resolution, good viewing angles. This allows you to watch TV, which is characterized by high-quality and contrasting picture.

All modules installed in the device workperfectly, amaze every driver with its reliability. Like other embedded TVs in the car, this model has several connectors that allow you to connect to different power sources.

As already described above, headphones are included.If necessary, you can buy others - more expensive, but quality. The TV is convenient in that its options have the function of automatic video playback.

The advantages of the device:

  • excellent image quality;
  • set of color shades;
  • good volume level;
  • a wide range of additional functions.

The TV does not have any minuses.

The approximate cost is $ 950.

TV in the car

Velas VTV-704

The diagonal of the model is 7 inches. The package is good, all connectors work properly. The pluses include excellent viewing angles, and to the disadvantages - poor clarity and a small number of color elements.

Supra STV-905

This unit has a screen size of 9 inches. It plays video only from USB flash drives. They are connected via a standard USB connector. You can also listen to music using the unit.

Has good viewing angles.The image is clear, and the settings that allow it to improve consist of a wide range of options. In order to adapt the picture for yourself, the user will have to study the menu in detail. By the way, it is in Russian.

In the reviews it is sometimes said that the touch buttons do not work from time to time.

Minus the TV: a poor sound level.

Pros of the device:

  • good color;
  • wide viewing angles;
  • sharpness of the picture.

The average cost is $ 120.

recessed TVs in the car


The diagonal of this TV is 10 inches.If we talk about the advantages of the device, then, turning to the written reviews on the web, you need to mention the built-DVD-player and USB-connector. Moreover, the device can be installed anywhere. And one important drawback is the difficulty in controlling the volume.

Phantom DTV 700B

The TV of this model has a 7-inch screen.The device is quite impressive, so it justifies the high cost ($ 100- $ 150). The TV works without charging for about 2 hours.

Pros of the gadget:

  • image quality;
  • good viewing angles.

By the disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that sometimes there is a fuzzy image.

Hyundai H-LCD700

It is the Hyundai H-LCD700 - the best TV in the worldmachine. On the ceiling or armrest it can be easily integrated. The monitor is 7 inches. It should be noted that this TV is not only able to play video. There is a game on it that will help to spend time with interest. The device is allowed to connect one external device via the USB connector.

Advantages of the TV:

  • high-quality image;
  • a large list of customizable options.

The only downside is that the sound is a little weak.

The cost of the TV is only $ 70.

tv-set navigator in car


It is important to note that reviews about the devices describedin the article are always positive. Even if you take into account some disadvantages, they are blocked by either a low price or a list of merits. Negative feedback is very rare. Often they are associated with problems that arise as a result of factory marriage.

The result

TV-navigator in the car will be excellentdecision, if often the driver has to spend time in traffic jams. I must say that this device is a very convenient and useful thing. Especially this gadget is useful in long trips.

Those who have a child will simply needTV. To take the baby, you can install the device in the head restraint. Adult passengers will also be grateful for a good pastime. After all, of course, watching a movie or a TV show is much more interesting than just watching the road.

The driver should remember that you need to be careful with watching TV while traveling. We must remain vigilant and not be distracted from the process of driving.